Top Organisational Tips For Every Mama-To-Be

Wednesday 3 October 2018

Pregnancy is a magically exciting time in your life. However, there’s sure to be some panic amidst the positivity. This is primarily linked to feelings of being unprepared for the journey ahead. In truth, nobody is fully ready.

A combination of your maternal instincts and experience will kick in to serve you very well. As for the rest, organisation is everything.

Taking control long before the special day is the only solution. Here’s how to make it happen.

Get The Home In Order 

It’ll be several months before your child is sleeping in their cot, so a Moses basket is the priority.

Nonetheless, you’ll want to ensure that your little prince or princess has the perfect bedroom. Given the lack of time available, once the baby has arrived, it’s best to do this in advance. Besides, you may need some time to recover after giving birth.

You won't need to worry too much about plug sockets and other dangers just yet. Still, you should take this opportunity to protect the home with improved security.

Storage for all the clothes, toys, bottles, and nappies will be crucial too. With good organisational skills, even a small home will be fine.

Control Your Finances 

Whether falling pregnant was planned or not, the financial repercussions will hit your pocket hard. This will continue for the next 18 years or so, meaning it’s vital to get on top of things now.

The best personal loans for bad credit can help you overcome the instant challenges of preparing for the changes needed in that first year. However, your commitment can’t end there.

This is the perfect time to analyse your spending. From cutting out the daily trip to Starbucks before work to reducing your monthly phone contract, those savings are key. New parents are entitled to support from the government too, though. Be sure to get everything you deserve.

Build A Support Network 

Being a parent defines you as a person. Nonetheless, there are other life commitments that need to be respected. As such, it simply might not be possible to do it all alone, even with the help of dad. 

You will need breaks to complete various tasks, and this will become even more apparent once your maternity leave ends. If family are around to offer support, you should grab it with both hands.
It’s also very useful to build the winning connections with other mums-to-be in the local area. Aside from sharing experiences throughout pregnancy and beyond, it can give you the reassurance of knowing you’ve done a good job. This in itself can be hugely rewarding. 

Be Prepared For All Eventualities 

It’s good to have a birthing plan in place, not least because it’ll make you feel as though you’re in control. 

Whether it’s a water birth, a traditional birth, or a home birth is a personal preference. Either way, having all that that you’ll need, such as a hospital bag, is vital. Given that your waters could break days before the expectancy date, you’ll want to do this with at least a month to go. 

Even when you have taken control of the situation, you must be mentally prepared for changes. 

Complications and unforeseen situations may mean that a C-section is necessary. Removing the shock factor helps you adjust to those changes. This will put you in a far stronger position. 

Know About The Latest Tech 

In many ways, technology is seen to be the enemy, particularly when your child gets a bit older. Then again, it should be noted that the latest facilities can have a hugely positive impact. 

The best bottle prep machines can be a lifesaver late at night. Meanwhile, baby monitors are highly beneficial for all parents. Get used to yours before the baby has arrived. You won’t regret it.

There are various other resources to consider, including seats that rock and musical items to help soothe your baby. Finding the most suitable options will largely boil down to personal preferences. With so many products on the market, though, you won’t struggle to find items you love. 

Understand Maternity Leave & Pay 

It’s almost certain that you will take maternity leave from your job. While your midwife can give you some information, this is one area where it’s far better to conduct your own research. 

Statutory pay from the government will vary from the rate offered by your employer. Weighing up the pros and cons of both is something only you and your partner can do. 

Aside from choosing which route to take, you’ll want to think about the duration. It is possible to change your decision later on in most jobs. Still, it’s good to have a plan in place. On a separate note, the dad should research paternity pay too.   

Prepare For The First Few Days 

The first few days of parenting are among the most important, but you will be swamped. Therefore, simple jobs like cleaning clothes in advance will make a world of difference.

Likewise, cooking meals and freezing them can save precious time to let you enjoy the first few days in style. With a little luck, you might get some sleep this way too.

You’ll soon get into the routine of juggling the various aspects of your life. Nonetheless, having this little head start can be very rewarding. Fall behind during this early stage, and it could take several weeks to regain control. Frankly, that’s the last thing you need. 

Be United With Your Partner 

Of course, this part is only applicable to couples. Having a baby is something that will bring you closer together. Likewise, there’s no doubting the fact that you’ll both love your prince or princess unconditionally.

Still, it’s important to be on the same page. This starts with ensuring your partner knows their role during the birth. In truth, though, this is only the beginning. 

Being on the same wavelength regarding routines will ensure baby gets the best start in life. Moreover, it will prevent arguments and other issues.

Given that you’ll both be exhausted, this is vital. When united as one, parenting will become a lot more fun.  

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