The Devil Wears Primark

Sunday 21 February 2010

Ok, a while ago I promised myself I would stop shopping at Primark.

I suppose part of me feels I'm a little bit over it. I was one of the first to get into the place back in my student days, before it was occupying every high street in the country.

We didn't even have one in my home town, and it was only when a uni friend forced me into what looked like the equivalent of Bon Marche (and I discovered hidden treasures in amongst all the old lady-wear) that I became an addict.

pretty much clothed me for the next years of my degree, feeding my desire for fast fashion and new outfits every time I went out while miraculously working within my student budget.

It was our little secret, and we referred to it rather snobbishly as 'PK London'. Then it kind of took off and took over the country and the secret was out.

But lately, I've grown tired of it and had actually stayed away for almost six months. I just didn't like the way that certain prints and styles scream 'Primarni, dah-ling!'.

 I want better quality from my clothes these days as well, and I absolutely do not deal well with the scrum of people and jumble-sale atmosphere, so I have to go literally at first opening when most shoppers are still in bed, much like H&M.

But recently in town, killing some time, I ended up having a scout around and actually came away with a few pieces I couldn't resist at the price they were.

The crowning glory was these shoes!If you're anything like me, pictures of shoes never fail to cheer you up, so here goes:

They're black leather with a slight pewter sheen and are covered all over with fierce little metal spikes, with a central zip for added punk princess appeal. Very RiRi on the rampage, I thought. I just loved them and had to break my Primarni hiatus for them.

Only thing is, I think they already look a bit last-season now that the shops are full of the girly, floral spring collections. But the weather outside is still decidedly 'last season' so I guess my wardrobe will be for a while too!

Still trying to come to terms with next season's looks and girly, floral, ruffles and lace are not really my bag at all, so it'll be interesting working out how to make next season my own.

Or my bank manager may be intensely relieved if I don't work it out and we have a repeat of the 'Summer of Boho' when everyone and their pug wanted to look like Sienna Miller and I pretty much didn't shop for three seasons until all the horrible hippy-ness was over. Not my thing at all! We'll have to see how it works out this time.

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