Do cats know you're pregnant?

Friday 20 March 2015

So….we need to talk.

I’m pretty certain I’m being stalked by my cat, or as I sometimes refer to her, my ‘fur baby’ (yes, I am a crazy cat lady at heart). 

She’s always been quite affectionate, but lately she’s super-clingy. 

I can’t sit down without her being on my lap. I can’t make a cup of tea without her trying to jump up on the counter in front of me. I can’t wake up without her face being three inches from mine. I can’t go to the loo without an escort!

And, I know it sounds odd, but I’m convinced she knows I’m pregnant, somehow. 

What else would have brought on this weird behaviour? 

My theory is that your pheromones change and you ‘smell’ different to the animal.

A quick Google search confirms a lot of people saying similar things on parenting web forums – that their cat has become clingy ever since they got pregnant, so its clearly not just me. 

Its quite touching really. One time I felt a bit faint and went to have a lie down (on the hall floor, as you do…) and she sat on top of me, meowing, like she was guarding me.

So, do animals know when you’re expecting a baby? What do you think?

Some people think you should get rid of your pets when you’re having a baby, but there’s no way I could do that. 

Pregnant women aren’t supposed to clean litter trays though, which has to be the best thing I’ve heard – so Seb is stuck with it, bless him. 

Once the baby arrives, I think you have to be careful about not leaving them alone together, in case the cat tries to sleep on top of the baby (probable in our case as the cat is used to sleeping with me and Seb at night).

Cats aren’t great with lots of sudden change, so I’m hoping to be able to introduce the baby’s stuff slowly, so she can get used to before her new little friend comes home. 

Another tip I’ve seen is to wrap the baby in a blanket, and then give that to the cat so it can get familiarise itself with the baby’s smell.

I’m hoping my baby will enjoy growing up with animals around it, because we both had pets when we were young and are now life-long animal lovers.

However, lately things have moved to a new level of weird. She’s starting chewing my hair. I keep waking up with dribble on my head to find her chomping away on my tresses!

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