Sunday, 19 May 2019

Summer Primark Haul | Fashion & Beauty

Hands up who loves a good Primark haul?

 The giant of the high street is not a place I get the chance to visit often anymore, but if I do happen to be in the city centre it's hard to resist having a look.

There aren't many shops with such a vast range of products - from staple basics like tights and vest tops to on-trend childrenswear, a revamped beauty offering that's been garnering praise from professionals and high fashion pieces at super accessible prices. 

And of course we all know it's scientifically impossible to emerge empty-handed once you've gone past those shiny glass doors. My mum was up visiting from Cornwall recently and she wanted to pop in and stock up on a few things because they don't have one where she lives.

I'd almost forgotten how much of a thrill it is chasing down the gems in there, and I found quite a few this time - I had to do a serious basket edit before checking out.

Here's what made the cut...


Tuesday, 7 May 2019

How To Travel In Style - Whatever Your Budget

Seeing the world is an adventure that is high on most people's bucket list.

And whether it's spending months trekking around South East Asia living out of your backpack or flying to the top VIP suite in Las Vegas on your Cessna Citation X+, everyone wants to feel good when they travel.

But if you don't have the champagne budget, is it all out of the question? Can you have the trip of a lifetime without unlimited funds?

It turns out that travelling in style is just as much of an attitude as a credit card limit. You can have the A-list experience without living on beans on toast for months to fund it. Here's how…


Monday, 6 May 2019

Kiss Lash Couture Triple Push Up & Extensions | Review

My quest for perfect lashes is something that will never end, and they are a topic which regularly features here on my blog. 

Some women may be born with naturally long, thick, curly, Disney Princess lashes but alas, that hasn't been my fate.

Whether it's trying out the latest faux mink flutter or learning how to do my own eyelash extensions, a bit of lash loving is always on the agenda here.

So when I spot some new lashes that look gorgeous, I can't resist giving them a go.


Friday, 26 April 2019

Mama Style | Wild About Easter

How did the Easter holidays treat you this year? 

It was an unbelievable weekend of constant sunshine where we live, so it really felt like an actual holiday. It was the perfect blend of spending time as a family, hanging out in the garden using our pizza oven, meeting family and friends and doing Easter egg hunts with the kids, trips to the park and tackling a few outstanding jobs around the house.

Of course, all these quick-fire weather changes can be a little confusing when it comes to what to wear. At the start of last week, I was still in my thermal tights scraping frost off the car windshield in the morning, so to suddenly be in 24 degree heat was a little surreal - I had to hurriedly pull out a couple of the summer pieces I'd bought recently with holidays in mind!


Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Life, Lately | April 2019

Welcome to spring! With the beautifully sunny Easter holiday we've just had, it really feels as if the seasons have turned a corner.

I tend to go into serious hibernation mode post-Christmas, and as a family, we had a couple of setbacks at the start of the year - serious illness and bereavement in both sides of the family.

And so it has felt like 2019 got off to a very slow start. Finally, everything is feeling fresher and brighter.


Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Latest In Beauty | Sunday Times Style Awards Edit

Okay, so I did say I was through with beauty boxes for a while, but I also said I was easily tempted and here we are!

While I have cancelled my regular sub to LookFantastic due to being thoroughly backed up with items I haven't used, the Sunday Times Style edit with Latest In Beauty was being so buzzed about on some of the beauty groups I'm in on Facebook that I couldn't ignore it.

You can pick your own items from a selection of products shortlisted for the Sunday Times Style Awards, and there were several things I really wanted to try.

This is only a one off, once a year box but apparently last year's sold out super quickly, and although I saw quite a few people saying the options weren't neatly as good this year, I'm happy with what I picked.

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