Wednesday, 7 November 2018

My Five Point Plan To Become A Yummy Mummy

Motherhood is all kinds of wonderful.

For someone who never went gooey over nappy adverts and wasn't sure if they were cut out to be somebody's mum, the wild joy my two little humans give me has been the best kind of surprise.

But as much as I'm enjoying being a mama, there is a hidden side to it that no one talks about. And that's the identity crisis that often seems to go hand in hand with pregnancy and birth.

Your world changes overnight. Your priorities are different. Your heart is forever changed. You don't look like you anymore. And that can leave you wondering who you really are now.

Your being and your body has become all about keeping this little human you made safe. You put so much into loving and sustaining your baby, putting your own needs firmly to one side.

Little wonder that you can catch yourself looking in the mirror wondering who that tired, scruffy person looking back is.


Monday, 5 November 2018

BFF Mama Style | Singing The Blues

For a new mama, it can sometimes seem that the only style choice you get to make is which baby sick-spattered muslin you're draping over your shoulder today.

When you're consistently sleep deprived and catering to the relentless demands of a new baby (I refer to Romilly as ‘the tiny CEO’ for a reason), it's all too easy to slip into a comfort zone of baggy leggings, that old jumper and hair in the mum bun of doom.

That's why I've found it really important to make an effort, even though I often don't think I have time.

Style is about reminding yourself you're still a person outside of being a mama, and I believe that can only be good, for ourselves and our babies.


Sunday, 28 October 2018

Trick or Treat | Glossybox Halloween Edition

Are you looking forward to Halloween next week?

I've never really celebrated Halloween that much, but it seems to have become a much bigger deal since I was younger. My son is definitely interested in it, so we’re slowly getting more drawn in.

This month saw Glossybox go all out with the spooky theme launching two boxes - Trick or Treat, each containing slightly different goodies. And I ended up with both!


Sunday, 21 October 2018

New Lacura Dupes Reviewed | Pixi, GlamGlow, Sand & Sky

Being on maternity leave, dupes are more on my radar than ever at the moment and supermarket chain Aldi seem to be becoming the undisputed home of the champion copycat product.

Their *ahem* limited edition homages regularly cause stampedes in store, sell out online and crop up on eBay for triple the price immediately (thereby completely eradicating the point of them in the first place!).

People seem to have an enduring fascination because the reviews of Lacura products I've done befoeenon the blog consistently get traffic, even years after writing, and are among some of my most popular posts!

The dupes I've tried before of theirs have all been pretty amazing, so I can never resist giving them a try.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Improving Your Smile In Four Easy Steps

In today’s society, we’re forced to look good all of the time.

Thanks to social media and celebrities dictating how they think people should look in this day and age, it’s no wonder that women are self conscious about the way they look.

In more recent years, having the perfect pearly white smile is all the rage. However, we all know that celebrities have plenty of dough to spend on their smile to ensure that it’s nothing but the best.


Glossybox x Sunday Riley Special Edit

Cult US skincare brand Sunday Riley have been on my ‘want to try list’ for a long time now, so when I spotted that Glossybox were doing a limited edition collaboration with them, I couldn't sign up fast enough. 

Beloved by the A-list and all over our Instagram feeds, their packaging is sleek and their focus is on results-driven, cruelty-free skin products.

With cutting edge formulas and pure A-grade ingredients, I loved the sound of a few of their flagship products. These targeted treatments improve your skin both instantly and over time, which is an approach I can definitely get on board with.

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