Semi-Grooming: is it just a way of life?

Monday 26 March 2012

According to several news sources, a new trend in beauty is creeping its malodorous way onto a street near you.

‘Semi-grooming’ is becoming an acceptable way of being! The term refers to superficial, job-half-done grooming efforts that a whole swathe of women have suddenly embraced.

You are a semi-groomer if you; only shave the part of your leg that will be visible when you’re wearing a skirt, think chipped nail polish is an okay look, use zig-zag partings and artful hairbands to hide roots that need attending to, and have an over-reliance on dry shampoo rather than getting your hair wet.

All of these things are apparently on the rise, and it could be for several reasons:

- We’ve all got too much on our plates with busy working lives to expend as much energy on our appearance as before
- Our ‘get it now’ instant gratification culture has led to chronic laziness
- Too much choice in the market place has led to us all being overwhelmed and not bothering at all
- Feminism and anti-objectification are battling with social norms and slowly eroding grooming standards

All of which makes me want to say a big, fat YUK!

I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable within myself if I only did half a job on my grooming. And far from it being a millstone around my busy, working neck, my grooming is a spot of ‘me-time’ that I can’t wait to get to.

Making sure you’re clean and well-groomed isn’t a matter of objectification either. It’s a matter of having the confidence to perform all of my tasks well, knowing that I’m comfortable and fresh. I can’t imagine the feeling I’d have going about my business with unwashed hair and manky, chipped nails. Yuk!

Each to their own, but to me, being fresh and well-presented is all a part of who I am. How can I expect people to buy into what I’m trying to sell at work if I don’t appear as if I’ve taken any effort over myself?

So, what’s your take on the matter?

Are you time-poor and content to semi-groom as long as it gets you through the week, or are you a pampering princess who would never appear in public with a hair out of place?

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