Six Things Mums Need to Take In the Changing Bag

Friday 25 March 2016

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It can be a mission taking a little one out for the day. But it’s important for you to get some air when you are stuck indoors with your baby all day.

If you do decide to go out to the shops or to visit a friend, you need to make sure you take a changing bag.

And don’t forget, your changing bag doesn’t have to be dreary.

There are so many designer changing bags about that you can buy now that are fashionable but are also practical. I also talk here about how you can now buy stylish clutch changing bags which you will love.

These are six vital things every mum needs to take with them in their changing bag to make sure the time out goes to plan.

Filled bottle of milk

If you are heading out, there is a good chance your child will get hungry. You could be out for hours, and therefore, you don’t want to get stuck. If you are not breastfeeding, it’s important to take a bottle of formula with you so that you are prepared if your baby does need feeding.


As talked about here, you should take nappies with you. Half a dozen nappies should be sufficient to take with you for any accidents that may occur while you are out. You will be surprised how many nappies your child will get through while you are out at the shops.

Changing mat

If you need to stop and change your baby, it will be a nightmare without a changing mat. It will definitely help to have a changing mat if there is limited space and you need to get your baby down on a supportive and comfortable area.

This checklist explains that some changing bags come with a changing mat so be sure to check before having to buy an extra one. You can also buy disposable changing mats so you can throw them away after being used.

Change of clothes

You need to make sure that your baby has a change of clothes when you go out. As it says here, the one time you don’t take one will be the time you actually will need it! It might be the nappy leaks, or they are sick, and then you will need to change the baby grow.


Baby wipes are a godsend for mums out there. They are essential to wipe your child’s hands if they get dirty. They are also handy for nappy changes, or if you baby is sick. Take about ten so you have plenty spare.


If you are going out to the shops, it’s a good idea to take a toy to entertain your little one while you have a look for some new clothes. It’s also an excellent way to keep them busy while you are at a friend’s home.

If you are looking for more tips for packing that changing bag, watch this video so that you are ready to go out with your little one.

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