Thursday, 28 December 2017

Life, Lately | Christmas 2017

So, how did Christmas 2017 treat you? It was a fairly peaceful one for us, well, as peaceful as you can get with a very excited two-year-old!


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Latest In Beauty Box | December 2017

The Latest in Beauty box is a little bit different from the better-known boxes. You have the chance to select the products that you want to receive before ordering, and can choose either three, six or nine products for a different set monthly price, all with free postage.

For those who enjoy the surprise element, it's not going to appeal, but if you’ve subbed to others before and grown tired of the duds or the repeat products, it’s a great way to keep it fresh. They also produce limited pre-selected ‘collections’ that can be bought separately, like the Cosmopolitan Party Starter Edit I ordered before Christmas.

I was really happy with my first box in November, and also with the selection of items to choose from in December. That month was so busy I didn’t review the box as I ran out of time, and I’ve just placed my January order. Here’s a look at what came last month…


Monday, 18 December 2017

Life, Lately | November December 2017

Hello my lovelies!

Another two months have flown by in the blink of an eye. I wonder whether it will ever slow down again or if life is just destined to be on fast-forward from now on? Just the basic stuff of working full-time, blogging and having a very active 2 year old seems to tire me out - when you add on basic adulting, life admin and a little bit of long-game house renovation, things get very hectic indeed!

Its easy at this time of year to feel quite run down and I’m definitely longing for the Christmas break - bring on the festive season! Here’s a little peek at what’s been happening in my world lately…


Friday, 15 December 2017

Discovering Artisan Gin | An Evening with Burleighs

Are you a gin lover? In my house, we’re huge fans of the stuff (we claim its ‘medicinal’ and with a boisterious 2 year old, its certainly needed a lot of the time).

Gin is my perfect everyday drink – ideal in the bath at the end of a long hard day, sipped in the back garden overlooking the river as the sun goes down or in front of the fire on a winter weekend. There’s no occasion where it doesn’t feel right.

I’ve never stopped much to consider how it was made, so when I landed in invite to go and see the production of Burleigh’s gin in person, I was super excited. The chance to peek behind the doors and see how one of your favourite spirits is actually produced is pretty exciting!

Produced by 45West, a small artisan distillery located on a farm in the Leicestershire countryside, a lot of care goes into this unique product.


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Latest In Beauty: Cosmopolitan Party Starter Edit

Its an on/off relationship I have with beauty subscription boxes. In theory, I love the idea. Who doesn't want a parcel of great products shipped to their door every month? But in practice, you often find yourself falling in and out of love with them, as some months are really great and others can get quite repetitive, or you just receive products you don't like. Having gone back and forth with Glossybox and Birchbox - the two best known monthly beauty sub boxes - I was ready for something a little bit different.

Step forward, Latest In Beauty. This service has been on my radar for a while. It has a slightly different approach, as you select the products that you want to receive. I decided to give it a try, and I've ordered my first standard box - more about that coming soon!

But they also do curated 'collection' boxes and this 'Cosmopolitan Party Starter Kit' really caught my eye. You can see what products are included before you order, similar to Tili box. At £25 its a bit dearer, but the value of the items you receive (around £121) is definitely worth it. You get 15 items from some great brands. I knew I would use everything in the box, so I felt it was well worth the price.

Let's get the party started and take a peek:


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Black Friday Bargains | Beauty & Fashion Haul

Love it or loathe it, Black Friday has spread to the UK over the past five years or so, to the point where it’s now pretty inescapable.

For me, I’m not generally too excited by the idea- mainly because the offers just don’t seem that jaw-dropping. Perhaps I’m too much of a bargain hunter, but 20% off isn’t anything I’d fight other shoppers over, and that seems to be what most retailers offer in the UK, with perhaps one or two bigger loss-leaders.

Still, if you’re going to be buying something anyway, you may as well take notice of any discounts!

So, what did you pick up on Black Friday? I used it as an opportunity to try out a couple of products that had been on my wishlist, and order some items I had my eye on anyway. Here are the deals I found:


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

5 Top Secret Fashion Hacks The A-List Love


Although Hollywood is almost exclusively peopled by those who are genetically gifted, they are also helped every step of the way to look their best. Attended by an army of professional makeup artists, dieticians, personal trainers, hair stylists and - less openly - cosmetic surgeons, the already high stakes are raised even further, which can leave us mere mortals feeling as though they’re barely real.

While you may not have access to the kinds of budgets that A-listers can work with, there are some simple styling tricks you can use to celebrate your figure:


Friday, 1 December 2017

Latest In Beauty Box | November 2017

Latest in Beauty are a monthly subscription box with a twist.

If you’re bored of receiving a random selection of products, some of which are repeats and some of which you’d never use in a million years, it could just be for you, because you select what goes into the box each month.

For some, the whole point of schemes like Glossybox and Birchbox is that you don’t know what’s coming through the post each month, but for me, I’ve been signed up to both for quite a long time and I really found the amount of products I wasn’t really interested in outweighed the gems.

I found I was getting far more excited by boxes like Tili, where you can see the contents beforehand and decide if you want to order. The boxes provided good value and a nice way to try out new products – and if I didn’t like the offering that month, I’d just give it a swerve.

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