Sunday, 29 June 2014

Review: Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Serum and CC cream

Soap and Glory, I have seen the light. Despite the brand being so popular and well-loved, both by bloggers and ‘civilians’, historically I haven’t been very interested in the brand.

Although I'd tried a facewash or two, I just never fell for the line and although their new launches would draw my eyes, I wouldn’t go for them. I think it was the cutesy packaging and names. For some reason, it gave me the impression that their skincare wouldn’t be very good - not hard-hitting enough.

I like my skincare with science. Lots and lots of science. Complex, multi-syllable complexes with ten patents that you can’t pronounce. Shiny packaging. A serious outlook. So S&G’s whole tongue-in-cheek schtick has just never done it for me.

Until now. Recently, the line had a make-over, got a lot sleeker in packaging and seemed to be taking itself seriously. So I sat up and took notice. And the reviews I read online convinced me that the results would be there! I’ve been using a couple of products from the Make Yourself Youthful line recently (the packaging might be sleeker, but the pun-tastic names are still intact), and I’ve been getting really good results. Here’s the lowdown...


Saturday, 28 June 2014

June Haul: Beauty and Fashion

Hello my lovelies!

For once I've calmed down on the clothes shopping a bit! With my birthday at the start of the month (plus the Selfridges beauty haul I treated myself to) I felt spoilt enough for once. But I’ve still picked up a few bits and pieces over the course of the month, so I thought I’d do a little posting about them.


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Call me a cynic, but although I often want to be surprised and delighted at how good products are, I'm frequently left disappointed. So it's really nice to feel for once like something you bought exceeded your expectations. 

Today, I'm talking about the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. Now, its taken me a while to get around to purchasing this, and I know there will be plenty of other, more comprehensive reviews out there.

But I'm so darn impressed with this I couldn't help telling you all about it!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

OOTD: Navy and Nude

An 'OOTD' rather than an 'OOTN' this weekend! After three weekends of consecutive partying, and a couple of intense weeks at work, I was so ready for some chill out time this weekend.

It was my mother-in-law's 60th birthday and we all decided to throw her a big family surprise party to celebrate. Luckily the weather co-operated again and it was another beautiful sunny day - we've been so lucky with the weekend weather at the moment!

Wanting something casual and warm-weather ready, but still smart, I chose my outfit carefully...


Friday, 20 June 2014

June Glossybox Review

Squeeal! My Glossybox arriving is getting to be a real highlight of the month. 

Since switching from Birchbox three months ago, I’ve been really pleased in general. I’ve had a bit of a tough week at work, so getting a beautiful beribboned box in the post full of nice little items was just what I needed to cheer me up. 

Last month’s box, which was a special edition to celebrate Superdrug’s 50th Anniversary was a bit of a blip -  the contents were good in theory but all managed to miss the mark as to what I’d actually use. So what came this month and did it redeem my faith? 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

OOTN: Back in Black

Life has been pretty hectic lately, with a few major projects at work and lots going on socially.

Usually my nights out are less than once a month, but this will now be the third weekend in a row I’ve been out partying – highly unusual! And so because of that I’ve been publishing loads of Outfit posts at the moment – its gone from something I hardly ever did, to a weekly occurrence. Normal service will soon be resumed.

This weekend, one of my best friends was up for a visit. Its been ages since we’ve had a catch up so I was super-excited to see her.

We decided to hit the town and our destination was a club called Rock City. 

This sticky-floored palace of sin holds a special place in both our hearts. 

We were ‘alternative’ teenagers, into our rock music and we did a lot of growing up in there. I used to go twice a week when I was in sixth-form, on Thursdays and Saturdays,and the place holds so much history for me. 

Friendships, ex-boyfriends, lots of drinking and a whole heap of great live music – its even where I first spotted Seb, although we didn’t meet there. 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

June Empties: Re-Try or Bye-Bye?

Hello lovely ladies.

Another month, another pile of empties! When I did my first one of these posts back in April, I thought at the time they'd be very rare, but here we are only a couple of months later, and I'm on to another one - so I must use far more products up than I thought!

So, what were they and most importantly, is it re-try or bye-bye? 

Monday, 9 June 2014

OOTN: Detonate Festival


Hello my lovelies

A quick outfit posting from me today. I went to a festival this Saturday with the lovely Amanda from Amanda in a Teacup, so I thought I’d do a quick post on my look for the day/night.

It wasn't a camping sort of a festival (or I wouldn’t be going…me and tents will never be friends. I need electicity and running water, call me stupid). It’s just a day and night of partying and drinking too much! I haven’t been to a festival for literally years at this point. The last one was Creamfields in 2009!


Sunday, 8 June 2014

TAG: Would You Rather? The Beauty Edition


I saw this post up from Caitlin at Blogging through the Mirror, and rather cheekily I’ve just decided to do it myself, without waiting to be tagged. I think it’s a good one because it’s a bit different and the questions are quite fun, so here goes:


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Selfridges Haul - Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, Xenca & Weleda

Hi Dolls

I’ve been dying to post about the goodies I picked up in Birmingham at the weekend. I went to the Mids Blog Meet, which was the second blogger meet-up I’ve been along to. It was a brilliant day filled with beauty, wellness, laughs and pancakes! You can read my post about the day here.

Of course, it would have been very rude not to take advantage of Birmingham’s shopping situation, and myself, Kerry, Laura, Naomi and Caroline led the charge to Selfridges to see what was on offer.We were also treated to some samples from Weleda and Xenca, which is a new brand I discovered on the day.


Monday, 2 June 2014

The Birthday Post - 29 and feeling fine

I turned 29 on June 1st. I say this with a little shudder of horror at the realisation that I only have one year of my twenties left. Where did the past decade go? I'm fighting a rising tide of panic at the feeling that life is accelerating and slipping away through my fingers too fast.

I'm not the sort of person that likes birthdays. Funny as it might seem to some reading this, I hate the attention on you that they bring, its embarrasing. And I do so hate getting older. I remember on my 20th birthday I spent all day in bed crying because I was so sad at not being a teenager anymore! Seb, who was then my boyfriend - and I would never have believed he'd be my husband 6 years later - brought me a homemade dark chocolate and sour cream cake in bed to cheer me up!


Mids Blog Meet Hits Birmingham!

Hello lovely people. 

I hope you all had a great weekend. I did, because I went along to my second blogger meet up and had such a great time! The meet was organised by the lovely Emma from Frugally Peachy and Kelly from To Become Mum. I went to their last meet-up, which was the first ever one I'd been too, and they made it so much fun with their relaxed, friendly style. When I heard they were planning another one I was all "Count me in!!", and so I found myself popping off to Birmingham for a nice jolly and of course, some serious retail therapy as well...

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