Week 15 Update

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Really can’t believe we’re at Week 15 already…four months in…that’s absolutely crazy.

Pregnancy is now definitely feeling less like an abstract concept and more like a reality. I’ve finally sprouted a proper (smallish) bump, so I feel like its really noticeable.

I caught myself in a sideways view in the bathroom mirror on Sunday night while I was getting into the bath and I was like….”holy crap”. My body really seems to be changing now.

I’m still well with just a little tiredness. Going to bed with a book or to watch Emmerdale at 7.30 has become a new normality. 

But it doesn’t feel like a hardship at all – to be honest, I’m so happy with the way we’ve done up our bedroom in the new house that I could happily stay in there and never leave!

I’m enjoying being able to get stuck into a good book now, as I know I won’t have much time for that when the baby arrives.

At the moment I’m getting lost in Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island and really enjoying that. 

I don’t feel tired all the time, but I seem to use up my energy stores quicker than usual. After work, walking home, sometimes a gym visit and then cooking and cleaning up a bit, I’m usually ready for a hot shower and bedtime with a cup of tea!

There have been some ‘growing pains’ though – I swear I can literally feel my stomach expanding. 

I’m also still waking up in the night quite a bit, or early in the morning. Perhaps because of going to bed early? 

I don’t mind though, as its ‘bonus’ time and I’m using it to catch up on tv shows and reading I don’t normally have time for.

Seb is working really hard to finish some of the decorating projects at the moment, and I’m feeling a little bad about not joining in with a lot of it. 

At the moment, he’s plastering one of the guest bedrooms to get it done because I’m sure we’ll have lots of visitors wanting to see the baby.

The next project after that is to get the nursery sorted, and I’m super excited about that. We have so many ideas about it! I’ll definitely be doing a post on decorating inspiration soon.

One great thing – my boobs have finally started growing! As someone that’s never been overly blessed in that department, I was waiting for that to happen. I didn’t really notice to look at but I was overflowing my regular bra the other day. 

I think I need to go and get measured up again, but I don’t want to go to early and have them size up again, so I’m putting it off (perhaps bad of me!).

Just like buying maternity clothes, I’m keen to put it off as long as I can! 

My sister in law very kindly brought me round a bag of her maternity stuff the other day so its useful to know there’s some waiting – I can begin to see it won’t be too much longer before I need it. But there’s some stuff I will need to get as well. 

I’ve been browsing a bit, but a lot of the stuff is quite – well, mumsy – even in normal high street shops. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I want to look bland!

 Topshop seems to have the nicest stuff so far, so I’m sure I’ll be paying them a visit in the near future.

And is it just me, or does severe morning sickness seem to be fashionable these days? 

I don’t mean to do down ladies that suffer from it, because it must be awful but every second celebrity now seems to be splashed across Hello almost boasting about how they were immobile with a bucket in front of them for the first three months! 

Frankie Bridge is the latest and Fearne Cotton is also talking about how tough she’s finding it in the same issue. 

It makes me feel almost bad I didn’t have any – its like competitive sickness and who can suffer the most. Does it make me less of a woman because I haven’t felt even a bit queasy? 

I suppose every pregnancy is different and perhaps if they were relatively well the first time around it’s a bit of a shock.

I’m hoping that I continue to feel well and I’m very much looking forward to my next scan.

Also had my second midwives visit this week. It was very short and sweet compared to the one before. 

Luckily all my blood test results came back with good results and in as healthy as a horse- and free of syphillis and HIV thank goodness! Just what I always wanted to know! 

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