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About SarahDeluxe.com

Hello and welcome to Sarah Deluxe, a beauty, fashion, parenting and lifestyle blog focused on the pretty things in life.

I started this blog because I believe that beauty - in all its many forms - makes the world go round. I also love to write and produce thought provoking original content to share.

This blog is about a curated selection of all those new and exciting things that make my heart beat faster, and my personal experiences.

I hope it gives you as much enjoyment to read it as it does to me to write it.

About Me

My name is Sarah and I'm a beauty addict....

That beauty comes in many forms - from loftier plains like art, music and literature to earthier pleasures like family and friends - and of course, browsing the aisles at Sephora!

I'm based in the East Midlands region of the UK. I love to write, connect and share with people on all sorts of topics and work in PR and marketing for my 'day job'. I live with my husband Sebastian, our toddler son Theodore and baby daughter Romilly, our cat Shilling and our two chickens, Antoinette and Arabella, who pop up on these pages from time to time.

As well as writing, I love to read, visit the theatre, go running and bake lots of nice things to eat.

Some of my favourite authors include Emily Bronte, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Alison Weir, Audrey Niffenegger and Salman Rushdie.

Some of my favourite sounds are by SBTRKT, Little Dragon, The Deftones, Years & Years and Indiana.

Some of my favourite things to eat are sushi, patisserie, good Stilton and Turkish Delight.

Thank you.

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