Spring Primark Haul

Friday 9 May 2014

Gah. I can't seem to break the hold Primark has on me! Every month, I seem to swear myself off going in there and every month, lo and behold, I'm back. I personally blame the blogosphere.

I keep seeing all these amazing things people find and Primark hauls are one of my favourite types of post to read, because they're so accessible. So it's almost inevitable I'll find myself in there!

Perhaps I should just stop trying to justify myself and embrace my guilty Primarni love?

Anyway, of course I popped in on my lunch break recently (working in a city is a dangerous thing) and I found some really lovely spring time pieces.

Grey, white and lime woven leather sliders 


These were what inspired me to go in the first place, after seeing them in a Primark haul that Eilidh over at Maisy Meow did. 

Sliders- or flat sandals with broad straps, sort of like your mum might wear really- are hot as hell at the moment and all over  the fashion magazines, but I've never really been tempted until I saw these. Let's face it, a lot of them are just downright ugly!

But this little pair really stood out for me because of the grey,cream and lime colourway and the pretty woven design.

Don't they just look ultra comfortable? They will be perfect for holidays when you need something a bit more substantial on your feet for walking around markets or exploring the locale.

I'm a big fan of flatties and I know these will breathe some real spring zest into my wardrobe.

Navy short dungarees 


Man repeller alert!! Dungarees are one of those very divisive items, really love or hate.

And until these I would have said I was in the hate camp. You can just imagine Alexa Chung in these and she would pull them off beautifully, but that kind of cutesy, androgynous 'overgrown toddler' vibe just really isn't me. I don't have the kind of skinny, gamine look that suits that style.

But I'm prepared to try for these! They're just so easy, breezy and I like the dark navy colour, I think it makes the style easier to pull off. I could just imagine throwing these on over a Breton top or a simple white cami with a beige fedora on holiday or for whatever summer we get here.

My husband (who thinks he is the arbiter of all things tasteful) will hate these. He doesn't know about them yet, but I showed him a similar pair in a magazine and he actually said he "veto-ed" my wearing them! But luckily for me I like to rebel and generally if he doesn't like something it tells me it's edgy enough for me to want to try..

I will be looking for ideas on styling up dungarees and might do a post on it!

Blush drape blouse 


This is one of those pieces that's so elegant and gorgeous. It's got a very Zara vibe, which is my favourite shop- but of course it was about half the price it would have been there!

The colour is so attractive and will pair really well with navy, beige, grey, black... Pretty much anything! I can see this becoming something I wear a lot because it's sort of got that casual but smart thing going on.

 Because of the drapey fabric with a slight sheen (sort of like silk but obviously it won't be at this price), this can be dressed up or down. It'll look great with tailored trousers or pencil skirts in the office or with jeans at the weekend.

They also had this in a light blue and I'm seriously debating whether I should have bought both.

Neon coral and grey summer scarf 


As a massive scarf fan, I usually can't wait for autumn to roll around so that I can pop one on. Probably because they're a really lazy way of adding interest to a basic outfit!

In the transitional seasons, it can often be those weird, in between temperatures where it's too hot for one thing and too cold for another, so this is where the lightweight summer scarf comes in.

I love the grey and neon coral colourway, and the smudgy leopard print is very Louis Vuitton, dah-ling!

Primary colours stripy top with grosgrain ribbon straps


This really drew my eye and I loved the detailing so much. It's a loose,drapey cotton fabric with those bold primary stripes that just shouts summer to me!

The thick black grosgrain ribbon straps give it a really unique design edge and just lift it out of the ordinary.

It would be so cute with shorts for the summer or jeans when it's cooler. The top is such an easy, bright summer piece that I couldn't help picking it up.

Pastel multicoloured chain collar


Of course no trip to Primark would be complete without a schooch around the accessories. Grabbing something new from there is such a cheap and easy way to update your look.

The accessories in Primark have definitely gotten more expensive over time but they're still great value compared to Toppers or Zara, so I guess I can forgive them!

This chain collar appealed to me because of the sweet ice-cream shades. It's a bold enough piece to really lift a white tshirt or a plain dress, but it's not too shouty either. 

Coral leopard print skort 


I've umm-ed and ahh-ed over these on a couple of previous visits and have always put them back, but this time the little devil-may-care voice inside got the better of me.

They're just so loud- and loud isn't my usual thing. But I did vow this year to push out of my clothing comfort zone so here goes!

Skorts like this have been all over the blogosphere and I worry that they are a little young for me. But then again I turn 29 this year so perhaps it's my last year of being able to wear stuff like this!!

Either way, these are definitely not classy- so once again my husband will hate them- but they are bright, fierce and fun. They're extremely short on so I'm going to have to get my courage up to wear them.

They did have matching cropped jackets as well but I'm definitely not that brave!

White and sheer striped knit top 


This top was just so pretty, I had to have it! It's a very fine knite with alternate sheer stripes, and its quite drapey and loose-fit, making it so easy to wear. One of those throw-on-at-the-weekend tops, but interesting with it. 

It just seemed like a useful item to have for the summer, something that could be dressed up but equally thrown on top of a bikini on the beach. Last weekend, I paired it up with some white jeans (going for an all white, Kardashians inspired look - post coming soon!

Funky patterned shoe laces


These were maybe a little childish, but I couldn't resist them! I've been buying a few trainers recently and wedge sneakers, and when these caught my eye I saw them as an easy way to create a really funky, customised look with them. I love the cobalt blue and the grey leopard print, and I think these will really pop with the beige sneakers I bought last month. At only £1 I couldn't resist experimenting.

Drape vest tops 

£3.00 each

A bit of a boring basic but plain vests are a wardrobe essential you can't escape! These appealed to me because they're really fluid and relaxed, the fabric is sort of a sheer- ish crepe. 

I could imagine these working equally well for casual summer clothes or tucked into a skirt for the office as well. I picked one up in white and in black as they're so useful!

That's what I found this time. Have you popped into Primark lately?

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