How To: Natural Dollface

Saturday 10 May 2014

Hello my lovelies!

A really quick post on my weekend Face of the Day. It's all sunshine and showers outside at the moment, but I decided to bring the spring with some fresh pinks for cheeks and lips. 

It's mostly courtesy of fantastic new brand Makeup Revolution. I made an order with them recently and I have to say, I'm so impressed with their products. Buy at Superdrug or online at makeup


Snake Venom BB Cream - Balance Active Formulas

Original SPF 15 Foundation - Bare Minerals

Erase Paste concealer - Benefit

Out of This Wold Merged eyeshadow in 'Heavenly' - Makeup Revolution

'Lavish' from the Undress Me Too palette - MUA

Walk The Line black liquid eyeliner - W7

Doll'd Up mascara in 'Brown Black' - Seventeen

Vivid Blush Lacquer in 'Desire' - Makeup Revolution

And that was it! I'm loving the Vivid Blush Lacquer- I used it on my lips as well and it works well as it has a gorgeous velvet texture. I'm going to purchase a few more in other shades- full haul post coming soon! 


  1. Do you know, I have been doing a bronzed goddess look with a very smokey bronze eye lately, and I was wondering what was wrong about my look. I recently discovered my pink lips weren't working well with the theme at all and since I went nude I am so happy with my look. Now that I've seen this, you've shown me how to style a pink lip. Your eyes here are wonderful. Rosemary x

    1. Ahhh, thank you, that's lovely to hear! Yes a light golden or a pearly white or a grey eye would go with your pink lips as well. What do you think about plum coloured lipstick, I'm wondering what eyes to do with that! xx

  2. Just seen your comment on my YouTube post and I totally know what you're saying. People like Jim and Tanya are so far removed from our ordinary lives, but I think it's what people like to see. They like to know that ordinary people like them can make something out of themselves and get invited to film premieres too. That's the way I see it. They're an aspiration and inspiration, I guess. Role models, that's the word. It's not weird to just like an ordinary "this is what I did today" blog posts or YouTube videos though, I love when people just write about what they did that day. Normal people's lives are interesting too. Maybe we're just nosey parkers but also totally edgy cos we're not into the celeb trend haha. Rosemary x

    1. Yeah, you're right and I do like seeing the glamourous videos too occaisionally! But most of the time, I think - they are actually professionals now - Tanya with her lipgloss and nail range, the Chapmans with their Real Techniques brushes - and how can they still be trading on their 'girl next door' thing when they really aren't anymore? If I'm going to watch a professional, I'd rather watch one with proper training, like Charlotte Tilbury or Lisa Eldridge! But maybe I'm just jealous because their lives are so exciting! xx