Kneesocks and Neon: the Hadouken Look

Monday 22 February 2010

So, there's a new band on the block-Hadouken!- named after a Japanese fighting game, whose music I'm really beginning to like. They kind of sound as if someone put Dizzee Rascal, The Klaxons, and The Clash into some giant cosmic blender and tried to make a syrupy, neon Magarita mix out of the resulting mess.

But their style is also catching my eye - it's a bratty club kid look that mixes a bit of rock and bit of rave. There's a lot of neon, graphic prints, studded belts and hoodies. To be honest, it actually all looks a bit like my sixth-form common room, so perhaps its just making me nostalgic! My style is a bit beyond all this now I'm officially a *responsible homeowner*, but it still intrigues me.

I'm going to see them live next month, and my money's kind of on it being a sweaty, garish rave up full of 16 year olds wearing plastic bangles, asymmetric fringes and 'ironic' prints, but I've decided I'm going to see it as a styling challenge and embrace it for this occaision only. Already planning the outfit and embracing my inner teenager:

So I'm thinking...kneesocks, neon plastic, Casios, coral lips and tshirt dresses....but am I brave enough to pull it off?

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