Monday, 18 June 2018

OOTD Maternity | Green Goddess ft ASOS

*Cue stirring synthesiser beat* It’s the final countdowwwwwn…

Well, I can’t quite believe it myself, but here I am at 35 weeks pregnant. The hospital bag is packed, the baby grows are washed, I’m prepping my handover notes for maternity leave from work, and our little girl could be arriving at any point. Being pregnant the second time around is definitely a very different experience from when I had my son, but it’s still raced by.

I’ve enjoyed sharing some maternity fashion posts this time around, something I didn’t do with my first pregnancy, other than one wedding guest outfit. I think it's mainly to do with having a lot more maternity clothes this time and having to wear them earlier, but also with becoming more confident with the intersection between my personal style and the practicalities of motherhood.

So I have a final couple of outfits to share, that I hope may help out some other mums to be.

Dresses are definitely easier for me than maternity jeans and trousers - I appreciate the throw-on-and-go simplicity, especially on busy working mornings with a demanding toddler. And ASOS Maternity is definitely my most-worn label of this pregnancy, they’re killer for stylish, flattering buys. Although I mainly prefer dark colours, I seem to have branched out into brights lately, perhaps it's all the lovely summer weather we’ve been having.

Oriental embroidered green shift dress | ASOS Maternity
‘Aurora’ nude ankle boots | All Saints
Blush snake print box bag | Paul Smith
Acetate sunglasses | Minoen Eyewear

This floaty, emerald-green shift dress with it's bold, oriental embroidery is just such a beautiful, happy piece. It would be perfect for a wedding or a garden party styled up a little differently, but I’m actually enjoying dressing it down a little. The nude ankle boots are quite high, but they're relatively stable and comfy. There's something about a dress and boots combo that I really love.

A dress this shouty doesn’t need a bunch of accessories, so I just added a couple of my new finds - this dreamy blush box bag is something I picked up at the Paul Smith Warehouse Sale. It’s beautifully made, and the formal, satchel style shape works well with the dress. It can also be worn cross-body if I need to be hands-free to deal with Theo.

And I love these sunglasses from Minoen Eyewear - the shape is just so pretty. Best of all? They were £6.00! I have a couple of pairs because I like the design so much, and if they get lost or Theo plays with them and breaks them (I learned my lesson when he broke a pair of my Ray-Bans) I won’t have to cry too much!

My bump is seriously huge at the moment and I’m definitely feeling tired out and ready to slow down, so a good dress is of massive importance in making me feel better. What maternity outfit inspiration have you found recently?

The Birthday Post | Turning 33

So I turned 33 on June 1st, and I was all ready to have a major sulk about it.

I’ve never been someone that likes getting older, and birthdays usually make me feel a little down. I’m not sure exactly why other than the sadness of the inevitable march of time, but I’ve always felt that way since I was a little girl.

If life is one long party, birthdays remind you that it’s getting closer to the time it all ends, and I don’t want to leave.

But when I woke up, the sun was streaming through the blinds, I had my lovely husband and son all snuggled up to me, and my baby daughter kicking away in my tummy, and I just thought - ‘What an earth have I got to be sad about?’.

I’ve got no reason not to celebrate - sure, I am now officially mid-30s but I’m in a really good place and blessed to have good health and my beautiful family, so feeling down because of an arbitrary number is ridiculous.

In the end, I had such a lovely day! First of all, it started with shopping, which is always a good way to begin.


Friday, 8 June 2018

Revolution New Products | Haul & Review

It’s been a good long while since I did a haul from Revolution (they seem to have had a glow-up and dropped the ‘Makeup’ from their name, am I right?) but a few of their new launches were really catching my eye, so I placed a little order to sample some of their brightest and best new products.

Ever since they launched, the brand have always been one of my drugstore faves. Trend-led and always quick with the latest innovation, or product dupe, the prices are affordable while the formulas are great quality.

The only thing that’s been missing is the company’s persistently bad customer service (I even asked if they were losing the plot last time I ordered from the website). There’s nothing like poor service to leave a bad taste in your mouth, and I hadn’t placed an order with them since, but I was lured back by the deafening buzz around a couple of their new launches and to be fair, they seem to have realised that they really need to up their game, because this was a better experience.

So, what were the irresistible new products that caught my eye, and did they live up to the hype?


Friday, 1 June 2018

Life Lately | May June 2018

You, a year ago. Where were you? What were you doing? How much has your life changed in just a year?

Well, thanks to this blog, I know that this time last year I was happily blogging OOTDs from Lake Garda in Italy. Today, I have the slightly less glamorous surroundings of home and just a few scanty weeks to go until my second baby arrives. I may not be able to recall what it's like having a normal waistline, but there are exciting times ahead...


Thursday, 31 May 2018

Can Camping Ever Be Luxurious?

Woman Sits on Mountain Under Cloudy Sky at Sunset
Adding a little luxury to your camping experience is more possible than you realise, and it’s something that you should most definitely be considering. If you love the idea of getting back to nature and exploring the natural environment but hate the idea of not getting a good night’s sleep and never really feeling comfortable, luxury camping is for you. So without further ado, here’s how to get it right.


Thursday, 24 May 2018

New Beauty Discoveries I'm Loving | May 2018

There’s just so many amazing beauty products out there to discover, from glamorous luxury buys to the wonder items you stumble across in the supermarket while doing the weekly shop. What is a helpless beauty junkie supposed to do?

Something about being pregnant makes me even more interested in makeup and skincare. I think it’s because things are happening to your body that you don’t have a lot of say in, so making sure you have lashes on fleek and shiny hair is the one thing you still have control over!

So it’s little surprise I’ve been filling my basket with some new treats over the past few weeks. Here’s what I’ve been trying out…


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Seven Little Things No One Tells You Change With a Second Baby

As anyone who is onto to their second pregnancy will know, things tend to be a little different the second time around. I’m not just talking physically, although that has undoubtedly been a different scenario this time around. There are lots of other little things you do when you’re expecting your firstborn that aren’t quite so straightforward when it comes time to produce a sibling for them. 

Here’s what no-one tells you is different, second time around...

Saturday, 12 May 2018

OOTD Maternity | The LBD

The way you feel about your body seems to change on a daily basis when you’re pregnant – some days you feel on top of the world and want to show off that bump in a form-fitting dress, other days you feel bloated, messy and hormonal and you just want to throw on one of your husband’s biggest jumpers and hide.

That’s why maternity style can be so hard to get right.  You’re dealing with very ambivalent feelings about yourself, and of course that affects the face you want to present to the world.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

#LFBeauty Box Review | April 2018

So, I’ve switched allegiances again! I do love beauty boxes - getting little treats through the post (makes a change from the water bill and a bunch of takeaway menus, right?), discovering brilliant new products, and always having more than enough travel size items for holidays and weekends away.

But all these boxes go through cycles of being alternately amazing and a bit of a disappointment, so I admit I regularly un-sub and re-sub, and I’m always on the hunt for blog reveals to help me decide which to order!

One box my blogging pals always seem to rave about is Look Fantastic, and it must be one of the few I haven’t already tried. When I saw the contents of the April box, I signed up quicker than you could say ‘beauty addict’. Here’s what tempted me…

Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Pregnant Pause | Week 28 Update

Even though I meant to do regular pregnancy update posts, like I did when I was expecting my son Theo, here we are at week 28 and this is only my second post about my pregnancy journey with my little girl!

Time really is shooting by, and I’m now in the third trimester, which means we’re on the home straight. It’s less than three months until my daughter will be here..

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Spring Fling Fashion Haul | ASOS, Lacoste, Zara & More...

Despite the fact that spring has been super slow in arriving this year, the seasons are finally on the change and it’s made me want to add some fresh pieces to my wardrobe. So - today I have a little haul of new items I’ve been buying over the past couple of months. It’s a mix of maternity clothes and regular ones, so take a look for some new-season inspo whether you’re expecting or not!

When I first became a mother, I had a mini identity crisis when it came to clothes. Although I loved my new role in life, mentally I struggled a bit to get past some ideas I had about how a mother ‘should’ dress.

Over time, I’ve realised that how a mother should dress is however she wants! Fashion is a really valuable form of self-expression, whether you have kids or not, and it all comes down to what you feel most like yourself in. It’s such a simple and obvious thing, but it is one I had difficulty accepting at first.

This time around, I’m still continuing to ‘do me’ style-wise, but with some options added in to accommodate my expanding bump!


Monday, 23 April 2018

4 Small Ways to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

Photography of Woman's Orange LipWe’re all so busy- when you’re trying to work, run a house, maintain a social life and look after a family, it really can feel like a struggle fitting everything in. For this reason, a routine is important. We have a time slot for everything we need to do, and it allows us to know where we need to be and when so that everything runs smoothly.

The only trouble with that is routine can equal ‘rut’ and when you do the same things in life day after day, week after week, life can lose its excitement. There’s not much you can do about your commitments, but there are some simple ways you can spice your life up and make things more interesting. Here are a few ideas!


Thursday, 19 April 2018

3 Luscious Long Haul Holiday Destinations to Inspire You

beach, camera, hobby
Long haul holidays just equal paradise for most people. The only downside to them is that it is just so hard to afford them, or to know which destination is going to be the best one to go to. With so many different countries to choose from, all of them bringing their own flare, you be in a bit of a pickle. So, here are some long-haul luscious holidays to talk about that you'll absolutely love. Have a view of the ones below and let me know what you think your favourite would be!


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Toddler Bedroom Makeover | House Tour

Is it just me, or did your child’s bedroom floor turn into a lake of toys post-Christmas? 

Between all the incoming gifts, the current favourites and the outgrown baby bits that he still had hanging around, Theo’s room was long overdue for a refresh. 

There was stuff absolutely everywhere, with no proper storage and the room was basically still a nursery for a baby – with a cot and an untouched changing table – while our little boy definitely isn’t a baby any more!
It was time for a bit of a rethink, and a dreaded trip to Ikea! 


Tili Mini 'Go Flawless' Collection | Review

The marketplace for minis is feeling very crowded all of a sudden, isn’t it? 

With a new beauty subscription box seeming to launch every month, there’s seemingly no end to our appetites for bite-sized beauty treats. 

These boxes can be a wonderful way to discover new products at their best, or a useless accumulation of mini tubes of primer and face serums at their worst. I seem to have become a bit of a scarlet woman when it comes to them – instead of picking one box and sticking with it, I generally work on a month-by-month basis, cancelling and renewing as I see things that take my fancy. 

Sure, it does remove the element of surprise a little, but I’d sooner know that I’m going to receive something I’ll use rather than yet another second-rate hair serum (looking at you, Percy and Reed, who seem to be in every second sub box I get…).


Friday, 6 April 2018

The Four Secrets To Getting Healthy For Life

Girl holding yoghurt
Everyone wants to have the perfect beach body and they also want to really get fit and be healthy as well. Sometimes we look at those who seem to have this balance naturally and wonder what their secrets are. The real secret? That there are just four simple basics you need to get right to live a healthy life...


OOTD Maternity | Striped & Blush

Ok, so spring has finally sprung (a little bit) here in the UK, with the odd steak of sunshine making an appearance and a few warmer days where you didn’t need thermal layers to venture outside - and I’ll take that and run!

First time around, I didn’t really buy much maternity wear as I didn’t need it until right at the end of my pregnancy - but I also didn’t realise that you spend a good few months in it after the baby! I ended up with about three pairs of leggings in constant rotation for five months and I just wanted to burn them by the end. So this time I’ve definitely invested much more!


Sunday, 1 April 2018

Ultimate Spring Beauty Bargains

Spring definitely calls for new beauty products, and what better place to start than the aisles of Boots? 

While I adore the luxury of high-end products (check out my last luxury beauty haul here), I think we all know the ‘drugstore’ (sorry, but British me still winces a little at that word!) is no stranger to producing a belter either. It’s one of my favourite things to explore the aisles and see what I can find. 

Is there anything sweeter than the thrill of finding a product that really delivers and is also a total bargain? 


Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Strut Your Stuff In A New Job

adult, blur, business

Having the confidence to move to a new job isn’t easy. There’s always the worry whether you’re going to fit in, whether you’ll actually enjoy it, or whether it is going to be worth it money wise.

But this negative attitude can often be the reason why new jobs don’t work out. There’s just too many nerves going around that stop you from actually enjoying this new experience.

Well, I've got a few tips to help you stop this. I've started a few new jobs in my time by now, including having to find a new one right after my last maternity leave. It is possible to fake some confidence and strut yout stuff in a new job from day one.We’re here to transform your views on the prospect of a new job and show you how you can strut your stuff in a new job.


Sunday, 25 March 2018

Life Lately | March 2018

Have the first signs of spring reached you yet?

It’s been a brutal few weeks in the UK, with plunging temperatures and unseasonal snowstorms making it seem like the winter would literally never end. But finally, it seems to have turned a corner and you can feel the mornings slowly getting lighter, which always makes me feel optimistic. 

Although my family has been on a sort of extended hibernation mode due to the weather and also everyone coming down with an especially nasty strain of flu (apart from me, smug pregnant lady with a flu jab), there have still been some bright spots. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


Monday, 19 March 2018

GlamGlow #Glittermask Gravity Mud | Review

Is this the most Instagrammable face mask of all time? When GlamGlow announced that they’d be released a limited-edition GLITTERY version of their popular GravityMud Firming Mask, my inner magpie knew it would be a must-have.

Glitter appeals heavily in a world of Insta-likes and short-lived attention spans, but with the brand gravitas behind GlamGlow, I was fairly confident the product wouldn’t be style over substance. 

Pricey, but renowned for delivering noticeable results, there was always going to be a huge amount of buzz about any new launch.  For me, having received a sample of the original GravityMud in the Latest In Beauty Cosmopolitan Party Starter Kit, I had decided it was worth the spend, and the glitter was just the trigger I needed to finally give in and buy the full-size.


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Birchbox March 2018 | Review

“Be present, not perfect” is the signature theme of the March edition of Birchbox, and really, couldn't we all use a little mindfulness in our hectic lives?

The importance of me time is something that has really trended over the past year, with more of us turning to simple rituals of self-care to stave off the epidemic of loneliness, anxiety and burn out that seems to be the disease of our age.

It's a seductive concept, and purveyors of beauty products and health foods alike have jumped onto the bandwagon. Personally, I've never needed any encouragement for pampering myself, and I was intrigued to see what this months box had in store to get me in touch with my inner zen…


Monday, 12 March 2018

OOTD Maternity | Leopard Print Mama

How did you style out your pregnancy?

When I was expecting Theo, I didn’t actually have much maternity wear. My bump wasn’t there until much later on, so I lived in stretchy leggings and oversized vests.

This time around with baby number 2, I was showing a whole lot earlier. I also knew this time that you spend a lot of time in your maternity wear after you’ve had the baby! So I decided to built a capsule wardrobe of smart, comfortable clothes that would be suitable for work and play, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and most weather.


Friday, 9 March 2018

Pink or Blue? | Gender Reveal No 2

Unbelievably, I’ve already passed the halfway mark of this pregnancy, and Monday saw our 20 week anomaly scan back at the hospital. When I was expecting Theo, my 20 week scan was such a happy and emotional occasion. It took me a while to really get my head around becoming a mother when he was on the way - even though he was very much planned and wanted, it all happened so quickly that I spent a lot of the first trimester in a state of shock at how much life was about to change.

It may sound strange, but on our first scan last time around, I was just so shocked to see a baby on the screen and to realise that, yes, this was actually happening. The second scan was much more joyful - I’d connected with it all by then, and was delighted to be able to see my baby on the screen in so much beautiful detail.

This time around, I’ve been nothing but happy from the start -  but I was nervous, firstly to see that the baby was okay, but also to find out the gender. Whereas with Theo, I was adamant that I wanted to know, this time I was in two minds about whether to keep it a surprise or not.


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Birchbox Review | February 2018

Birchbox is something I often go back and forth with – falling in and out of love.

My recent approach has been to re-subscribe when I see something I’d like to try in the spoilers and then discontinue it afterwards.

I’ve been getting on better with the Latest in Beauty box – where you select the products yourself from a list – but I missed the element of surprise a little too. When I saw that Birchbox were offering a Smith & Cult lip gloss plus the new Benefit mascara in the March box, I resubbed.

But first came the February box…

Each box was themed after a decade this month, and you had the option to select 70s, 80s or 90s. I went for the 80s box but they sent me the 70s flower-patterned one instead. I don’t know if the contents were different or just the box design.


Monday, 19 February 2018

Luxury Beauty Haul

When it comes to beauty,  like a lot of things in life, I’m a person of two extremes. I either buy nothing for ages, or I get lots of stuff all at once. I’m either fresh-faced or in full-on war paint. And I’m just as happy doing drugstore or luxury.

Both ends of the spectrum have amazing products, and both provide a different kind of pleasure to me.

This month, I’ve ended up with some gorgeous luxury beauty items- a couple of Christmas gifts that I hadn’t got around to using yet, and then a couple of orders with Cult Beauty and Space NK and here we are!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Secret Supermum | How To Keep The House Tidy When You Work Full Time

There’s never enough time for everything. That’s my overwhelming feeling about combining motherhood and full-time work, like I do. Something is always falling behind. It's a constant process of playing catch-up and trying to find compromises and solutions.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it's that there is such a thing as ‘work-life balance’ - but that it isn’t a steady state that you reach one day, like the summit of a mountain. It's a constant, ongoing back-and-forth shuffle of micro-adjustments and trying things that don’t work - or sometimes do.

Some days you feel like you’ve got it nailed. Other days everything is a failure. And learning to accept that ebb and flow can be a significant challenge when we’re all fixed on this mythos of ‘having it all’.  You can have it all - just not all the time.

Take the fleeting moments of victory when the tides are in your favour and block out the days when you missed that report deadline, your toddler point-blank refused to get dressed and there’s yoghurt smeared all over the sofa. It's the only way.

Having said that, there are some practical tips that work for me - and perhaps will work for you too. These I’ve come across through a combination of internet research, asking other mums who seem to have their act together, and trial and error myself.

So I’ve decided to run a mini series of posts on some aspects of it that are interesting - how to keep up some kind of beauty routine, a half-decent wardrobe and a house that isn’t total chaos while also catering to the demands of two CEOs - the one in the boardroom and the one in the highchair at home.


Monday, 12 February 2018

Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil | Review

If winter is harsh on our skin, it's just as harsh on our hair as well, and although we tend to be good at upping our skincare regimes to cope with the cold, sometimes our tresses get left out of the equation. Throw in some colour, a lot of heat styling, and you get dry, damaged, lifeless hair with plenty of frizz!

I’m such a big fan of oils in general - I use one as a cleanser, when I shave my legs, as a body moisturiser and as my facial skincare at night. And oil is great to give your locks an extra bit of love and TLC too. It can give a hit of nutrients and moisture that provide deep nourishment, a smooth finish, a heavenly shine and can help your hair to grow faster.

In the past, I’ve used other oils that turned out to be actually packed full of synthetic silicones and only a small percentage of actual oils, but Forest & Shore’s Hallelujah Hair Oil is a new 100% organic blend.


Friday, 9 February 2018

An Evening Discovering Kiehl's Skincare

Kiehl’s is one of those skincare super-brands beloved by makeup; artists and celebrities, that you constantly hear great things about and yet...I've never tried a single one of their products.

I know, I know...bad beauty blogger, right? Somehow, I’ve just never worked my way around to it, despite my nearest city being blessed with a shiny Kiehl’s store. I didn’t really know much about the brand, but I had the perfect opportunity to find out when I got invited along to a blogger’s evening they’d kindly arranged.


Wednesday, 31 January 2018

There’s More To Perfect Skin Than Moisturiser

When it comes to attaining perfect skin, it is certainly the case that a good skin care routines, that includes regular cleansing, toning and moisturising is an essential part of the equation, but it is by no means the whole picture. 

If you want your skin to be perfectly smooth and radiant, there are a whole host of things you should ideally be doing in your daily life. What are they?

Latest In Beauty box | January 2018

Although it always seems at the time as if January is the month that just won’t die, somehow it has crept along and one of the little treats making me feel much better about it all was my Latest in Beauty box.

A subscription box with a slight difference, you can choose three, six or nine products at different set prices from the website. The stuff is a mix of full size and sample (the sizes are there in the descriptions but you have to work put yourself what size it is) and is updated fairly regularly, usually one new product a day.

I did like my first box in November and my December one, but I’m only on the smallest three item box and I haven’t been tempted to upgrade to one of the larger ones. There’s always been just enough things I wanted to try, without being so many good things I felt I had to upgrade.

Of course, if you like the element of surprise, that isn’t here, but prefer to know that I’m going to like and use everything in I’ve chosen.

So, what did I pick this month?

Monday, 29 January 2018

The Pregnant Pause | Week 15 Update

Wow, 15 weeks of pregnancy gone, just like that. I’ve now passed into the second trimester, and realised that I’ve barely mentioned anything about it. I documented pregnancy updates when I was expecting Theo, so I’d like to try and do the same this time.

At 15 weeks, the baby is now beginning to hear our voices and become sensitive to light. But so far this one hasn’t been much like my last pregnancy.


Fifty Shades Of Green: The Case For Planet Friendly Business

A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs are rather sceptical about the prospect of improving their company’s environmental performance - they simply do not think that going green is going to benefit them very much at all.However, they are wrong, and if you’re in the same camp as them, it might be time to rethink your stance on going green. Why? Here are just a few reasons:


Monday, 22 January 2018

The January Fashion Agenda | Cari's Closet | OOTN

January can be such a hard slog, can’t it?

Everyone’s on a diet, running a marathon, doing Dry January and hiding from the miserable cold, grey weather. What the month really needs is a big dose of sparkly glam – it’s the ideal time to plan a girls night or a date and have a good excuse to get your full dazzle on.

Cari’s Closet is an Irish boutique that’s the destination for event dressing. Whether it’s a number for a night out, wedding guest attire, or a formal evening, I’m sure you’d find something to love there. If you're trying to find the best new night out fashion for 2018, it's all there.

The pieces are beautiful, luxurious and unique- plus, you won’t see anyone else in the same outfit. So if you’re wanting all eyes to be on you, for all the right reasons, it’s a great place to pick out a dress.


Sunday, 21 January 2018

3 Conversations You Need To Have Before Having a Baby

Planning to have a baby and starting a family can be a dream for many. But in reality, though it is an amazing process to go through, it can be tough. It can be a tough process physically through pregnancy to sleepless nights, as well as mentally exhausting, and also financially draining.

The joy being a parent brings does outweigh it, but it is something to think about carefully before you dive right in. Though there will never be a ‘right time’ to have a baby or start a family, making a few plans and putting them in place can be a good idea to help see you through and make you better prepared.

So here are some things to think about, before your begin parenthood.


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

First Time Faker | Vani-T Bronzing Custard Q&A With a Pro

Getting a winter glow is something we all want to do. When the sunshine is a distant memory on this freezing island, and your next holiday is light years away, there’s no choice but to get your rays in a bottle.

As much as I love the thought of bronzed skin though, I must confess to being a fake tan virgin. I’m too terrified of making a mistake and having the streaky, orange proof there for all to see. Sometimes I’ll look at my pasty legs and resolve to do something about them, only to lose my nerve when faced with shelves full of different options of tanning product.

It’s the one area of beauty I don’t feel I know the slightest thing about.  Luckily for me, I have a friend who’s an expert – Kerry from Wilde About Tan. I asked her to give me her  pro advice that would take away my fear of the fake stuff.


Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Best Christmas Present Of All + #Project2018 Goals

So, we’re creeping toward the end of January already - which for most of us will come with a sigh of relief. I’ve never been a fan of this most grey and desolate of months. Everyone is waiting for payday, doing vegan diets and it’s all cold and miserable outside but the festivities are over - if I was rich I’d definitely spend January abroad!

This Christmas was extra special for us too, because we found out we’re expecting our second child. Theo is going to be a big brother. We really wanted to give him a sibling, so it was great news. Sometimes I panic a little about the thought of having two children though! Our new arrival is due in July.

Having Theo has brought so much joy and love into our lives, more so than I ever expected. So thinking about that doubling is incredibly exciting.

So far, this pregnancy has been a little different to my first. I had a bit of sickness at first, which I never had the first time. And whereas with Theo I was going to the gym until I was seven months pregnant I have been really lazy so far and stopped my running, although I have signed up to pregnancy Pilates classes starting soon! So 2018 really is going to be a new adventure for the family.


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

January Sales Bargains: How Not To Break The Bank


So here we are in January. A time to reminisce about the festive period, a chance to re-evaluate our life choices and make new plans and goals, and a time for shopping. That’s right, the January sales are in full force, and they can be a great way to grab some bargains with any festive cash you have to spend, or simply to top up your wardrobe and essentials for the year ahead.

However, what you don’t want to do is put yourself in a bad financial situation for the rest of the year due to overspending. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can grab the bargains in the sales and not break the bank balance in the process.

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