Wunderbrow | Is it worth the hype?

Monday 20 March 2017

If there’s one thing I wish I didn’t have to think about when it comes to beauty, it's definitely brows.

A well-executed arch can literally do wonders for the face, but when I’m all bleary-eyed in the mornings they’re the first thing I mess up. So I’m always hoping a product will come along that makes it quick, easy and foolproof to have groomed brows.

Wunderbrow kept popping up in my Facebook feed accompanied by glowing testimonials, but I was always sceptical about it. It just seemed like one of those gimmicky products that get sold out of shopping centre kiosks – the kind that always makes miraculous claims but very rarely delivers. And at £20 it wasn’t something I was going to risk.

Yet I kept seeing this parade of perfect arches on my feeds. So when Amazon had an offer on Wunderbrow for £10, I decided to find out what all the hype was about…

The Hype

Wunderbrow has to seriously be one of the most hyped products I have ever come across. It’s sold as the answer to all your brow woes – waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and packed with PermaFix Gel technology that locks in colour and tiny hair-like fibres.

It claims to deliver denser-looking, defined arches that last up to three days! The company that makes this, Wunder2, have a range of similarly hyped up sounding products that claim to instantly erase wrinkles and the like.

Call me a cynic, but this approach immediately makes me sceptical. How can one company have so many earth-changing products? Wunderbrow is supposed to create ‘a flexible matrix’ that locks into place creating perfectly shaped brows.

The Packaging

It comes in a clear plastic mascara-style tube with a silver lid – nothing offensive and nice and lightweight to travel with.

The applicator is a little brush with short hairs, but I find that absolutely useless to apply the product as its nowhere near precise enough – this needs to be applied using an angled brush. Wunder2 do sell a separate brow brush to apply this with, so they obviously know the one in the tube applicator is useless.

That sort of annoys me – why not just correct the brush it comes with? It would be easy to change the brush to a shorter, angled one or even include a brush for the price this is.

The Product

The product itself is a medium-weight tinted gel that’s fairly liquid but dries quickly. My main issue with the formula is that it's not pigmented enough.

This means that, although it's quite good on areas of your brows that already have enough hairs, if you have sparse patches like me, it's not great. The product works best where it grabs onto existing hairs, but the main reason I fill mine in is because I have areas with no hair.

As the product is not pigmented enough to tint the skin, it does nothing for these sparser patches, so to get the effect and the coverage I like, I have to also apply a brow powder or pencil afterwards.

Used on its own, this provides a very natural definition that would work for a ‘no makeup’ look, but it certainly won’t deliver the groomed arches of my dreams.  I honestly don’t know how they are achieving the before and afters I see on social media because this isn’t enough on its own.

The Performance

Without product

With just Wunderbrow applied

With Wunderbrow + brow powder applied

Wunderbrow is definitely quite natural looking due to the texture it gives, and if you have quite thick brows, it probably works nicely on its own.  Certainly, the lasting power is good. I wouldn’t know if it actually lasts 3 days straight, simply because I’d never get that far without wanting to wash my face – although, in theory, this should even withstand washing.

You have to use an oil-based cleanser to remove all traces of this and although Wunder2 sell a specific removal product, you don’t need that. If you don’t have a cleanser to use, coconut or olive oil from the kitchen, baby oil or even Vaseline worked into your brows before following up with your usual face wash or wipes would work.

I do like the look this gives but I just wish it was a little better at filling in gaps and sparse areas -  then it really would be worth the money.

The Verdict

Although this isn’t a terrible product, it's certainly not the miracle I was expecting after seeing all the hype over it, and I’m really glad I didn’t pay full price.

For anyone who needs a little more coverage, this won’t be a single solution. I like the hold this gives, and it is long-lasting, but it would never be enough on its own for me without topping up with another product, plus the applicator is unbelievably rubbish.

At the end of the day, do we really need brows that stay on for three days straight?

I do like the tiny hair-like fibres, as it gives a nice soft finish, but the overall effect is not dissimilar to what could be achieved using a brow pencil and a basic clear mascara.

Wunderbrow is lacking the wow factor for me. If you have naturally thick arches that just need a small amount of definition and ‘fixing’ in place, you might love this, but for me, it falls short of the mark.

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