Review: Skin 79 BB Creams from Korea

Sunday 29 April 2012

I thought I would write a quick review of a major new addition to my skincare routine.

A while ago,I pledged that I would stop using foundation every day and try instead to use a BB cream. I find that the creams available over here sometimes tend to miss the point of what the creams are supposed to be- multi-tasking skin wonders- and end up being just tinted moisturisers with no added benefits. A real BB cream should contain multiple skin benefits such as anti-ageing ingredients, sunscreen, anti-oxidants etc.

I do think the Garnier BB cream is great, and probably the closest to a 'real' version of what is sold over in Korea and South East Asia, but I was very keen to try the real thing.

Skin 79 is a massive brand over there, and can be ordered in the UK via eBay and Amazon. Just be aware that if you do order from a Korean seller, they can take quite a while to be delivered! However, these prices are generally much better than Amazon, who are currently retailing the hot pink cream for £16.49 (I paid about £6.00 on eBay).

I ordered two variants of the 'Super+' BB cream- the regular one, in the hot pink packaging, and one called 'VIP Gold' in the gold tube. As far as I could make out from information on the internet, the pink version is more suitable for oily skin and the gold version is better for dryer skin.

The packaging of both is really nice - the bottles contain a integral vacuum pump that's really neat and hygienic. The formula is tinted and richly creamy. The cream only comes in one shade (unlike most of the UK BB's).When you first apply it, the colour looks a little ashy, but don't worry, it soon settles down and harmonises a bit more with your skintone, although darker skins will find it too pale. It does give a slightly whitened effect.

The coverage is probably about the same as a lightweight to medium coverage foundation- like a Revlon Beyond Natural- and I found it easily enough for a day at work when topped with a light dusting of mineral powder. In terms of staying powder, it lasts as long as a regular foundation. It leaves the skin feeling very silky and moisturising, and I'm really enjoying using it.

As for the benefits to the skin, this is what the Gold cream promises:

  • Contains adenosine and Arbutin ingredients which are effective in luminising skin, improving fine lines and maintaining elasticity 
  • Gold and Caviar extracts for skin conditioning
  • Protects skin from UVA and UVB rays with factor 25 sunscreen
  • Contains OSMOPUR- a complex using sunflower extract, Rice Bran and Ivy to soothe skind and keep hydrated all day while protecting from free radical damage 
I really think it gives the skin a lovely appearance and is comfortable to wear. The Garnier one can be a bit oily on my skin, but the Super+ creams both give a great semi-matte finish.

All in all, I highly recommend trying out this product. There's still a place for foundation with me but as an everyday fast fix, this cream is  a brilliant solution. Above in the picture you can see I'm just wearing the cream and no other make-up (apologies for that, it was Sunday morning!).

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