Mini Hair Disaster!!

Sunday 8 April 2012

Yesterday I had a mini hair crisis, but I'm pleased to say I didn't freak out!

For a while now,I've been getting fairly subtle golden highlights to lift my very dark brown base colour. I just feel so much better with a few highlights, it's odd. It really makes an impact on my mood and peps me up. Strange but true. Anyway, I've never done anything too drastic.

Last time my roots needed doing, I found a deal on Groupon for a local salon who were offering a full head of highlights, a cut, and a conditioning treatment for just £30. Perfect, as I'm a big fan of getting a bargain and hair colour can be an expensive business.

Anyway, I did my research before I went, and all the customer reviews seemed to be favourable. I went and they did a good job despite the salon seeming weirdly quiet (and the hairdresser being the most un-talkative stylist EVER!). And they told me off for being five minutes late because I couldn't find the freaking place, even though they didn't have any other clients in. So, not the friendliest place but hey, sometimes you have to compromise to get a good deal. The important part was the hair looked good.

So when they offered me to book again and secure the same price, of course I did. Same stylist, but this time she really mucked up the colour.

My hair lifted so much, it was bright blonde after she took off the foils- quite a way from the J-Lo tone of caramel I'd requested. I think even she was surprised as I'd only been in the foils for 15 minutes.

I didn't quite realise in the salon, I think because of a combination of the artificial lighting and the fact that I really hate sitting looking at myself in the mirror in the hairdressers chair. I knew it was a bit lighter than I wanted.

But when I drive home I realised it was bright yellow! Panic stations! The shade was just really sickly and artificial looking, like a toddler had coloured my hair in with a bright yellow crayon!

I made an emergency dash to Boots and secured a packet of cool toned dark blonde dye to try to neutralist the brassy colour.

I picked L'Oreal Casting Sublime Mousse in shade 70 Pure Dark Blonde (which was actually more like a light brown to my eyes) and whacked it on, hoping for the best.

Actually, I was very impressed by how easy the dye was to use! When I've used home hair colour in the past, it's been extremely messy and off-putting, but this new wave of mousse dyes couldn't be easier to use. I'd be tempted to change my hair colour more often if I knew it would be that easy.

So I'm left with a strange, coppery light brown shade. But do you know what? I actually quite like it! You can still see highlights and different tones, but it's a lot more subtle. It's turned out a really unique colour that I'm still getting used to but I think I like!

Pictures: (clockwise) my previous hair colour-dark brown with golden highlights, my new strange coppery beige shade, and the bright yellow blonde from the hairdresser!

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