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Saturday 11 November 2017

Reducing a 12 step skin care routine down to two targeted treatments from Korean beauty innovators

The world has its eyes on South Korean skincare. Just lately, the Asian nation even seems to have overtaken the French as the recognised global authority on all things skin. 

The beauty-obsessed country has a cultural emphasis on picture-perfect skin that takes the humble cleanse/tone/moisturise routine to a whole other level, with 40 minute long 10-step regimes being pretty standard there.

Pretty much all of the skincare innovations produced by Western beauty houses in recent years have been copies of Korean imports - BB and CC creams, cushion foundation, ombre lips, essences, sleeping packs and sheet masks; you name it. Packing, ingredients and techniques are all pouring out of the country and onto our shelves.

Korean skin care anti-ageing formulas

In amongst the better-known brands like Erborian, Etude House, Holika Holika and Tonymoly, there is a crop of new companies focused on fusing natural essences with cutting-edge skincare tech - enter hot new brand Minnavi. The concept is skincare customised to your individual needs, all presented in beautiful high-end packaging that will glam up any bathroom shelf.

Many of us admire the concept and the dedication of South Korean skincare but are put off by all the different steps and products we need to do the full ten or twelve-step routine.

Minnavi have simplified all this with their Time Release Delivery Fluid. This is a four in one product that combines the functions of a moisturiser, a lotion, cream and an essence into one. Ideal for those who want to experience the benefits of top Korean dermatology expertise without spending so much time. As a working mum, I certainly don’t get anything near that much time, so I rely on hard-working, multi-tasking products like this to keep me on track.

With K- Beauty flourishing, Minnavi skin care offers a new routine

On top of the Fluid, you add in a few drops of an Ampoule, which has the effect of boosting the Fluid and focusing on specific skincare concerns you have. So you can completely tailor your Minnavi regime to your individual needs.

The Fluid has a unique patented ingredient called Whitenol which is a brightening essence that has the unique ability to slowly penetrate the dermis throughout the day and provide a powerful brightening effect that erases sunspots and other uneven pigmentation. Arbutin is commonly used as a brightening ingredient in skin creams, and Whitenol is 400x times more powerful.

This light fluid is readily absorbed into the skin and provides the perfect base for makeup. It’s free of parabens, sulphates and other skin nasties as well.It contains natural plant-derived ingredients like Morus Alba and Cordyceps Ophioglossoides (a type of mushroom!) to soothe skin. There’s also Adenosine to improve elasticity and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid which absorbs into skin to improve wrinkles.

The Fluid is the perfect product for parched, dull, stressed-out city skin, acting as a breath of fresh air for your complexion, and the sleek, vacuum-pump container not only looks luxurious but helps to preserve the freshness of the ingredients, so you get their full power in one pump, with no mess.

The booster oils add another dimension. There are six formulations available, all addressing different skin needs such as sensitivity, brightening, moisturising, nourishing, vitality and elasticity. You simply add 2-3 drops of your chosen booster into the Fluid, which is a routine that even the most time-pressed can stick to.

Minnavi is a Korean skin care brand

Sensitive Skin Problems? - Damask Rose Jojoba 

More and more of us are focusing on natural beauty solutions, so this 100% vegan formula will delight those seeking to clean up the products they use on their skin. Damask Rose Oil not only smells absolutely heavenly, but it soothes irritation and tones up the skin. Used over time, it can also fade scars and acne marks. Jojoba meanwhile is packed full of skin-loving nutrients like Vitamin E and B, chromium, copper and zinc, which protect skin from environmental damage. It’s the ideal add-on for city-dwellers and anyone dealing with skin flare-ups.

Need Anti-Ageing Skincare? - Rosehip Safflower

I’m already a huge fan of the anti-ageing benefits of Rosehip Oil, so it was great to see that in here. It’s a natural source of Vitamin A, a potent antioxidant which reduces the ageing effects of sun damage on the skin and helps prevent signs of premature ageing. It’s also packed with essential fatty acids which help to slow down the breakdown of collagen fibres. So it's a bit of a powerhouse when it comes to eliminating lines and wrinkles and getting back that youthful glow. Safflower seed oil isn’t one I’ve used before, but it contains a high concentration of linoleic acid, which unclogs pores and reduces the formation of skin blemishes. It also stimulates regeneration of new skin cells, leading to smoother, more perfected skin. There’s also a high dose of Vitamins A, D, E and K in there.

These formulas are packed with skin loving goodies and combine the best in science and nature for incredible results. Testing them over a month, I’ve noticed the benefits - a smoother, more glowing and revitalised skin, Who wouldn’t want that?

The best of K-beauty in time-saving, cutting-edge formulas - Minnavi is one to watch for beauty lovers the world over.

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