Mama Style | New Year's Eve Sparkle

Tuesday 31 December 2019

If there is one time of the year when you can really bring out the sparkle, it has to be New Year's Eve, right?

That was my logic when thinking about styling for the big night.

It seems mad that we're tipping over into 2020. When I was younger, I thought that life would be all jet packs and sassy robot assistants by now - although I suppose there's always Alexa!

I definitely like the feeling of a clean slate and the opportunity to set some new goals. It really will be new year, new me this time as I'm planning to get back on it with the Fast 800 and I'm also starting my new job in January.

Really, the last decade has been incredible.

I've developed my career, taken on the renovation of No. 80, had my son Theodore and my baby daughter Romilly. A lot has happened, so no wonder it feels like time is flying.

And sequins are definitely the way to celebrate that...

Navy, black and cream sequin stripe dress | Zara
'Sally' black teddy bear coat | Topshop 
Marbled heel ankle boots | All Saints 
Oversized pearl hair slide and pearl hoop earrings | Accessorize
Wallet On Chain | Chanel

I don't wear a lot of sparkle but I must confess I was very drawn to this beautiful navy, black and cream striped dress. It has a really forgiving, loose cut that skims over all the post-Christmas excess nicely!

With statenent sequins you have to let them do the talking, so I went for a simple pair of black ankle boots and these small hoop earrings studded with pearls.

Pearls are the perfect complement to sequins as they aren't more sparkle, but they have that delicate luminosity to them, so I also chose my oversized pearl hair slide.

My teddy bear coat from Topshop has not been off this winter. It's so snuggly and it goes with everything from a pair of leather leggings and trainers to a little dress. Definitely a good buy!

Finally, the Wallet on Chain is the ideal party bag - slimline and eternally chic.

Happy New Year and here's to doing 2020 in style! 

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