Ways To Wear It: Logo Tee

Tuesday 6 May 2014

‘Ways to Wear It’ is a post where I take one piece of clothing and look at different ways people have styled it up. 

I’ve said before that I can be a bit basic when it comes to my style, so I rely on Pinterest, blogs and ‘street style’ features in magazines to inspire me and challenge me to get creative, both with new pieces and with stuff I already own. 

Its amazing to see how different people can take the same item and give it a completely fresh spin.

Today, I’m looking at an item that seems to have swept the fashion blogs lately - the white, oversized ‘Celine’ t-shirt. 

Now, I’m not 100% sure if Celine first produced this item themselves or if it’s one of those grungy, irreverent street things (like the ‘Homies’ and ‘Feline’ pastiche tees you may have seen floating around fashion-land.) But I do know that this tee has been popping up everywhere, and I decided to get one myself. 

Here are some cool ways people are wearing it now:

Clash it Like its Hot

Pattern-clashing is about the hottest thing you can do right now. But for those of us who are more, shall we say, sartorially challenged, it’s Jedi-level hard. It’s so bold, and so hard to get right.
A brilliant hack is to go monochrome – and then it’s foolproof! When you remove colours and tones from the equation, suddenly pattern-clashing becomes a lot simpler, and it always looks chic. 

This outfit showcases that to perfection – the bold black and white stripes versus the black and white spotty bag- simple but effective. 

She also happens to be showcasing one of my favourite shape combinations as well – the ladylike pencil teamed with the slouchy, oversized t-shirt. That is a masterclass in high-low dressing, as well as pattern-clash.

The most interesting fashion, to me, is all about contrasts and balance, and this outfit gets it so right it hurts. Add a haute dash with the sparkly statement necklace and its heaven.

I will definitely be wearing mine like this, possibly adding a cropped black blazer to be able to wear it to the office as well.

I Love Rock N Roll

This outfit is pure rock, but the white of the tee keeps it fresh.

The shirt is paired with sharp black leather pants and a chiffon skull scarf for a touch of subversion. This outfit would be so easy for me to recreate, as I have all the ingredients already. 

It’s very simple but totally effective -  the elegance of the scarf and the relaxed fit of the t-shirt keeps it on a daytime path. 

For me, I would be tempted to replace the black leather tote with a rucksack, just to give it an unexpected twist. 

We can’t see the shoes in this outfit but I’d be hoping for a jolt of colour to mix things up – either some strappy lace-ups in yellow or cobalt blue or a loafter in metallic silver.

So Fresh and So Clean

How good does the tee look against the popping mint of this amazing biker jacket?

The white really lets the green shade sing, and its unassuming enough to let the jacket be the real star of the show, while also being bold enough to hold its own.

Pairing the lot with plain black jeans and a nude-coloured bag bridges the dark and light tones beautifully, so the tonal balance here really works.

This jacket is such a trophy piece, but with bold hero items, the other bits need to strike a level between not competing, but also not fading into the background too much.

Let Your Colours Show

A classic pairing of white tshirt and blue jeans – so far, so boring, right? 

Well the key here is all in the accessories and the detailing. First off, the upturned cuffs and knee rips on these jeans add interest and elevate them from the everyday. 

The classic Chanel mini chain strap bag here appears in bold primary blue, which is given an extra zing by those beyond fabulous neon yellow patent pointy ankle-strapped stilettos, which the cuffed jeans hem shows off so well. The shoes have a clear side panel as well, which is beyond amazing. 

I have these same shoes – albeit in rather boring black- but they would work equally well with the right jeans.

So there you have it, four ways to wear an oversized logo tee. Will you be adding one to your wardrobe?


  1. LOVE the top look, may have to attempt it in a cack-handed way x

  2. Yeah - the whole 'slouchy tee and a pencil skirt' thing is such a great look, so fresh and really flattering on. Love it! I think you should have a go and do an outfit post on it! x