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Sunday 26 August 2018

Love it or loathe it, Primark has become an almost inescapable entity over the last few years.

It must be the great high-street success story in times when other shops are floundering - and we’re like moths to the flame with it's fashion-forward offering and ridiculous prices.

There are a lot of reasons to love Primark, and quite a few to loathe it, too.

Although it's ethical stance and sometimes it's quality can be hit and miss, I think that’s true of every high street shop. But if you are in need of inexpensive basics or that super on-trend item that you know you may not love forever, Primark is quite hard to beat.

I haven’t been in there for a very long time, but wanting some basics for my hospital bag, I made the trip - and of course, I found a few great pieces along the way!

Here’s a peek at what I picked up…

Nude silk tassel earrings with crystal details

Statement tassel earrings are all over everywhere this season, and I must admit there’s something fun, flirty and flattering about them that I really like.

I’ve got a couple of pairs which are more colourful, but this pair caught my eye as they’re a bit sleeker.

The nude silk tassels and the top bits with the sparkly crystals are beautiful, and they certainly look more expensive than their £5 price tag! Primark magic in action.

Brazilian cut lace briefs

A funny thing for me to buy at the moment (and in the same basket as some Granny pants no less!) but I guess I’m looking forward to getting back to my post-pregnancy self already.

It sounds funny, but so many of your choices have to become functional during pregnancy - maternity bras and big pants - that it can feel like you lose yourself a little bit.

Stupid though it may be, some colourful, lacy pants that don’t immediately scream ‘mum’ are a small way to reclaim a bit of your own identity.

I loved the bright colours of these, and Brazilian cut is my favourite, so I couldn’t resist these to look forward to!

Peach chiffon sleeveless blouse

I’m planning to breastfeed again, and one of the things that they don’t really warn you about is how it affects what you can wear!

Basically, you need either button down tops or ones you can tug the neckline down on, or those ones with a flap front - it becomes extremely limiting.

I basically lived in loose, chiffon blouses with jeans for a while - they were comfortable, easy to chuck on and feed in, and felt a bit more stylish than a feeding top.

Primark was quite a good source for these type of tops last time - so this time, I made a beeline. This pretty peach sleeveless number seemed like it would be a good bet for the hot summer weather!

Black crochet shorts

How pretty are these? I loved the detailed fabric, which I think makes them look much more sophisticated and expensive than they are. These will be lovely paired with a denim shirt, or a drapey top at night.

You could even easily style them for autumn layered with opaque tights and some ankle boots, perhaps with a crisp shirt.

‘Bonjour Madame’ slogan tee

Who doesn’t love a slogan tee? I’ve been really into them for a while, and this one is so cute! I can’t wait to wear it with either a pencil skirt or a pleated midi, or even with jeans and trainers.

The slogan is embroidered rather than just being screen-printed on, which gives a nice touch. There’s not much this wouldn’t pair with to be honest!

Mustard and navy stripe blouse

My favourite high street shop is probably Zara, and something about this loose blouse really reminded me of the clothes they do.

I loved the mustard and navy stripe, and the back cut-out detail that just adds a little extra interest to the design.

Pair this with some tailored navy or pale blue shorts and it would look amazing, but it will work equally well for the office with cigarette trousers or tucked into a skirt.

Pack of three white cotton newborn vests

One of the other reasons I enjoy a trip to Primark is that there’s nowhere better for plain basics that don’t cost the earth.

I needed a few newborn size baby vests to take into hospital with me, but as you never know what size the baby will be, sometimes they’re too big for newborn sizes when they’re born.

Even if they’re not, baby vests often fall victim to the newborn poo-namis, so having some cheaper ones that you can recycle if they get stained too badly, is a good idea. At £2.50 for a pack of three, these are ideal.

Shaper leggings - black and navy

Immediately after the birth, I know I’ll be pretty much living in loungewear. Your stomach is super tender, you’re still recovering and it's perfectly okay not to want to be dressed up again straight away.

I wanted to get a couple of pairs of leggings to wear, and I like these ones, mainly because they are one of the few I’ve found that really aren’t see-through!

Leggings are a good compromise for me, because they’re okay to leave the house and pop to the shops in, or see visitors with the baby, but they’re also really comfortable for impromptu naps in that strange period where day is night and night is day when a newborn first bombshells into your life.

Black cotton nightgown

So this is actually going to be my labour gown! You can wear a hospital gown to give birth in, but they’re pretty flimsy and undignified, so most women prefer something else.

It needs to be loose, comfortable and easy to deliver and feed in - and obviously dark colours are preferable! It's actually hard to find a nightgown that isn’t covered in prancing unicorns or twee patterns, even for a grown woman, so I was glad to find this one!

And at just £7, it doesn’t matter if this gets ruined.

Pack of three black cotton high waisted briefs

Another unglamorous hospital bag essential!

You are advised to take high-waisted pants into hospital with you, as if you end up having an emergency C-section, the stitches are right where your regular panty line would be, and you need something that won’t rub - so it's time for the Bridget Jones specials!

Lace fabrics or anything are just an irritation when you’re healing up, so 100% cotton is the way to go, and again, dark colours are a good choice.

Scuni Style Me travel hair accessory set

This little hair accessory set was reduced to just a £1.00 and its such a good idea.

Inside the little case, you get some hair elastics, hair bands, Kirby grips and clips - all the basics that you’d want to take away with you on holiday.

A really useful, compact set to chuck in your travel bag.

Rose gold woven basket

I hit the homewares department briefly as well, and one of my finds was this super pretty little woven basket.

You can never have too much storage when you have kids, and I’ve used lots of these sort of little baskets in Theo’s room.

For the baby’s room, this could be a really nice way to store rolled up muslins or little soft toys.

Grey velvet cloud cushion

How cute this this? The cot linen I’ve ordered is a grey and white stripe, as I didn’t want to go too crazy on the pink.

So this little grey cloud velvet cushion is a really nice finishing touch. Primark is a great place for little inexpensive accessories like this.

Clear acrylic beauty drawers

I also picked up another set of acrylic drawers. For £4 these are such a steal (my Muji ones are about £15, for comparison!) and they’re great if you’re a beauty junkie like me and need to keep your stash organised!

I am trying to be a bit more streamlined, but I still have far too much stuff and even with clearouts etc I’ve just run out of space!

These drawers should swallow a few more palettes and lipsticks and keep me going for a while.

Rose gold over-door hooks

Finally, I got a couple more of these packs of hooks - I already have some at home. They are so useful for a bit of extra storage - I have them over the ensuite door to hold towels and over my wardrobe door to hold coats and cardigans.

Most hooks are pretty ugly and functional, so I love this fact that these are so pretty in rose gold with the white ceramic finials - even when they’re empty, theyre a decorative feature as well as being useful.

And these were marked down to to £1.00 for two - amazing! So I got two packs and now the whole of my house can have extra places to hang things.

So those are my latest bargain discoveries in Primark - have you popped in lately? What did you find?


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