An Evening With Peter

Sunday 22 March 2015

Have you heard about Peter yet?

If you haven’t, you really should, because everyone’s talking. 
Dreamy, delicious and amazing are just some of the buzzwords….. But no need to fear for the state of my marriage, because Peter is all about pizza. 
In fact, it’s a new eatery in Leicester that provides a very engaging (not to mention yummy) experience to diners in the Midlands.
I was lucky enough to be invited to a event organised by the lovely Annie from Tales of Annie Bean last week, which took place at Peter.

The bump and I both love pizza!

Lured by the idea of pizza, I was excited about going and it did not disappoint! 
Teaming up with the my friend Kerry of Kerry Cooks, we made our way down the A46.
What did we find?
Peter as a venue is a little treasure trove of wonder and quirky surprises.

From the cinema in the pizza kitchen (so you can catch a movie while eating your body weight in sourdough deliciousness), to the ping pong tables, wall of coke bottles, tube signs and the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ toilets - worth a visit just for the unique experience of going to the loo in your own individual potting shed!), the place is full of Instagram moments to make your friends jealous. 
Its housed in an amazing multi-level building with a sweeping staircase that made me feel like I should be wearing a ballgown to eat my slices!

And as for the lovers will be in heaven.

First we were treated to gigantic board of antipasti - I absolutely demolished it! We then had the chance to try lots of the different pizzas from the menu. 

All the bases are handmade from sourdough that's been fermented for 20 hours - you can feel the love and care in each one. 

My personal favourite was Parmesan, Rocket and Black Truffle, which was heavenly. 

They also do a very cool brunch menu where you can order eggs with custom toppings like sundried tomatoes, red pepper, champignons, chorizo, or pesto. 

At the moment I'm trying to do more things in the morning and afternoon as I'm so tired at night and can't drink anyway.

Then Peter did something very special, reached into my wildest dreams and produced a sweet Nutella pizza topped with crushed hazelnuts. 
I would drive back to Leicester just to get that pizza. Blissful. They made a hormonal pregnant lady very, very happy.
It was a fantastic evening out, great company getting to meet other bloggers and companies including Zatchels, who showed off their beautiful accessories, Dunelm, who told us about their new spring homewares and Lash Angels, who have me convinced I need to try lash extensions again.
I had a brilliant time. The drive back was a little scary though - really dense fog had descended, and I couldn't see more than a meter in front. 
It was quite terrifying, especially after seeing a car wreck at the side of the road. 
I haven't had such a scary experience since I had to escape flash flooding on a farm in Hereford a couple of years ago (but that's another story...). 
Thankfully Kerry was super-calm and reassuring and stopped me from freaking out.
If you can get to Leicester, definitely check it out. I spend a good chunk of the night trying to persuade them to open a Nottingham branch as well. 

Seb was a very happy bunny because they let me take him some pizza home in a little take-out box, which he happily munched in bed the moment I got in.

Check out more about Peter here

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  1. Yummy! Fingers crossed they go for the west bridgford idea!