FabFitFun | Spring 2021 Box Review

Monday 12 April 2021

FabFitFun box Spring 2021 review UK

There’s a silver lining to everything, right? 

One of the few positives of having been a total shut-in due to the pandemic is that we live in the age of online shopping, courier services and subscription boxes, so there’s every chance the daily post brings a nice surprise. 

The quarterly FitFabFun box is definitely something I look forward to receiving. A lifestyle subscription box from the US, it generally has a great mix of beauty products, fashion, things for the house and wellness items and some great brands that can be hard to get hold of here in the UK. 

FabFitFun box Spring 2021 review UK

The Spring edition turned up full of flower power and goodness, with these great goodies inside…

Human + Kind Moisturising Hand Scrub

Human + Kind Moisturising Hand Scrub review

A hand scrub is not a type of product I’ve really used before -  it’s so specific! If my hands are dry, I’ll apply some hand cream but I haven’t thought about exfoliating them. 

When it comes to my body though, I know that exfoliation actually makes more difference to how soft and supple my skin feels than moisturising - although together they are the dream team! So I’m excited to give this a go and see what a difference it could make to my dull winter skin. Discovering new types of products that you hadn’t considered before is definitely one of the nicest things about a sub box like this. 

Human + Kind bills itself as ‘skincare with a conscience’. It’s full of natural ingredients and is vegan and cruelty free, which can only be a good thing. It's a brand I’ve tried before through this box, as I got a body lotion from them before, and enjoyed using.

Erno Laszlo The Famous Black Soap Deep Sea Mud Cleansing Bar

Erno Laszlo The Famous Black Soap Deep Sea Mud Cleansing Bar review

What do Princess Grace of Monaco, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn have in common? Well, apart from being goddesses of the silver screen, they all used Erno Laszlo skincare. 

Back in the golden age of Hollywood, the brand was the premier, go-to choice for starlets, and this was one of the cult products. Made with the therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea mud, there are 26 skin-loving minerals packed in here. 

The bar is a signature black colour that breaks into a white cleansing foam. It contains Glycerin, which works to draw and hold moisture into the skin and Palm Kernel Oil to protect from environmental stressors. 

As a bar, it’s obviously kinder to the planet than a liquid face wash packaged in plastic. Lately, I’ve made the switch to using shampoo bars, refillable deodorant, reusable makeup remover pads, a menstrual cup and even a reusable cotton bud - I’m really trying to limit the disposables and the plastics that I use in my skincare routine. It hadn’t occurred to me to switch to a cleansing bar rather than a face wash, but I’ll be giving this a go and seeing if I want to make the switch. 

Worth £35.00, this certainly isn’t your bog-standard bar of Pears - but hey, if it's good enough for Audrey and co…

SF Sun’s Out, Pouts Out Gold Foil Lip Masks

SF Sun’s Out, Pouts Out Gold Foil Lip Masks review

Masks are a big part of my skincare routine - I love a good face mask on my ‘Self Care Sundays’, and I’m also a fan of undereye masks when I’m feeling a bit puffy. But honestly? I’ve actually never thought of using a lip mask. 

And this is perfect timing, because lately my lips have been a bit sore and dry -  mainly because the UK weather is so strange (it’s literally been sunny and hot enough for bare legs before lunch and FREAKING SNOWING after lunch lately). 

These masks are insanely glam, being made of gold leopard print foil (I can see the Insta selfie now) and promise to leave your pout soft, plump and kissably smooth with plant based collagen, watermelon and other botanical extracts. I can see these being a nice add on to a glam session when we’re finally allowed to go out again, or as a treat when lips are really parched.

Verso Super Eye Serum with Retinol

Verso Super Eye Serum with Retinol review

Verso is a super-luxe brand that’s been hitting my radar lately, mainly for it's sleek, minimal packaging, which I love. I currently use a retinol eye cream from Beauty Pie, but this formula has a much higher percentage, which makes it way more effective at busting fine lines and wrinkles.  

The brand has a highly potent ‘Retinol 8’ complex that helps to give sluggish skin cells a kick-start to produce more collagen naturally. This plumps out crow’s feet and creases, and helps to reduce dark circles and eye bags - of which I have plenty!! Amino acids are also in there to counteract puffiness and a new, super-stable Vitamin A derivative also encourages the skin’s natural defences. I may just want to bathe in this.  

A beautiful, simple, effective product is so seductive -  I can’t wait to try this out. At £45.00, it’s expensive but I would definitely pay that if it works, so being able to trial it through the box is fantastic.

Monroe Solarose Classique Watch

Monroe Solarose Classique Watch review

I really like the total mix of products in the FabFitFun box -  it’s a little bit of everything, and that keeps it interesting. 

Getting a new accessory feels like such a treat, and I actually don’t own a very simple, classic looking watch. This is so chic with it's tasteful, charcoal leather strap and large, round rose gold facing. The style is very minimal and clean but also impactful -  a great combination that guarantees this is something I’ll wear over and over again. 

At $105.00 (not currently sold in the UK), it makes the box amazing value. I really like the style of this timepiece and I’ve already been wearing it a lot, because it goes with so many different outfits. A real love-forever item.

Saie Reusable Cleansing Pads

Saie Reusable Cleansing Pads review

Everyone should be using a product like this. It almost seems inexcusable to be using makeup removing wipes and other disposable things when there are reusable products available that do the job so well. 

If you haven’t come across these before, or similar products like Face Halo, they are microfibre pads that can remove your makeup using only water. Yep, they really do work that well. This makes them not only perfect for travel (because you don’t have to lug a liquid cleanser around as well) but ideal for the planet and every day life. If you’re into double cleansing, they also work well with a balm or a foam cleanser, but they don’t need it.  

They’re really gentle on the skin and can be tossed in the washing machine when they get dirty.  You can use them as a pad for your toner, a makeup or face mask remover or as a light and gentle exfoliator. In short, they’re just fab and totally the way everyone should be going. 

My only reservation about these is that they’re white. I generally choose black or grey makeup remover pads, because they don’t stain and get dingy in the same way. However, these are a great addition to my collection and an essential for saving the planet.

Camp Collection Ombre Market Tote

Camp Collection Ombre Market Tote review

Another step in guarding the ecosystem has been giving up our reliance on disposable plastic carrier bags. Like most people, I now have a cupboard stuffed full of reusable shopping totes, but this is a very pretty one. 

It’s a traditional string shopping bag of the sort that used to be popular years ago, but it has a pink dip-dye effect to give it a stylish twist. It’s the sort of bag you can imagine A-Listers stolling through an LA farmer’s market with, and it would also work brilliantly for the beach (not least because the holes allow pesky sand to trickle out). 

It’s a good medium size and has stretch to accommodate your purchases. The only thing I’d change is that it doesn’t fold up neatly, which makes it a little annoying to keep in your handbag, but it’s definitely an eco-friendly and aesthetic way to carry your shopping home.

GAIAM Ultimate Core Toning Kit

GAIAM Ultimate Core Toning Kit review

Since the pandemic hit, we’ve all had to either take up running and cycling or embrace home workouts. I’ve been doing a mix of things, and recently we bought a spin bike and decided to turn our spare room into a bit of a workout space. So this toning kit was a very timely addition! 

Including a Mini Abs Ball and a Core Reformer, you can use this kit to get a Pilates session at home. A key part of this is toning the core, something that I need a LOT of help with (thanks, two babies!). It also helps you to build strength and flexibility. 

The pack comes with links to online workouts you can follow along to figure out how the heck you use this strange looking thing with four loops! I’m finding that home workouts need variety for them to be enjoyable and sustainable to me, so I love that this gives me a different option. 

This season’s box has been a great mix of different categories and great high value items to help you get into spring and start building that perfect summer look. You can still grab yours over at fabfitfun.com.

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