Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Seven Little Things No One Tells You Change With a Second Baby

As anyone who is onto to their second pregnancy will know, things tend to be a little different the second time around. I’m not just talking physically, although that has undoubtedly been a different scenario this time around. There are lots of other little things you do when you’re expecting your firstborn that aren’t quite so straightforward when it comes time to produce a sibling for them. 

Here’s what no-one tells you is different, second time around...

Saturday, 12 May 2018

OOTD Maternity | The LBD

The way you feel about your body seems to change on a daily basis when you’re pregnant – some days you feel on top of the world and want to show off that bump in a form-fitting dress, other days you feel bloated, messy and hormonal and you just want to throw on one of your husband’s biggest jumpers and hide.

That’s why maternity style can be so hard to get right.  You’re dealing with very ambivalent feelings about yourself, and of course that affects the face you want to present to the world.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

#LFBeauty Box Review | April 2018

So, I’ve switched allegiances again! I do love beauty boxes - getting little treats through the post (makes a change from the water bill and a bunch of takeaway menus, right?), discovering brilliant new products, and always having more than enough travel size items for holidays and weekends away.

But all these boxes go through cycles of being alternately amazing and a bit of a disappointment, so I admit I regularly un-sub and re-sub, and I’m always on the hunt for blog reveals to help me decide which to order!

One box my blogging pals always seem to rave about is Look Fantastic, and it must be one of the few I haven’t already tried. When I saw the contents of the April box, I signed up quicker than you could say ‘beauty addict’. Here’s what tempted me…

Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Pregnant Pause | Week 28 Update

Even though I meant to do regular pregnancy update posts, like I did when I was expecting my son Theo, here we are at week 28 and this is only my second post about my pregnancy journey with my little girl!

Time really is shooting by, and I’m now in the third trimester, which means we’re on the home straight. It’s less than three months until my daughter will be here..

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Spring Fling Fashion Haul | ASOS, Lacoste, Zara & More...

Despite the fact that spring has been super slow in arriving this year, the seasons are finally on the change and it’s made me want to add some fresh pieces to my wardrobe. So - today I have a little haul of new items I’ve been buying over the past couple of months. It’s a mix of maternity clothes and regular ones, so take a look for some new-season inspo whether you’re expecting or not!

When I first became a mother, I had a mini identity crisis when it came to clothes. Although I loved my new role in life, mentally I struggled a bit to get past some ideas I had about how a mother ‘should’ dress.

Over time, I’ve realised that how a mother should dress is however she wants! Fashion is a really valuable form of self-expression, whether you have kids or not, and it all comes down to what you feel most like yourself in. It’s such a simple and obvious thing, but it is one I had difficulty accepting at first.

This time around, I’m still continuing to ‘do me’ style-wise, but with some options added in to accommodate my expanding bump!


Monday, 23 April 2018

4 Small Ways to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

Photography of Woman's Orange LipWe’re all so busy- when you’re trying to work, run a house, maintain a social life and look after a family, it really can feel like a struggle fitting everything in. For this reason, a routine is important. We have a time slot for everything we need to do, and it allows us to know where we need to be and when so that everything runs smoothly.

The only trouble with that is routine can equal ‘rut’ and when you do the same things in life day after day, week after week, life can lose its excitement. There’s not much you can do about your commitments, but there are some simple ways you can spice your life up and make things more interesting. Here are a few ideas!

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