#BFF Mama Style | Slogans & Stripes

Wednesday 12 September 2018

There are many battles when it comes to breastfeeding - and style is one of them! 

Yep, far from being the natural, seamless experience that it's presented as in antenatal class, both times learning how to feed- and it is very much a learning curve - has been a struggle for me. 

Style may seem like a frivolous thing, but it’s actually about reclaiming a little piece of yourself when so much of you is wrapped up in caring for your little humans. 

A way of making yourself feel more substantial when your days and nights are all about feeding and you’re usually covered in baby sick. It's something to cling on to that reminds you of who you were before you were ‘Mummy’.

So I’ve decided to share some ‘BFF’ or ‘breastfeeding friendly’ outfits that make me feel a little more like myself, even if the extra baby weight and huge eye bags are still there!

At first, I was unsure about doing these posts, because I've still got so far to go with getting back to my old figure and I'm feeling a bit insecure about being heavier. But then, I thought, you know what? I'm six weeks after having a baby and I need to give myself a break! 

This is reality, and it would be unrealistic to pretend otherwise. We should be proud of our bodies and the lives they've created - mamas are warriors! 

‘Bonjour Madame’ slogan tee | Primark
Navy stripe jersey pencil skirt | Topshop
‘Ace’ perforated blush flats | Topshop
Woven ribbon and acrylic necklace | Planet
J12 Quartz ceramic watch | Chanel
‘Sheraton’ burgundy two in one bag | Accessorize 

Here I'm going back to an outfit formula that feels very me. 

I’ve always loved the combination of a slouchy tee, a pencil skirt, statement necklace and a pair of pointed flats - it's a combination I’ve worn for years. So pulling this on instantly makes me feel like the old me again. 

I layer a plain stretchy vest underneath, and when I need to breastfeed, I’ll pull my t-shirt up and my vest down, unclip my nursing bra at the shoulder and away we go!

This top came from my recent Primark haul - I hadn't been in for ages, so it was nice to hunt out some bargains. Slogan tees are a fashion force showing no sign of slowing down, and I'm definitely on board with that. 

The striped skirt is made from a super soft stretch jersey that is so easy and comfortable to wear, and doesn't dig into my mum tum too badly! 

This outfit would work well with trainers, but I also like it with these perforated blush suede flats. Pointed toe flats are great because they have an elongating effect on the legs, but still leave me able to dash about after a toddler.

To finish off the look, I added this collar necklace, woven together from silver metal links, navy grosgrain ribbon and black acrylic - I love the mix of materials that gives it a laid-back finish. The only other accessory needed was my white J12 which is great for casual looks.

Another item that is very ‘me’ is a crossbody bag (I always liked to be hands-free, even before the practicalities of parenting demanded it!). This little beauty from Accessorize is my current favourite - it's small and slim but has double compartments. 

You can wear it as a wristlet, or with the crossbody strap, and it's the ideal size to stash in my changing bag - I like to keep my essentials all together. This bag is really versatile and I love the burgundy shade - it also comes in black, orange and leopard print, and I’m almost tempted to get another one too.

If you’re a feeding mama, let me know what outfit combinations are your go to choice! 

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