Loving Her Style: Millie Mackintosh

Saturday 8 September 2012

I freaking love Millie Mackintosh, star of the not-at-all reality show, Made In Chelsea. I can't help it. I'm hypnotised by her. The perfect caramel locks (how on earth do I get that hair colour?), the glowing skin, the whip-thin figure and the haughty pout. I cannot get enough. It's bordering on an obsession now, as I'm noticing more and more 'Millie' style purchases creeping into my wardrobe.

Seriously, I've now bought several pastel tweed jackets, a feather gilet and a couple of chiffon blouses with Millie on my mind. And, as per my previous post, I am dangerously close to purchasing a pair of skinny leather trousers, all because the lady Mack likes them...

I caught one episode of MIC a few months ago, having never watched it, and was instantly mesmerised by the gilded lives, immaculate outfits and sleazy relationships, and ended up getting the 40D app on my iPhone so that I could catch up on several series worth (much to the disgust of my husband, who thinks its an absolute pile of nonsensical rot. And he would be right. But oh, its such pretty rot!).

And the star of the show for me is Miss Millie Mack. So, how do I love her style? Let me count the ways...

1. She pulls off a pop of bright.

 If you said to me the term 'orange leather jacket' in connection to something you actually wanted me to wear, I'd usually run away screaming. And yet Millie takes the same item, and makes it look instantly chic with the aid of a cream chiffon vest. And she gets away with it! That takes a certain kind of skill that I can only respect...

2. She doesn't give a damn about seasons

Well, a furry gilet and boots wouldn't be my first choice on a day warm enough to break out the denim shorts, but what do I know? I am but a moth to Millie's fashion flame. She breaks all the rules with this outfit and she does it with complete conviction, proving my theory that attitude is 80% of all style. Even the felt fedora works (somehow) when it should, by rights, look oh-so-wrong. But I adore that gilet so much that I purchased a damn near identical one from Miss Selfridge when I would never normally have given it a second glance. That's the Millie effect in action!

3. She mixes up her style

Millie is a perfect blend of so many different styles- a little bit classic, a little bit raunchy, a little bit boho- and what she achieves is a great mid-ground where she never looks overdone. I love this combination of tweed blazer with leather shorts so much, it's just bang on the money. And of course it showcases her enviable legs...

4. She gives great red carpet

Whether its the BAFTAs or the BRITs or anything in between, Millie knows the power of a show-stopping red-carpet frock. Its ridiculous. She almost looks more at home in a floor-sweeping gown than anything else. And the two themes she's gone for recently...green with envy at her emerald green, thigh-split gown with jewelled belt, and I adored her white greek goddess dress as well. Wowzer!

5. She makes the trends her own

Miss Mack is always straight onto the catwalk styles, but somehow she manages to do them in a way that looks utterly her own, and never too contrived. She tends to favour a skinny-on-the-bottom, floaty-on-the-top silhouette that really works for her, but she always seems to make sure one star piece is the main attraction without detracting from the impact of what she wears. I get the impression (from watching a few YouTube videos of her discussing her wardrobe) that she puts a fair amount of thought into her outfits, and it sure pays off. I haven't ever actually seen her in anything that looks bad. In fact, every outfit I see her in, I want to own.

In short, Millie is a bona fide member of the glossy posse, and has the sort of refined polish to her that only a sweetie heiress could hope to achieve. But she has that rare talent of making anything she wears- even if its Topshop- look designer and utterly delicious. I look forward to seeing more of her outfits in the future!

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  1. ahh i love millie, her style is amazing and she's so flawless too! i love her co-star caggies style too! xx