April Lust List

Monday 2 April 2012

Sorry it's been a little quiet on the 'pieces' front lately. I've been struggling a bit with the whole blogging thing. I have to blog- albeit about cars- for my day job, which takes some of the fun out of it.

And while my work posts are widely read and re-tweeted, I can't seem to get much interest in my personal blog! But finally I decided I do it for me and my own pleasure so I should continue!

Feeling a bit restless with life lately. I'm not very challenged. My job is busy, but it's not difficult. I'm not doing any night classes for the first time in years. Everything is pretty steady and I am grateful for that, but I'm also feeling the need for a shake up, like moving jobs or houses- something big!

Must be the spring breeze in the air!

Anyway, there are a few styling items I'm craving all of a sudden! And I've been shopping like a demon lately as well...oops... So here's my lust list for April..

1- Pink Jeans!
I can't say exactly why but lately I have a real jones on for pink jeans. There's just something so vibrant and lovely about them! I'm struggling with myself because although part of me loves them, another part of me is well aware that in all likelihood, I'll look back in a few years and cringe about wearing them! But you know what? There's only so many years before I'm somebody's mother and have to behave accordingly. Until then, I want to be a brat in colour pop jeans. And I don't just want a whisper of pink. I want obnoxious, eye-watering bubblegum pink. Duchess Kate would not be impressed, but the spring air is making me throw sartorial caution to the wind!

2- Detachable Collars
Now, historically, I haven't been a fan of that Alexa Chung school of dressing that favours Peter pan collars and- heaven forbid- dungarees. But again, lately I've been loving these glittery, sometimes pearl- adorned collars that you can wear with anything. They just feel fresh and witty. Me like!

3- Models Own Nail Polish in Lilac Dream
I'm a big fan of Models Own nail polishes- they have some fab colours that look great in one coat, and they last well to boot. I've owned this lilac colour for a while but I've never worn it much before now. It just didn't feel right. But all of a sudden it seems like the perfect colour for Easter and reminds me of sugared almonds and Easter bonnets! Super cute!

4- High Buns
I'm pretty much a hair down girl- my long hair is sort of like my safely blanket. Lately though, I'm really favouring a high, ballerina style bun. There's something really elegant about them. I've found a foolproof, easy way to create a lovely, voluminous bun and I always, always get compliments and comments when I wear my hair like this. In fact, I think I may do my first ever hair tutorial on how to achieve this style the easy way. Good idea?

What are your April style crushes?

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