Spring Beauty Haul | MAC, Ben Nye, Kat Von D & More

Sunday 27 March 2016

So, I haven’t done a beauty haul in quite a while. 

I guess I’ve been focusing on other things and enjoying using the products I’ve already got. As part of my #Project2016, I’ve also been trying to use up stuff I already have and streamline my collection a little bit. 

But this month, I did end up getting quite a few beauty items and stocked up on some things, plus I found a couple of new must-haves I really wanted to try out. Here they are… 

Bourjois Little Round Pot Nude Edition – ‘Utaupique’ 

The Little Round Pot eyeshadows and blushes have literally been around for 100 years, but their latest makeover really caught my eye. The iconic pots are looking a little bolder, and as I love nude makeup shades, I had to try one.

There are mattes, pearls and shimmers in the collection. This shade is a beautiful matte taupe – I’d call it a kind of smoky espresso shade. I

t’s absolutely gorgeous on. I thought of it first as a good crease colour, but I’m actually enjoying it as a wash of colour around the whole eye. It looks really understated and sophisticated. 

Indeed Labs Eyesilix Instant Eye Rescue 

I’ve been waiting for ages to run out of the eye cream I’d been using so that I could try a new one, and I really did my research on it!

After looking at several options and reading a ton of reviews, I went for Eyesilix. Its one of those products that has both an instant and a cumulative effect, which I love.

Crammed full of 10 peptides, its supposed to be a pretty heavyweight anti-ager. My under-eye area is one of my biggest concerns, because it has puffiness, fine lines and dark circles. In short, it’s a disaster – and having a 5 month old and all the lack of sleep he comes with is not helping that!

I’m hoping that this will help counteract it a bit, and I’ll be doing a proper review when I’ve had a chance to get to grips with it. 

NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick – ‘Baby Doll’ 

This lip product has been on my wishlist since it popped up on my Insta feed a couple of months ago, but its not stocked in the UK yet (boooo!), so I had to go to some lengths to get one to try.

Again, the line is a range of nudes (can you see a trend in the make-up I love?), and its ultra-lightweight, plush and creamy. Baby Doll is one of the lighter and pinker-leaning shades and I’m hoping it’ll prove to be a ‘my lips but better’ deal with some serious lasting power.

I need something I can chuck on and forget about at the moment, as time for touch-ups is rare with a baby. 

Mac Pro Longwear concealer 

Another thing that’s a must-have for any new mummy beauty addict? Lashings of concealer!

I’ve been using and enjoying the concealer from Amazing Cosmetics, which is seriously good stuff, but I’ve heard a lot about the wonders of Pro Longwear and I wanted to know how it stacked up.

The staying power of this stuff is meant to be pretty top notch. These days I’m more of a BB-cream-and-concealer kind of girl – I think it looks better for every day than a full face of foundation.

But that means the concealer needs to be pretty great! So I’m hoping this and the new eye cream will do wonders. 

Mac Lightful C Tinted Cream 

Again, I’ve really wanted to try this for a long time, so after finishing the BB I was using, I went ahead and got some.

 I haven’t found my Holy Grail cream yet, because I’m pretty exacting about it. I want smooth coverage and a load of skin benefits! But from the outside, this stuff looks pretty perfect.

It has a good high SPF of 30, which is a massive bonus to start with and its packed with Vitamin C and other skin goodies that promise to banish dullness and dark spots, and leave a glowing finish. It seems like a great all-in-one product to take with me on holiday as well.

The magpie in me also loves the holographic stripes on the packaging – and I’m really hoping this is going to prove a favourite of mine. I want to love it soooo bad – let’s hope it loves me back! 

Mac Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact 

To go with the CC cream, I picked up this powder to add on top if I feel I need a little more coverage, or want to touch up up on the go.

There are four different colour variants in the range, for different effects on the complexion, and this one is ‘Adjust’, a peachy-beige colour that aims to brighten and even out the skin tone.

You can use it to set make-up and blot up oil, but it also gives a bit of coverage of its own. Its supposed to also diminish the appearance of fine lines, so it sounds right up my alley! 

Mac Vamplify Lip Lacquer – ‘Sparkling Haute’ 

I couldn’t resist picking up one of these limited edition lip products as well. I love the idea of a gloss with a bit more pigment in.

This is loaded with natural oils – coconut, sweet almond, avocado and sesame – so it moisturises as well as providing a pop of colour. I went for this peachy-nude colour as one of the most wearable in the range, although its supposed to be one of the sheerest in terms of pigmentation.

I kind of wish these were just part of the regular Mac line, because I much prefer the formula to their Lipglass. Why is it that my favourite Mac products are always the special editions? 

Eyelure Paris Edit lash set 

I also ordered this little set of three lashes from Eyelure while I was stocking up. They’ve released four sets of ‘edits’ – London, Paris, New York and Hollywood Blonde – each containing a little wardrobe of three styles.

The styles are all taken from their regular line, so if you especially like a pair, its not like you can never get hold of it again. I chose the ‘Paris’ edit. One of my favourite cities in the world, and the lashes are almost as good. It contains their 083, 100, and 101 styles from the Volume line.

The thing I love about Eyelure is that the lashes always fit my eye really well without having to trim them down so I can pop them on quickly straight from the box and know they’re going to look great. 

HD Brows Pro Powder Base Palette 

Contouring is just a fact of everyday life at this point, and I love the power it has to give me cheekbones where God forgot! For days where I’m going all out with my makeup look, this is ideal.

The powder is so smooth and just blends out beautifully, plus it seems to stay really well, so I’m impressed. The range of different tones makes it easy to get a really sculpted 3D look with multiple layers.

My favourite trick is to sweep a medium matte bronze tone under my cheekbones and then go in with an even deeper shade at the very outer corners, which gives an incredible chiselled effect.

Nip and Fab Bee Sting Fix Cream 

So for a while now Ive been skipping moisturiser and just using a BB cream, but lately my skin has been a little more on the dry side and I felt I needed to add something more.

Being an old lady these days, anti aging is pretty high on my priorities list, so this cream caught my eye. Its packed with goodies like hyaluronic acid, shea butter and vitamin E, as well as the bee venom which promises to boost circulation and fight fine lines, and propolis as an antioxidant.

It also promises to provide a second skin environmental shield, which really caught my attention. I love the products Ive tried before from the line, so I want to see if this lives up to its hype! 

Nip and Fab Viper Venom Eye Fix 

Ok, so I mentioned above that Im battling a serious under eye situation at the moment. As well as the Eyesilix, I also picked up this roller product.

Ive tried it before, but its been reformulated since then and now includes red algae extract to battle dark circles, Liftonin to tighten and SynAke to smooth. I seriously need all the help I can get in that area, so Im hoping this delivers the goods. 

MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick Blaze 

I am a big fan of MUA products, they have to be one of the best drugstore lines. And their Luxe range is amazing. The packaging looks very high-end and sleek but the prices are so friendly!

These metallic lipsticks are jaw droppingly beautiful. They are extremely pigmented and dazzling. Some of the colours were a little out there for me, but I fell in love with this rich dark red colour. How show stopping would this be paired with a really understated eye? 

Dermacol Film Studio Makeup Cover 

This was a word of mouth recommendation from someone in an online makeup group, and I hadnt heard of it before she posted an absolutely flawless looking picture of her makeup. Of course, everyone wanted to know what foundation she was using!

This pretty little tube hides a high coverage formula that promises to be amazing for those days when you need flawless skin, and I’m excited to give it a try and report back.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss - Bachelorette

Another one I've been itching to get my hands on for ages! Kat Von D products are irritatingly hard to get hold of in the UK (this is the global age beauty companies, sort it out!) but I finally managed it.

I think I would have bought this for the bad ass black studded casing anyway, but the colour is also amazing. It's a rich, velvety raspberry colour- sometimes it looks red and other times it looks a very deep pink. It's not like any other red shade in my collection.

I feel like this magically gives me some rock attitude when I swipe it on! I'm really keen now to get some more shades.

Ben Nye Banana Powder

My concealer needs some serious help, so I’ve resolved to give baking a go.

If you’re not an insane makeup addict, you may be unaware that I’m not planning on making a Victoria sponge...Here, baking refers to a process where concealer is set with a heavy layer of loose powder that you leave to sit for a while before buffing away. Supposedly it stops any creasing and locks the concealer in place.

Banana Powder is ideal for this, as its very finely milled and yellow-tinted to chase away shadows. Could this be the secret to that flawless finish?

I’ve been wanting to try it for a while to find out, so when I found some on a goodaily deal, I pounced.

So, that’s my massive beauty haul, well done if you made it this far! Let me know if there are any of the products you’d like a full review on, or have tried and loved.

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