Saturday, 18 November 2017

Get Your Glow Back | Hello Day Autumn Box

What is your personal wellness goal? It could be finding more energy, getting your glow back, sleeping better at night or welcoming more calm into your life.

Often it feels like we’re fighting against nature – our 24/7, always-on society makes it nearly impossible to switch off, and I often feel we cause ourselves harm by moving further away from the natural rhythms in life – from the order of day and night, the march of the seasons and the beat of our own circadian rhythms.

Hello Day believe that too, and its inspired their tailored approach to wellbeing through the seasons. If you’ve noticed your energy levels dropping, your skin and hair becoming dry and dull and a general feeling of sluggishness as the seasons change, you aren’t alone.


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

OOTN | Death by Diamonds and Pearls

Hen ‘do’-s (or ‘bachelorette parties’, if you're American).They are the Marmite of the social occasion world. You either love them or hate them, but either way knowing what to wear for one can be a bit of a tricky decision. But assuming it's not all L-plates and flashing headbands, I'm on board with the whole thing.After all, there's nothing better than a bunch of girlfriends hell-bent on having a good time and sending their friend off into the embraces of matrimony in style!


Monday, 13 November 2017

FOTD: Easy Makeup Look for a Halloween Hen Do

I could be accused of playing it a little safe when it comes to makeup. Generally, my goal is to look like a better version of myself, so I favour neutral colours and quite a ‘vanilla’ approach in my day to day life. So sometimes it's really fun to go all out and make a big switch up.

My friend Holly’s hen night in Chester was the perfect chance to get a little wild with colour. It fell on Halloween weekend, and although I chose not to do a full-on costume, my outfit was a little play on the idea of a ‘Fashion Victim’, so the classic ‘Instagram look’  with the statement skirt, slogan tee and cliche ‘blogger favourite’ accessories like the Chanel bag and Rockstud-style shoes. If you added some fake blood and FX makeup (to play up the ‘victim’ in ‘fashion victim’) this could be a good costume idea!


Saturday, 11 November 2017

Minnavi | Finding the Perfect Korean Skin Care Routine

Reducing a 12 step skin care routine down to two targeted treatments from Korean beauty innovators

The world has its eyes on South Korean skincare. Just lately, the Asian nation even seems to have overtaken the French as the recognised global authority on all things skin. 

The beauty-obsessed country has a cultural emphasis on picture-perfect skin that takes the humble cleanse/tone/moisturise routine to a whole other level, with 40 minute long 10-step regimes being pretty standard there.

Pretty much all of the skincare innovations produced by Western beauty houses in recent years have been copies of Korean imports - BB and CC creams, cushion foundation, ombre lips, essences, sleeping packs and sheet masks; you name it. Packing, ingredients and techniques are all pouring out of the country and onto our shelves.


Monday, 6 November 2017

Brand New You: How to Overhaul Your Image

Have you had the same hairstyle since you were fifteen? Do you receive the same colour sweater from your mum each Christmas because you’re so predictable?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you know that you have to do something sharpish to give your image a much-needed overhaul.

You want to be spontaneous and surprise people with a whole new look. You could, of course, dye your hair and get a piercing or even a tattoo, but these tend to wreak of mid-life crisis rather than image revival. Take a look at these sensible, albeit, expensive ways to give yourself a whole new look...


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Prezzybox Jingle Mingle event with TalkBeckyTalk

What do you get when you put together a bunch of excitable bloggers, some innovative gift ideas, a YouTube star and a wave of prosecco? The answer is the Prezzybox Jingle Mingle event, which I was very hyped to go along to last week.

When you’re a blogger, one of the nicest things is making friends and contacts with others in the blogging world. What can begin as quite a lonely, isolated hobby, typing away in your bedroom, can blossom into some really fabulous times, and events like this are what makes it all happen.

Back when I first started blogging, I was properly in the closet with it – only my boyfriend knew I was doing it. I felt almost as if it was a shameful secret that I didn’t want people closest to me to know! If you want to grow though, you don’t have much option but to be transparent and authentic – and that includes owning up to what you do. A lot of bloggers can probably relate to that.

I had all sorts of worries about not being taken seriously in my career and the judgement of people I knew, but its only through facing those fears (and also being a lot older now, which definitely helps with not caring what other people think so much) that I’ve been able to feel comfortable with my passion project.

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