3 for 2: Boots Haul

Thursday 8 May 2014

Calling all beauty bloggers…..its 3 for 2 tiiiiiime! That time when our hearts beat a little faster, our vision starts to get slightly blurred, and we start justifying the fact that, because we’ve saved on one item, we can spend on six others….Amiright?!?!

Well, of course I popped in but I was very restrained this time, I only got the three items and then one essential I needed to replace, how’s that for restraint?


Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick – 330 Sloane’s Plum


This is what I really went in for - a plum lippie! It’s actually not a shade I’ve owned before. Although I’m quite brave with my brights and love interesting lipstick colours, I’ve never really been into dark lipsticks, so it’s the next beauty frontier for me!

I quite fancied picking up Mac’s ‘Nightmoth’ (comment and let me know if you’ve tried it?) but I didn’t know if it would get any wear as its not my usual thing, so I decided to ease myself in by picking up a cheaper dark lipstick and seeing if I get on with it.

I’ve seen a few pictures recently of Vanessa from The Saturdays absolutely rocking dark lips which have really intrigued me and made me want to try this trend for myself. I sort of like it more for summer as well, to contrast with the floaty outfits and give them a bit of a kick.

I swatched a few of the darker Rimmel shades but I liked this one because the red undertones made it more wearable than some of the browner plum shades and the Moisture Renew formulation is very forgiving – it’s not one of those that shows up every lump and flaky piece of skin. 

There’s a nice sheen to it without it being too glossy either, but you could also matte it down with some powder. I’ll be doing a look soon using this to try and work out what goes with it!

Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons – 242 Coral Heat 


This was my ‘free’ item! It just really caught my eye as the colour was so unusual. It’s really vibrant but also pastel and it would look beyond amazing with a summer tan (or a bit of St Tropez failing that). 

It really reminds me of the early 90s and Saved by The Bell, all those crazy fluoro colours that used to be so popular and seem to be coming back in with a vengeance. 

I have a couple of Color Show polishes (is it just me that winces at having to miss out the ‘u’ there –damn Yankees!) and although they’re not the best in terms of the formulas and things - a bit thin and runny- this colour was unique enough that I wanted it anyway!

L’Oreal Super Liner GelMatic – Taupe Grey 


The last thing I really need is another eyeliner, but again, the colour drew me in. I’d seen these GelMatics advertised and I was curious, so I went to check out the usual black but then I found this soft warm beige-grey shade. 

Its way less harsh than black but still dark enough to be impactful, and I thought it might make a nice contrast to my brown eyes, although I imagine this would also make blue eyes really pop, so I’ll remember it when I’m rocking my contacts.

 The formula is impressive, ultra smooth with a narrow window of play time to blend before it sets into a highly pigmented and budge proof formula that really lasts. I think the shade makes this a worthwhile addition to my eyeliner collection!

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume 


This item was my ‘neccessity’. I only wash my hair twice a week - I can’t get my head around people that wash every day, mine is just fluffy and useless - but to make sure I’m smelling fresh inbetween I use a dry shampoo. 

Batiste is my usual purchase, but some of their formulas I’m not as keen on as others. I had been buying the one in the leopard print can but I decided to mix it up this time and go for the volume! Not sure how much more volumising this will be that the regular one – I’m guessing it won’t be that different – but I use the XXL Plumping Dust, so perhaps some of that technology is also in here?

I received the Tresemme dry shampoo in my last Glossybox, so it will be interesting to compare them and see if I should be repeat buying the Batiste or if there’s a better option out there!

And that was it! I think I did so well to only come out with those items. Have you bought anything on three for two?


  1. I love Rimmel lipsticks < 3
    I've got the sloanes plum shade too :)
    Can't resist a 3 for 2 offer!

  2. It's an absolute must Alex! You must let me know what you pair your plum lippie with, what colours on the eyes etc xx