Thursday, 28 September 2017

L'Oreal Paradise vs Too Faced Better Than Sex

For me, its the heavyweight of the mascara world. The superstar. The Beyonce. The one beyond all compare. The one to beat.

Too Faced Better Than Sex actually didnt appeal to me when it first came on my beauty radar. At the time, I was completely sold on the idea that only a plastic, comb style brush could give me the volume and definition I craved.

Like any beauty junkie, Id been burnt in the past. Promised the moon and stars and (more importantly) the Disney Princess lashes of my dreams by brushes and formulas that just failed to deliver.


Monday, 25 September 2017

Glossybox September 2017 | Review

Everything goes in cycles in life. Glossybox lost my interest a while back, but after seeing the September edit popping up on a few of my social feeds, I was really tempted by some of the contents and decided to treat myself (especially as the past two editions of Tili box have been so dire after previous triumphs).

The theme was a fresh look at some grooming staples, which is an interesting take that fits with the September back-to-school vibe (my schooldays may be decades past, but I still have that feeling...)


Life, Lately | September 2017

The changing of the seasons always makes me feel a little restless. I’m not sure why but something about the falling temperatures and shorter days makes me want a new challenge, or something to look forward to.

Thinking about any major changes in my life – changing jobs, moving house, getting pregnant – they’ve always happened around this time of year.I’m happy with all the major elements of my life as they are right now though, so I’m struggling to think how I can remedy this feeling.

Do you ever feel like this? What do you do about it? Answers on a postcard please…

I love the trimmings of autumn – smart coats, digging out my giant scarf collection, taking walks through the falling leaves with a latte….but I am already struggling with it being darker when I get up in the mornings! Here’s a little look at what other things I’ve been up to lately…


Thursday, 21 September 2017

Birchbox September 2017 | Review

A few boxes ago, I thought Birchbox had bombed.

The contents just didnt seem to be inspiring me, and there were quite a few repeat products. I was seriously losing interest. But now things seem to have turned around.

And while, Tili had taken over as the best beauty box for a while, their offering for the past couple of rounds has been lacklustre. Birchbox is back on top!

After loving the summer ‘Mermaid Vibes’ box, what was lying in store for the change of the seasons?

The September box has been produced in collaboration with Oliver Bonas.

This makes me very, very happy as I'm a big Bonas fan, and I was never happier than when one opened in my town. The box itself is one of two exclusive designs, and inside was a voucher for 15% off, which I’ll definitely be using as an excuse to treat myself! But what was inside the box?


Monday, 18 September 2017

Tobi: Transitional Two Ways to Wear It

When it comes to style, I love pieces that do double duty, don't you? Those wonderful, design-led items that can really hold their own, allowing you to style them up multiple ways and really get the most wear out of them.

So when US-based fashion brand Tobi approached me to collaborate on a post, I was so excited to discover that their site was packed with items that would do exactly that - define a look and hold their stylish own in a variety of combinations.

From showstopper ‘going OUT out’ dresses to pieces suitable for a casual weekend or a day of meetings, it was all there. The design approach is modern classic - clean lines, subtle colours and quality fabrics - that reminds me of my other personal favourites like Reiss and Modern Rarity.  I was so impressed with the items when they came, and they were also super-quick to ship out - I had them within a week!

Inspired, I used some of my beloved wardrobe staples to style up each of the Tobi pieces in two different ways. It just shows that when you have stylish, well-made items, they can be dressed up or down with a few accessories…


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Dyson Supersonic | An Honest Review

Before we begin, you should know that, for me, drying my hair is my own personal hell. The dreaded arm ache, the wasted time, the awful noise, and the disappointing results you get when you aren't a whizz with a round brush.

It's so bad, I wash my hair as little as possible - I might be solely responsible for half of Batiste's share price, as my life runs on coffee and dry shampoo, especially since I became a full time working mother of a 1 year old.

But that was before I had an encounter that changed - not my life, let's keep it real here - but certainly my hair for the better. And really, what gives you more of a lift than a good hair day?


Sunday, 10 September 2017

How To Survive Work on Zero Sleep

What happens when it's not okay to hit the snooze button? How do you cope doing a day's work when you've had absolutely no sleep?

It's not something that seems to be discussed, but there will be occasions in anyone's life when you have to perform on little to zero shut-eye.

As anyone who is parent to a small child and also working knows, or even just those who suffer from the odd sleepless night or over-active social life, sometimes in life, you have to soldier on when all you want to do is crawl under the duvet.

This has happened to me a few times - we're lucky that usually, Theo is a pretty good sleeper now, but there are times when he's ill that we find ourselves heading into the office less than refreshed.

I thought it may be helpful to share the tips, tricks and coping strategies I've evolved!

Note: These tips should not be taken as medical advice - I'm definitely no doctor. What I'm talking about here is the odd night without any sleep. If you are suffering from persistent insomnia, please visit your doctor. 


Monday, 4 September 2017

OOTD: Come Fly With Me

Today’s outfit post is a little unusual, but I wanted to share what I chose to wear to fly.

I’m always fascinated with airport style, because its such a balancing act between comfort and some kinda chic.

Of course you have your Victoria Beckhams and Jennifer Anistons, who always look flawless but go to the hassle of changing outfits on the plane before they emerge looking radiant to flashbulbs in the arrivals hall.

Not quite having that lifestyle, I have to be a bit more practical about what I wear to fly in.


Saturday, 2 September 2017

What I Packed For A Week in Croatia | Part Two

My name is Sarah and I’m a packing addict. In part one of this post,  I showed what Im packing for a seven night break to Split in Croatia. I’ve also done posts on what to pack for an overnight trip to London, and a city break in Europe before.

Although I’m a massive fan of packing light, liquids are the only area that I really struggle with when travelling light. So many make-up items count as well as toiletries, even when I’ve gotten down to my bare minimum (why, airport gods, WHY!?!?). My solutions?

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