Friday, 31 March 2017

Birchbox Review | March 2017

The March Birchbox crept up on me – as did the month of March itself – and I cannot believe that we’ve almost landed in April without me mentioning it.

As you know, I’m very on and off with Birchbox, having cancelled by subscription and reinstated it several times. Last month’s spoiler item convinced me to stay for another month!

The theme of the March box is travel and adventures, which is very handy for me as I have so many trips coming up – London, Italy and China – in the next few weeks and will need to stock up on lots of travel minis! So, what was waiting in the box this month?


Friday, 24 March 2017

Slicing Into Beauty Pie | A Revolution In Luxe Makeup?

Have you had your share of the pie yet? Beauty Pie is a brand new subscription model cosmetics club that is buzzing loudly at the moment in the beauty community.

Founded by Marcia Kilgore, the brains behind Bliss skincare and high-street favourite Soap & Glory, the brand certainly seems like it has the credentials. But how does it work and more importantly, does it live up to the enormous hype?

The products all sound tremendously exciting, but getting your head around how the model operates is not the easiest. Beauty Pie is not a subscription box, but you do get charged a monthly subscription fee of £10.

For this, you are paying for access to buy the cosmetics at a ‘membership price’ that’s quite low – typically under £5 an item.

You get an ‘allowance’ of £100 per month (at the full price of the item, not the lower members' price) to spend on the site, which will get you about five or six items.

The whole idea is that the products are produced to the same specifications and formulas as designer brand cosmetics in Italy. They don’t say which (I suspect that would be throwing open the doors to lawsuits galore) but with a little search engine Sherlock-ing, you can easily find out the dupes, including Nars, Charlotte Tilbury and Armani.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Wunderbrow | Is it worth the hype?

If there’s one thing I wish I didn’t have to think about when it comes to beauty, it's definitely brows.

A well-executed arch can literally do wonders for the face, but when I’m all bleary-eyed in the mornings they’re the first thing I mess up. So I’m always hoping a product will come along that makes it quick, easy and foolproof to have groomed brows.

Wunderbrow kept popping up in my Facebook feed accompanied by glowing testimonials, but I was always sceptical about it. It just seemed like one of those gimmicky products that get sold out of shopping centre kiosks – the kind that always makes miraculous claims but very rarely delivers. And at £20 it wasn’t something I was going to risk.

Yet I kept seeing this parade of perfect arches on my feeds. So when Amazon had an offer on Wunderbrow for £10, I decided to find out what all the hype was about…


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

My New Skincare Routine | The Ordinary by Deciem

Do you find skincare a bit of a mystery? I think many of us are really unsure as to what exactly we should be putting on our skin to address individual concerns.

We know one size doesn't necessarily fit all when it comes to formulations, but beyond the classic ‘dry/oily/sensitive/combination’ groupings, struggle to see through the marketing hype.

Skincare companies are generally very good at claiming theirs is the cream that will erase all our skin woes in one hit. But are these expensive creams really worth it? Do big skincare companies hide behind jargon too much, convincing us that commonplace ingredients are ground-breaking and worth vastly inflated prices?

Enter Deciem, the brains behind a new way of caring for your skin. The company have made headlines with NIOD, their first line, and even more with The Ordinary – often described as budget-friendly products for skincare geeks.

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