5 Top Secret Fashion Hacks The A-List Love

Tuesday 5 December 2017


Although Hollywood is almost exclusively peopled by those who are genetically gifted, they are also helped every step of the way to look their best. Attended by an army of professional makeup artists, dieticians, personal trainers, hair stylists and - less openly - cosmetic surgeons, the already high stakes are raised even further, which can leave us mere mortals feeling as though they’re barely real.

While you may not have access to the kinds of budgets that A-listers can work with, there are some simple styling tricks you can use to celebrate your figure:

Belt it Up

Want to lose a few pounds instantly? Who doesn’t! But we often overlook the simple slimming power of a well-placed belt, especially when dressing in bulkier layers during the colder months. A statement belt can instantly lift last season’s winter coat or add shape to an oversized sweater - and do a better job of defining your figure than a month on the 5:2 diet!

Flip Reverse It

Have an awkward neckline to deal with? See what you can do just by wearing a top the opposite way to how it was initially intended. A scoop neck blouse can become a pretty backless top showing off a lacy cami underneath, and shirts can be half-way unbuttoned and pushed down over the shoulders to give a Bardot neckline. Think outside the box, and it's amazing what you can create.

Enhance Your Assets

Want a little more up top for a certain outfit? There are some clothing hacks out there to cheat an awesome cleavage. Some girls swear by wearing two bras layered over each other - one a cup size smaller than usual and the other padded. Others simply twist the centre chest panel round a couple of times to get their bra to push up a little more.

Have a Cinderella moment

If you have bought a pair of shoes on sale that are just a little too tight, you could try this easy trick. Fill two ziplock bags two-thirds full with water, insert inside the shoe, and then pop them in the freezer overnight. The bags will expand as the water freezes, gently expanding the shoe and creating a bit of vital extra wiggle room for your feet!

Find stain removing wonders

We’ve all been there -  a disaster when you get foundation, lipstick or even Sharpie ink all over a favourite piece of clothing. But it doesn’t have to be destined for the bin, or even a trip to the dry cleaners. You already have things lying around the house that can help! For instance, spraying a lipstick stain with hairspray before washing it will ensure it comes out as good as new, shaving cream can get rid of foundation stains and hand sanitizer can make short work of Sharpie stains. Bonus tip - a little Windex can restore the shine to faded patent leather accessories too.

There are so many fashion hacks out there, you could find a new one for every day of the year, so the motto is: never give up on a piece of clothing when it can be restyled and respun to give you so much more. What’s your favourite fashion hack? Share it below!

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