Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To | Strut Your Stuff In A New Job

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Having the confidence to move to a new job isn’t easy. There’s always the worry whether you’re going to fit in, whether you’ll actually enjoy it, or whether it is going to be worth it money wise.

But this negative attitude can often be the reason why new jobs don’t work out. There’s just too many nerves going around that stop you from actually enjoying this new experience.

Well, I've got a few tips to help you stop this. I've started a few new jobs in my time by now, including having to find a new one right after my last maternity leave. It is possible to fake some confidence and strut yout stuff in a new job from day one.We’re here to transform your views on the prospect of a new job and show you how you can strut your stuff in a new job.


Sunday, 25 March 2018

Life Lately | March 2018

Have the first signs of spring reached you yet?

It’s been a brutal few weeks in the UK, with plunging temperatures and unseasonal snowstorms making it seem like the winter would literally never end. But finally, it seems to have turned a corner and you can feel the mornings slowly getting lighter, which always makes me feel optimistic. 

Although my family has been on a sort of extended hibernation mode due to the weather and also everyone coming down with an especially nasty strain of flu (apart from me, smug pregnant lady with a flu jab), there have still been some bright spots. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


Monday, 19 March 2018

GlamGlow #Glittermask Gravity Mud | Review

Is this the most Instagrammable face mask of all time? When GlamGlow announced that they’d be released a limited-edition GLITTERY version of their popular GravityMud Firming Mask, my inner magpie knew it would be a must-have.

Glitter appeals heavily in a world of Insta-likes and short-lived attention spans, but with the brand gravitas behind GlamGlow, I was fairly confident the product wouldn’t be style over substance. 

Pricey, but renowned for delivering noticeable results, there was always going to be a huge amount of buzz about any new launch.  For me, having received a sample of the original GravityMud in the Latest In Beauty Cosmopolitan Party Starter Kit, I had decided it was worth the spend, and the glitter was just the trigger I needed to finally give in and buy the full-size.


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Birchbox March 2018 | Review

“Be present, not perfect” is the signature theme of the March edition of Birchbox, and really, couldn't we all use a little mindfulness in our hectic lives?

The importance of me time is something that has really trended over the past year, with more of us turning to simple rituals of self-care to stave off the epidemic of loneliness, anxiety and burn out that seems to be the disease of our age.

It's a seductive concept, and purveyors of beauty products and health foods alike have jumped onto the bandwagon. Personally, I've never needed any encouragement for pampering myself, and I was intrigued to see what this months box had in store to get me in touch with my inner zen…


Monday, 12 March 2018

OOTD Maternity | Leopard Print Mama

How did you style out your pregnancy?

When I was expecting Theo, I didn’t actually have much maternity wear. My bump wasn’t there until much later on, so I lived in stretchy leggings and oversized vests.

This time around with baby number 2, I was showing a whole lot earlier. I also knew this time that you spend a lot of time in your maternity wear after you’ve had the baby! So I decided to built a capsule wardrobe of smart, comfortable clothes that would be suitable for work and play, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and most weather.


Friday, 9 March 2018

Pink or Blue? | Gender Reveal No 2

Unbelievably, I’ve already passed the halfway mark of this pregnancy, and Monday saw our 20 week anomaly scan back at the hospital. When I was expecting Theo, my 20 week scan was such a happy and emotional occasion. It took me a while to really get my head around becoming a mother when he was on the way - even though he was very much planned and wanted, it all happened so quickly that I spent a lot of the first trimester in a state of shock at how much life was about to change.

It may sound strange, but on our first scan last time around, I was just so shocked to see a baby on the screen and to realise that, yes, this was actually happening. The second scan was much more joyful - I’d connected with it all by then, and was delighted to be able to see my baby on the screen in so much beautiful detail.

This time around, I’ve been nothing but happy from the start -  but I was nervous, firstly to see that the baby was okay, but also to find out the gender. Whereas with Theo, I was adamant that I wanted to know, this time I was in two minds about whether to keep it a surprise or not.

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