Brand New You: How to Overhaul Your Image

Monday 6 November 2017

Have you had the same hairstyle since you were fifteen? Do you receive the same colour sweater from your mum each Christmas because you’re so predictable?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you know that you have to do something sharpish to give your image a much-needed overhaul.

You want to be spontaneous and surprise people with a whole new look. You could, of course, dye your hair and get a piercing or even a tattoo, but these tend to wreak of mid-life crisis rather than image revival. Take a look at these sensible, albeit, expensive ways to give yourself a whole new look...

Your Tresses


Your hair will be the first thing that your girlfriends will notice. Even the most subtle of trims will have one of your pals touching your hair, cooing over the sheen and complimenting you on how that half an inch off the length has made your face look slimmer. Go one step further, seek out a top stylist and request a total hair rejuvenation. We aren’t talking a gentle wash and blowdry, but an edgier, shorter crop, some highlights, and layers. With a totally new hairstyle, you’ll be sure to attract a wealth of compliments.

Your Smile


Even if you have a great set of gnashers, you may want to consider teeth whitening, an on-trend cosmetic procedure that could revolutionise your smile. By selecting a reputable specialist, you could embark on a few courses of pain-free treatment that will see your pearly whites gleaming and healthy looking. If you have a few more problems with your teeth, head to the dentist and get them fixed, not just for your image but for your health and wellbeing. Gum disease can result in tooth loss, which is not a good look for anyone.

Your Clothing


If you look frumpy, you’ll feel frumpy. Whether you are twenty-five or fifty-five, you can give your wardrobe a shake-up. Lay all of your clothes on your bed. If they are all the same colour, that’s where your issue lies. Think about livening up your clothes with some splashes of pattern, precise detailing and different pieces. If you never show off your pins, now’s the time to head to a designer store and pick up this season’s hot new maxi dress or pencil skirt. If you live in jeans, it’s time to put down the stonewash and venture into the realm of corduroy, tweed or plaid. By adding a greater variety of attire to your wardrobe, you’ll inevitably have a greater selection of outfits to choose from when heading out for a catch up with friends.

Don’t forget the importance of shoes. Never neglect your feet. By pairing your outfit with kitten heels instead of your usual sneakers, you’ll be giving your skinny jeans and boyfriend blazer a touch of class. You’ll be feeling frumpy no longer.

With a new hairstyle, smile and wardrobe, you’ll be sure to turn heads. If you are tired of your look and have been hankering after an overhaul, why not follow these tips to see your image refreshed.

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