Saturday, 29 August 2015

August Beauty Haul: Urban Decay, Mac, The Body Shop + More

Hi All

August has been a bit of a strange month, we feel like we’re in proper countdown for the baby to arrive and nothing feels settled.

There’s been a feeling all month that we’re waiting for something to happen, although we’ve also been trying to make the most of life as it is before it changes forever.

We needed quite a few last minute items for the baby, so I haven’t been spending lots on myself, but I’ve still managed to accumulate a few bits of make-up and things (come on, you know me by now!)
that I’ve put together in a combined haul.


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Week 39 Update + My First Week on Maternity Leave


Hello my lovelies

So I'm at 39 weeks pregnant, my due date is less than a week away and the baby, according to my pregnancy app, is the size of 'a small watermelon'. Just how small are we talking here? Because every inch counts when you're facing the prospect of squeezing it out of the unmentionables.

I finally started my maternity leave last Tuesday after leaving it as long as I could, and although I was extremely glad from a physical viewpoint - I literally do not have the energy for a full day's work at this point - I have been struggling quite a bit mentally with stopping work.

It might sound dramatic considering I've only been away for a week so far, but I've found the adjustment into the housewife life far harder than I thought.


Saturday, 22 August 2015

What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag For Labour and Delivery

So, I’m just days away from a very life changing trip into hospital to have my first baby, and one of the milestone moments in the preparation was getting our hospital bags ready. 

Facing the prospect of labour is exciting but also quite intimidating, so I must admit focusing on buying items for our bags and getting them ready was both a way to feel more in control, and also to add some human touches into the process.

I found it incredibly useful to look at these kind of posts when I was deciding what to take with me. 

There are hospital bag checklists out there such as this 'what to pack for labour' one on the NHS Choices site, but I also liked to see what real mummies-to-be thought was useful, as well as speaking to people who had ‘been there, done that.’


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Stealing Beauty: 11 Sizzling Drugstore Haul Products For The New Season

Hello lovelies

I haven’t done a drugstore makeup haul on this blog in quite a while -  I guess I’ve been concentrating more on building the high end of my collection and ticking off a few of my wish list products. 

But of course there are fantastic things to be found on the high street, and nothing quite like the thrill of wandering around Boots with an empty basket, discovering treasure.

You’re never winning more than when you find a product that really delivers AND gives you change from a tenner.

In town the other day, I visited Boots, Kiko and Superdrug to get my hit of the best new drugstore products in the UK for glowing skin, contoured cheekbones and lashes to die for.


Monday, 17 August 2015

Autumn 2015 Fashion Wishlist

It seems as though there’s barely been much of a summer, but already you can start to feel autumn drawing closer.

The evenings are getting darker, blackberry bushes have started fruiting and it feels like the new season is just around the corner. Part of me feels sad about that, but autumn is actually my favourite season clothing wise, so I’m also getting excited.

Wearing anything remotely fashionable or pulled together is next to impossible in late pregnancy, so as I keep complaining, I’ve been living in the same few stretchy dresses and leggings for what seems like a long time, and I am dying to get some new clothes!

Like anyone undergoing a big change in life, I've also been thinking about how my style can evolve. I definitely want to become more refined now I've hit 30, and go for a more tailored look that still has some edge - but also that's easy and practical for life as a new mum.

Already compiling a wishlist of great new pieces for the coming season – these are the items I want to add to my wardrobe for autumn 2015.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Week 37 Update

And here we are at full-term! It seems pretty unbelieveable, but the little man could literally be arriving any day now. I'm feeling a very odd mixture of incredibly excited and very daunted. I can't quite wrap my head around how different life could be in such a short space of time.

Everything is prepped and waiting, from the neatly packed hospital bag to the car seat fixed in the back, so now we're down to that horrid waiting game - its all up to him and when he wants to make an appearance.

Health-wise, I've been on a bit of a downward slope, so I'm sort of looking forward to not being pregnant any more, although part of me knows I'll miss my little bump (or not so little now!).

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Hair Makeover at The Little Hair Boutique

I did it! After several month of Pinterest stalking bob hairstyles and coveting shorter locks, I went for the chop the other day!

I’ve had long hair for years, and it had become a bit of a safety blanket if I’m honest. It really felt time for a change, but of course I was quite nervous about it. But life is changing a lot at the moment and I wanted my hair to keep pace. Plus, my ends were fried, dried out and just felt gross. It was beginning to irritate me having all that dead hair hanging around my face.

The ‘lob’ or long, textured bob has definitely been the standout style over the past few years. Suddenly, short hair looked much cooler than WAG style long, bouncing curls. But still I couldn’t bring myself to do it.


Monday, 10 August 2015

My Mummy-To-Be Essentials

I’ve been inspired by the lovely Megan at to share my pregnancy essentials.

I got to meet Megan at a bloggers event last year and it was lovely to discover that she was expecting a baby boy shortly after I also found out I was as well. I’ve really been enjoying her posts about all the baby stuff she’s collecting and how she’s finding it.

So, I’m now at 37 weeks, definitely on the home run. My hospital bag is packed, the nursery is  completely set up and I’m getting more excited by the day imagining finally bringing my little son home.

I’ve been very lucky to be so well throughout, but every pregnant woman definitely suffers from aches, pains and discomfort, and a few other not very glamourous problems, and this is what I’ve been relying on for the past few weeks:

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Review: Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

The wait was finally over. With fast beating heart and steps quickening with every pace, I approached the counter. Would it be there?

My pulse quickened as I caught a glimpse of shiny packaging. And then….all of a sudden….in a glorious rush of adrenaline, my clammy hands closed on it.

Before I knew it, I had handed over my card, and plunged into the brightly-lit corridor with my precious purchase in hand. I peeled back the plastic wrap and there it was….Urban Decay’s Naked Smokey.

Okay, okay, that’s a bit of a dramatic description.

But I was really that keen to get my hands on the latest offering from the Naked stable. Such is the life of a make-up addict. I feel like we’ve been waiting for this palette for a long time, right?

It was torture to see Youtube and Instagram fill up with smug pictures from our American cousins while we were left wanting – I have no idea why on earth they can’t make these things globally available at the same time.

But was the palette worth the wait? Read on for a full review….


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Top Five Best and Worst Things About Being Pregnant

There’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ experience when it comes to carrying a baby.

Even if you’re blessed with a relatively ‘easy’ pregnancy, there are still a lot of unique, humorous moments along the way that make the experience was it is. They’re things that everyone handles differently, but most new mums bond over them, and perhaps even come to look at them fondly.

My best and worse will be different from the next persons, especially as I haven’t experienced any sickness or other complications. There are very likely much worse things than my personal list, but I can only go on my own journey so far. It’s a very mixed bag, and for every challenging thing, there’s something lovely to balance it out.

So, with tongue firmly in cheek, here are my Top Five Worst Things about being pregnant….and the Top Five best!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Review: Esqido False Eyelashes 'Lashlorette'

Lashes are one of those things that can seriously alter my mood. If my lash game feels on point, I generally feel better about life! From a subtle enhancement to really adding the wow factor to a special look, I can't imagine going without my falsies for a special occasion.

BUT.....there are a lot of bad lashes out there. A lot of crimes committed against the strip lash that are easily avoidable - nylon looking lashes, crooked lash bands, bad glue work... the list is endless, and I think it puts a lot of people off even trying.

There are several things you can do to make false lashes a breeze (and if you're looking for tips, check out my Top Tips for a Flawless Flutter here). 
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