Tuesday, 27 September 2016

VIP Autumn Fashion Event | Intu Victoria Centre

Usually, on a Thursday night, I’m most likely to be found slumped motionless in front of Netflix (such is the life of a working mother- beware!), but last Thursday I actually got to do something a lot more exciting when I went along to the brilliant Intu Victoria Centre VIP Autumn Fashion Event.

Now that the nights are darker, its acceptable to wear scarves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are popping up of every street corner, most of us are looking forward to some autumn fashion. For me personally, its my favourite season to dress for.

I find summer frankly confusing (especially with the schizophrenic British weather veering from hot sunshine to rain and gale force winds in the space of an afternoon), and the depths of winter often see me sacrificing style to stay warm, but autumn is my kind of season.

I love snuggly jumpers, leather minis and ankle boots. I love furry gilets and long-sleeve dresses and hats. Autumn is my time to shine! So it was brilliant to pop along to the Victoria Centre and see what the coming season has in store for us.


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Glossybox September 2016 | Review

This place is becoming beauty box central! After getting tired of repeats and uninteresting products, I cancelled all my box subscriptions a while ago.

But somehow, I’ve ended up back with Birchbox and Glossybox again. Birchbox has definitely been winning so far, and I was all ready to scrap Glossybox – until I got a peek at something in the September box I really wanted to try….

So, would the contents win me over and save the day? Read on for a peek inside September’s box to find out…


Thursday, 15 September 2016

Now You Are One | A Letter to Theo

Now you are one. Its been a year of amazing discovery, endless laughter, sleepless nights, a few tears and a greater love than I knew possible.

Now you are one. And even though one year is not long in this world, you have made an indelible impact in so many lives. You have created acres of hugs, miles of laughs and a bottomless ocean of joy.

Suddenly our horizons have expanded as we look forward to your future and feel in the beat of your heart a world much bigger than our own.


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

OOTD | Day To Night Wedding Guest Look | Part 2

Welcome back! So, in the first part of this post, I showed you my wedding guest outfit for the big day of our lovely friends, Phil and Vicky.

As I don’t have too many chances to go out and get dressed up these days, I decided to change my outfit for the evening. Its not often (read: never) we get a baby-free weekend away in a hotel, so it had to be done!

During the day, I had tried to pick an outfit that still reflected my sense of style and made me feel comfortable. But for evening, I wanted to go for something a bit more glamorous and have some fun dancing the night away with all of our friends.

Its very rare that we can all get together these days, as we’re spread out over the country and the world. And of course, now we’re parents, Seb and I normally want to go home early. But not on this night!


Sunday, 11 September 2016

Birchbox September 2016 | Review

As soon as I’ve had one box, another seems to appear!

As you may know, I recently signed back up to both Birchbox and Glossybox – Birchbox for their rather fabulous collaboration with Millie Mackintosh a couple of months ago, and Glossybox for their rather disappointing Rae Feather box. I’m still signed up to both and deciding which one to keep.

At the moment, I have to say that Birchbox is definitely winning the battle! But would the September box keep their run of great boxes going, or would it all come crashing down? Take a peek…


Thursday, 8 September 2016

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation | Review

Oh my goodness, the hype.

The beauty web absolutely blew up when Urban Decay announced they’d be launching a new, high-coverage, long lasting foundation.

Like many, I was drawn in by the buzz and the stunning packaging, and decided immediately that this was a foundation I needed in my life. 

To me, UD have great form. I love the brand, and their Naked Skin foundation was my holy grail, until Too Faced Born This Way just edged it out. 

But like many people, although I loved the formula, I thought the coverage was very light and I looked forward to something a bit more heavyweight for nights out or bad skin days.

I feel like I’ve literally been waiting months to get my hands on this. 

After having to watch it launch in the US (when will beauty companies learn how infuriating that is? Beauty is global - get with it, cosmetics companies!), it finally came up for sale in the UK. I ordered from the website before it even launched, thinking I would receive it quicker, but the dispatch was frustratingly slow and I could have gotten it quicker going into store.

Anyway, it was finally here. 

Fellow beauty addicts will know the indescribable thrill of unboxing something you’ve been dying to get your hands on for ages. 

But oh, what a towering pedestal of hype this foundation had to live up to. Would it manage to be as good as I dreamed?

Heres the verdict.


Thursday, 1 September 2016

OOTD | Day To Night Wedding Guest Look | Part 1

Dressing for a wedding can be one of the biggest style dilemmas many of us face. Balancing form, function, style and type of occasion can be a headache - and ‘wedding guest outfit inspiration’ is one of the most searched for styles out there!

Its no wonder really - everyone seems to know there are ‘rules’ but not exactly what they are.

Wedding guest style can be a total minefield. You have a lot of factors at play as a well- venue, weather, type of ceremony. In general, I’m all for fashion rules being made to be broken, but when it comes to someone else’s big day, its about respect.

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