Hot Mess: Rave Beauty Look

Saturday 20 March 2010

Hadouken! in action

Any show featuring a guy in a giant mouse costume who comes on stage to dance, must be good!

Almost a lash extension effect, thanks to Eyeko!

Gigantic, messed up rave hair
Hair products used (L to R): nu:u nu:shine shiny wax, Tigi Bedhead Superstar Thick Massive Hair, James Brown London hairspray, Lee Stafford Messed Up Spray Wax

Eye make-up used (L to R): Revlon ColorStay 12-Hour Eyeshado 'Sultry Smoke', Chit Chat Cream Concealer, Eyeko Glitter Liner, Eyeko Magic Mascara 'Magic Black', Pop Beauty Eye Glam 'Sexy'.

I wanted to show you the make-up look I tried out for the Hadouken! gig. I'm not claiming to be some kind of cosmetics guru, just a girl who enjoys playing around with make-up and trying new things. I've worked on a few department store cosmetics counters part-time while I was studying for my degree, and I really enjoyed showing people new products during that time. I also watch a lot of tutorials and reviews about make-up on YouTube, trying to learn more and find inspiration.

For the Hadouken! gig, I wanted a young, glittery fun look with a hint of bad attitude and serious hair. I'm loath to say the word 'Ke$ha', partly because anyone that talks about using JD as some kind of mouthwash for their 'teefs' should not be anyone's style icon, and partly because she just looks like something dug up from the waiting room at an inner-city VD clinic.

But I have to admit, I was sort of aiming for that 'hot mess', scruffy-but-casually-sexy vibe. A little Effy from Skins, who is exactly what I wanted to be all through my teen years (without realising, of course, as Skins wasn't around when I was that age.)

Eye products:
Chit Chat cream concealer-as an eye base
Pop Beauty Eye Glam in 'Sexy'- a dull silver cream shadow
Revlon 12 Hour Colorstay eye shadow palette in '11- Sultry Smoke'- my go-to smoky eyes palette. I blended the darkest grey shade across my lids lightly, pushing the colour into the silver cream shadow to create a washed out, shiny take on smoky.
Eyeko Glitter Liner in silver- this is a new product I was trying out. The glitter particles aren't too dense, so I was able to wash it over my lids in several coats for impact.
Eyeko Magic Mascara in 'Magic Black'- my current favourite. My lashes looked so long in the picture it was like having extensions!
Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil in '06 Ink Writer'- a glorious deepest navy blue, which I used on my lower water line and in the corners to smoke the eye out a little bit.

I kept my lips really simple and spontaneous- no lip liner or anything as I was trying to avoid looking too 'done'. I just slicked on some L'Oreal Glam Shine Juice in '224 Candy Juice'- a really vibrant, coral-toned hot pink-as I was running out of the door. I usually line and define my brows too, as they can be a bit sparse and unruly. But I left these undone to fit with my 'ungroomed' look.

In terms of hair, I wanted biiiig. And lots of texture. I roughly blow-dried upside down, scrunching as I went to encourage texture and movement. Using Tigi BedHead Superstar Thick Massive Hair lotion to really give my style some guts. When dry, I sprayed liberally with Lee Stafford Messed Up Light Spray Wax and twisted random strands around my fingers for extra dimension. I used a tail comb to get a deep side part to my hair, creating a large, flipped-over front section to fall over one eye.

To finish, I used nu:u nu:shine shiny wax just on the ends to get some definition. As the final touch, I sprayed some hairspray into the palms of my hands and used them to ruffle up my hair, get rid of any smoothness, and massage additional volume into the roots. Et voila! My messed-up, sweaty rave princess look was complete!

The gig was amazing, the band seemed as into it as the crowd. It left me really impressed with Hadouken! and their CD hasn't been off my car stereo since. I'm definitely not rock n roll these days though- I was actually pleased the band finished relatively early at 10pm, as I had work the next day. Sure sign of getting old!

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