Glossybox September 2017 | Review

Monday 25 September 2017

Everything goes in cycles in life. Glossybox lost my interest a while back, but after seeing the September edit popping up on a few of my social feeds, I was really tempted by some of the contents and decided to treat myself (especially as the past two editions of Tili box have been so dire after previous triumphs).

The theme was a fresh look at some grooming staples, which is an interesting take that fits with the September back-to-school vibe (my schooldays may be decades past, but I still have that feeling...)

Here's what tempted me to re-sub this month:

The Stylondon Siligel Blender is a tool that has been all over YouTube and almost every beauty guru seems to have one. It became part of a trend for finding the most ridiculous thing you could apply your foundation with that saw people using socks and kids toys and Tampax and lord knows what else in parody videos.

But I'm interested to see whether this really does work! The big claim is that the Siligel Blender is more hygienic than BeautyBlender and other makeup sponges. Now, I'm definitely addicted to the flawless finish those sponges give but if you've ever cut one open, they can get mouldy and nasty inside if you don't take care to dry them out.

With the colder weather hitting in the UK, getting the damn things fully dry is hard, so this could be a great alternative. The thing is exactly like those silicone bra fillers (chicken fillets!) that I used to love as a teenager.

You use pressing, tapping and rolling motions to blend a cream or liquid base into the skin with it, and apparently, you need half the usual amount as none is absorbed into the blender, unlike sponge ones. You can fold the blender into a point to get into all the contours of your face, or use its edge.

I love the concept, but I'm not sure it's going to give as flawless a finish. At an RRP of £5.99, its also cheaper than a BeautyBlender. I'm really looking forward to trying this product out!

The next item in the box for me was the Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer. It's a great brand and you know any of their products are going to be good, so I was looking forward to this.

The product is basically a clear mascara that tames and sets unruly brows. I love a product like this as I always forget to set my brows after filling them in, and they can get a bit wild during the day. It actually makes a big difference if your brows are smoothed into place and can really lift the face.

It's a great product but I'm not sure I'd pay the £12 for it as any clear mascara will do the same job - perhaps they should add in a growth booster or some conditioning agents to really add a premium edge.

Monu Skincare is a brand that pops up again and again in beauty sub boxes, and I've always enjoyed sampling their products, especially the Warming Bath Oil.

It looks like they've had a bit of a packaging revamp because their Firming Fiji Facial Oil is looking fresh! I'm a big fan of using facial oils at night, especially in the colder months, as they give a deep hit of hydration that means you wake up with a glow.

And the timing is great as I'm about to run out of The Ordinary Cold-Pressed Argan Oil that is currently my bedtime staple. In this product, a soothing blend of Bois de Rose and Patchouli essential oils calm and firm the skin and leave it brighter. There's something about the ritual of massaging a few drops of this on after cleansing that I find really relaxing!

Readers of my blog will know that I really love luxury skincare brand Rodial and they've branched successfully into colour cosmetics lately.

I've been using and loving their Glamolash XXL mascara, so the addition of one of their Suede Lips crayons in the autumn-ready colour 'Big Apple' drew me in. Its the perfect berry shade for the change in seasons, and the crayon format makes it ultra-portable and very convenient to apply.

This promises to deliver an intense matte colour that's infused with Vitamin E for a hit of moisture. I'm always wary with matte finishes - they're not my favourite - but this really did glide on.

Crayons can function as a liner and lipstick in one, and with a dark shade like this, its super important to get that neat finish. At £22, this is fairly expensive but the deluxe formula makes it a winner. What an amazing thing to get in the box along with all the other treats!

The Cetaphil Mini Skincare Trio was also a welcome treat. Like most people, I've heard about the cult favourite, no-frills cleanser, which regularly pops up on lists of 'drugstore products the stars really use'. Apparently, its a backstage favourite at the Fashion Week shows too, as its effective without being too harsh and stripping the skin.

Cetaphil has started to become available in the UK now, so it's great to get the chance to try it and a couple of their other products - the Moisturising Cream for the Face and the Moisturising Lotion for the body.

This is the ideal little set to take with you for a weekend away as you get a decent trial size amount of each. I can't wait to try something I've heard so much about and see if it lives up to the hype.

And finally...chocolate always seals the deal, so I was defintiely into the Kinder Bueno also tucked inside the September Glossybox. This is a favourite treat of mine, and a very welcome little extra to a great box that really put a smile on my face!

So with cult favourites, high end brands and a great mix of products for just £7 (with a special sign up code), I'm super impressed with Glossybox at the moment. You can still grab your September box if you head over to Glossybox now.

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