#EastMidsMeetUp | Gift Bag Revealed!

Tuesday 23 August 2016

So I promised you all a peek into the fabulous goodie bag we all received from the recent East Mids Blog Meet. I was so excited to get such a beautiful gift bag. I didn't peek until the day after the event, and it cheered me up so much after a tough week.

I never take things like that for granted, and I know it must have taken a lot of hard work to organise. 

To me, blog events are all about connecting with like-minded people so to get presents on top is very much the icing on the cake. Let's take a look...

First up, there were some lovely homeware items from Matalan. I don't live near one, so I've probably only been in there once and I didn't know they did home stuff. So this was an eye opener!

There was a pretty glass heart-shaped tealight holder. Like most bloggers, I'm big into my candles, especially in my Sunday bubble baths and when I'm snuggled up watching movies on the sofa, so this is a great little item.

There was also a wooden heart-shaped sign reading 'Love Is...' I decided to pop this in Theo's nursery as he is definitely the love of my life! It would make a lovely item for wedding decorations if you're looking for stuff like that.

Also in the bag was a glass jam jar cup with a metal lid and a straw. How cute is that? Ideal for sipping a few summer cocktails. I don't drink anywhere near enough water, so I'm now keeping this by my bed so I can drink some as soon as I wake up. With glass, unlike plastic, you know there are no chemicals leeching into the water either.

There were some great makeup items also in the bag. We got a set of make-up brushes from Lab2 - the 'Stroke of Genius' brush kit, containing five eye brushes - a short fluff brush for packing on pigment, a slanted liner brush, a longer fluff blending brush, an extremely fine eyeliner brush and a brow and lash groomer.

The brushes feature FibreLuxe technology that is supposed to provide superior pigment pick-up and soft touch handles that are easy to grip. A great little set and I can't wait to try them out.

We also got a No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil. Mine was a gorgeous deep metallic emerald green. The shade will really go with my brown eyes. I love to use a little along the lower lash line to bring a little jolt of colour to a monochrome eye look.

There was also the Covershoot Cosmetics Contour palette, which is awesome. I haven't tried this brand before, but I do love to get my contour on! The pans of colour are really large and they look ideal shades for adding some dimension to a look.

That would all have been amazing enough but there was still more to come! In the bag were a couple of CDs - from a band called Ekkoes and a singer called Pete Gardiner. I love to discover new music so I'll definitely be giving these a listen.

Next, the Witch Naturally Clear Daily Primer & Clearing Serum. Luckily, I don't generally have problem skin but I was interested to try this for its priming power as it promises to even out skin tone, hold makeup in place and keep skin oil-free all day. I like the neat little pump and this has already found a home on my bathroom shelf where I'll be trying it out for the next few weeks.

From Vita Coco, one of my favourite brands, there was a Coconut Water drink and a sample of their Coconut Oil. Both are products I love and use pretty regularly so I was pleased to receive these. Vita Coco one hundred per cent kept me going while I was in labour!

There was also another drink from Real Tea- Green Tea with Ginseng. I go through phases with green tea. Sometimes I drink loads knowing how good it is for you and other times I find it too bitter. I've never had it cold before though. This is surprisingly delicious and refreshing though and tastes great - I'd definitely buy it again.

From Merumaya, we got treated to a full size of their Melting Cleansing Balm. I have come across the brand before as they gave a talk at a bloggers event I went to previously, and I know their stuff is top-notch. It was also very timely, as I’ve just run out of cleanser and was looking to try something new! The balm contains Sweet Almond Oil, Echium, Omega 3,6 and 9 and anti-oxidants to really nourish the skin deep down and give you a glow. I can’t wait to give this a go as I know Merumaya products are so lovely to use.

There was also some Carex liquid hand soap – and this one is in a Love Hearts scent. So much fun! It really does smell like the sweets as well. I’ll never be able to use boring handsoap again!

Finally there was a Honey I Washed The Kids soap from Lush. Lush are really great at blogger outreach and getting involved, so it was nice to see them in there. This soap smells absolutely amazing and it left my skin incredibly soft. It reminded me to try more things from Lush – I like what I try but I never seem to think to shop there.

A massive thank you to Emma, Kirstie and Lianne for organising such a brilliant day and these generous presents.

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  1. Great post! I'm gutted I got the brow set from covershoot instead of the contour (I have approximately 674 brow kits already!) but the entire gift bag was so generous I cannot possibly complain.

    Once again it was lovely meeting you and I look forward to getting together with our little pre-meet group again!!

    Rebecca, libfemblog.com