Glossybox Review | August 2016

Monday 22 August 2016

It's been quite a while since I was into beauty boxes.

When they first became a 'thing' I couldn't get enough of the miniature beauty treats popping through my letterbox each month.

But then products got repeated, the excitement went, and I began to realise I wasn't really using anything. So I cancelled all my subs.

Somehow, I've ended up re-subscribed to both Birchbox and Glossybox. I've had a couple of Birchboxes that have been lovely, and so I was tempted to sign back up to Glossybox as well when I saw they were offering a Rae Feather makeup bag.

This is my first Glossybox for a while, so would the contents make me fall in love again?

Rae Feather Mini Monogram Pochette

This was what drew me back in - the promise of a little makeup bag from chic brand Rae Feather.

I love the look of their monogram tote bags so I decided to go for it, but I have to say I was very disappointed.

I thought this was awful quality. A thin, flimsy canvas with no lining, the whole things looks cheap. The printing on top is just a tacky sticker! There is no way anyone in their right mind would pay £20 for this!

It's all the more disappointing coming after last month's Birchbox, which also contained a makeup bag which I really liked. The Glossybox offering isn't even worth using in my opinion- it's nothing I'd want to put my nice makeup in! Big fail.

MUA Eyeshadow Palette Starry Nights 

Getting a whole eyeshadow palette is a nice treat, and I do like and use MUA products as well. Normal subscribers got to choose their palette, but as I signed up last minute I just got a random one.

This is good because I already own a couple of the more neutral ones so it would have been bad to get a repeat - this is something completely new.

There are grey, green and purple shades in there which work well with my brown eyes and might inspire me to try something a little more out of my usual comfort zone.

I'm not so sure about the pink colours, but at least it gives me the option if I decide to get wild! 

Spa To You Deep Pore Facial Cleansing Brush

Have you given in to the cleansing brush trend yet? It's definitely a good way to turbocharge your skincare and get a really deep clean.

But you don't have to get crazy and splash out on a Clarisonic (or my personal face, a Foreo Luna). You can start a little more low-tech with a manual brush. This one has soft bristles paired with silicone cushions to massage skin and improve circulation to get that glow.

Brushes also help to exfoliate, clean pores and fight fine lines, so they're a great addition to your routine.

Although this is a good thing to get in a beauty box, because I'm already wedded to my brush of choice I can't see me changing my mind! But it might be good to have a back up option. 

Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask

Face masks are always a favourite thing of mine to receive in beauty boxes as I love to try out new ones, and I haven't used this brand before.

A PH-balanced facial treatment, this is made from all-natural ingredients with no parabens. It promises to detoxify and bring the glow by tightening pores, hydrating, brightening and smoothing skin.

I love the sound of this and am looking forward to my next bubble bath to try this out.

Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion

Mornings are hard. So sometimes what you add to your morning shower routine can make all the difference, and this lotion promises to give an energy boost with its blend of Lemongrass, Ginger and Rosemary. Shea and Cocoa Butter are packed in there to deeply moisturise the skin.

The Cowshed brand is really lovely- I'm using a hand cream from the range at the moment and loving it - so I'm sure this will be a nice little pick-me-up as well.

The Verdict

This month's box was generous - and most of the contents are good but I do feel quite let down by the Rae Feather bag.

I feel like it's a real let down to the image of a premium brand to put their name to something of such inferior quality that's so cheap looking. I signed up excited to try something from a brand whose products are on the pages of Vogue and this did not nearly do it justice. So, a bit of a let down.

I'd be tempted to cancel the sun, but the 'sneak peek' for next month showed that everyone will be receiving a travel size of my absolute holy grail mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex.

So I guess I'm staying signed up for the next one! 

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