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Tuesday 15 January 2019

Are you loving all the leopard print this season?

People tend to love it or loathe it, but I must say it's something that's always in style with me. I just love the way it can inject some vibrancy into a look.

In my eyes, leopard is a neutral and I love to clash it with other prints, especially stripes. I've gone a little bit mad with the print this season as there are so many fabulous pieces around - I'm going to look like a brunette Bet Lynch at this rate!


Leopard midi skirt | PrettyLittleThing
‘Bonjour’ slogan jumper | Oasis
Black ribbed biker jacket | Zara
Grey canvas trainers | Lacoste
Le Pliage nylon backpack | Longchamp

I’m usually inspired by Pinterest or editorials to create an outfit that centres on one specific piece that I drive myself insane trying to find. This midi was one of those things - despite the abundance of leopard print all over everything this season, I just couldn't track one down!

In the end, PrettyLittleThing came to the rescue. Of course now, I bet I'll be tripping over leopard midis everywhere I turn…

Pairing with the skirt, this slogan knit adds a nice contrast. I’m really loving a jumper that has something to say this season.

On my dream wishlist are the Bella Freud knits, but for the moment, this number from Oasis will do instead. I especially love the striped arms and fluted hemline.

It has taken me an indecently long time to get on board with the trainers-as-everyday-wear thing. It sounds really funny now, but for ages, I had the opinion that trainers should only be worn in the gym, and it took me a long time to give in and get a couple of pairs of casual kicks.

I guess I have some strange attitudes to footwear. I'd never wear open toes to the office either, which a lot of my colleagues think I'm odd for, but that's just me!

This grey canvas pair from Lacoste have brought me round because they go with pretty much everything I own.

Topped it all off with a biker jacket, which is a staple piece of mine. A good memory is getting my first biker jacket when I was about 12 or 13 - I begged my mum for ages to let me have one! I

 used to wear it with a black strapless dress and think I was super sophisticated. In many ways my style hasn't changed all that much since then, and I'm definitely still drawn to leather jackets - I love the ribbed sleeves on this one.

To finish the look off, I grabbed my Le Pliage rucksack. It's a great design because it's compact and sleek but keeps it casual with the nylon fabric. It's a bag everyone needs in their life!

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