Are Leather Trousers Ever Okay?

Saturday 8 September 2012


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last wrote a blog post! Time has really flown. No one reads this with any regularity, but regardless it is something I enjoy doing, and I had promised myself I would keep at it, if only for my own amusement. It seems I really do want a space to talk about shopping, fashion and make-up.

This is an issue which has been preoccupying me for a few days now, and one I’ve asked all my friends about: are leather trousers ever okay?
I mean, obviously, they’re okay on some people. Namely super-skinny, stick-legged models and people with Badass Rock Attitude. But I fear I have neither the thighs, nor the tude to pull off leather skinnies. And I’ve never particularly wanted to, either. I always thought there was just too much potential for these kind of things to go wrong. There’s such a fine line between looking like Kate Beckinsale and looking like a Hairy Biker, and I’m terrified of getting it wrong.

I’ve seen that episode of Friends too many times (the one with Ross, the ‘leather pants’ and the lotion and powder making a paste) not to feel a tremor of fear in my heart at the prospect of them. And yet...and yet. Last Friday night while out at a dark, I spotted a girl looking amazing in them. She wasn’t rail thin either, and she just looked brilliant. I wanted her whole outfit- strappy heels, skinny leather jeans, a loose floaty vest top, and a blazer. But I’m in agonies over whether I could pull off this particular look, or whether I’d just look like a fat fool.

Having consulted with my best friend and fashion guru, Lady T, I’m none the wiser. She was all for going for it, but I think she’s just trying to be nice. I think the key would absolutely be to get a decent quality pair- the kind that pull you in rather than the kind that bounce the light off your butt cheeks in an unflattering way, and that probably means spending a bit of money, so I want to be sure about it.

As a consequence, I’ve been researching girls rocking the leather to try and get inspired, and here are the results...
This girl totally gets it right with her floaty leopard blouse, fierce heels...oh, and the pipecleaner thighs don't hurt, either!

Love, love, love, the bright yellow handkerchief hem blouse and statement collar necklace with these skinny leather leggings

This girl just looks impossibly cool( if a little dusty!)

Wow. Just wow. This is so sharp, so sexy and everything I would love to look like, but never will. *sigh* oh for a size 6 frame and a forehead large enough to take a heavy fringe on!

And then there's Kim K, whose default outfit at the moment is leather leggings. Now, say what you will about Kim's character (and I do, frequently), but I do think she is an absolute raving beauty. Not only that, but (despite the face she consistently tells the media she's a US size 4, when she's actually a size DELUSION) she is undeniably a curvy girl, and she still looks absolutely smokin' in these trousers. So, is that proof that there's hope for a normal sized girl in the leather trews department?

And finally, here is the best pictorial guide on how to style your leather trousers that I have ever seen. For people like me, who are well aware of their lack of innate elan, it's crucial! It gives me so many ideas for how leather trousers could actually be quite versatile.I like to see that there are some really cute ways to wear them that don't involve sky high heels as well. It's certainly making me consider purchasing a denim shirt as well!

So with all things considered, I might have to consider going down the leather route, despite my inital misgivings. But I have to say, this is one trend I would definately advise approaching with caution, because as every child of the 90's knows, it could so easily end like this...

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  1. I love leather, it's so luxurious and goes well with just about everything! :) In my book, leather is always ok.