What Are All The Best Style And Beauty Gifts?

Friday 22 January 2016

If you’re trying to think of gifts, to buy your beauty and style obsessed friend, you’re in the right place. 

The good news is that when it comes to picking out the perfect style and beauty gifts, there are plenty to choose from. So whatever she’s into, you should be able to find a pressie that’s perfect for her. 

Plus, with so many options to choose from, no matter what your budget, you should be able to find a lovely gift.

Fashion gift ideas

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Whatever you do, when it comes to picking a fashionable gift, steer clear of clothing. The truth is, no matter how well you know your friend, choosing clothes for her is always going to be risky. 

You might think that you know her tastes but trust me, when it comes to style related gifts, accessories are always best. (If you want to buy her clothes as a present, it’s best to give her a gift card and let her pick for herself.)

The great thing about scarves is that you can never have too many, so even if your friend already has lots, she’ll love her gift. 

Plus, with so many different designs, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for her. Obviously, get the receipt just in case she doesn’t like it, but the chances are as long as you pick a colour and design you know she likes, she’ll love it.

How about treating her to a new bag? Bags are a style essential, and so are ideal for picking as a gift. The great thing about bags is that you have unlimited choice, from bright, bold designs to elegant, neutral ones. 

There are also plenty of options when it comes to the size as well, and of course, the price. One place that’s great for bags is Accessorize, as they have so many different designs to choose from.

What about buying her jewellery? One of the easiest gifts to get right is jewellery; it’s just a case of picking a piece that fits her style and tastes. When it comes to choosing jewellery as a gift, we tend to opt for traditional items, like necklaces, earrings and bracelets. However, that shouldn’t be the case. 

Why not treat your friend to a beautiful anklet or if she has a nose or navel piercing, a piece of jewellery for that? For a range of chic, stylish designs, check out this online belly button piercing shop, that also sells nose studs too.

Beauty gift ideas

Let’s talk beauty gifts. Many of us make the mistake of thinking that buying beauty-related items as a gift is tricky. However, as long as you know the types of brands your friend likes and the products she tends to use, you shouldn’t have any problems.

You can’t go wrong with a pamper set. If your friend is in need of a pamper, you can’t go wrong with a gift set of pamper products. Be it a mini facial kit or a body exfoliating and moisturising kit, a pamper gift could be idea. Just make sure to pick one that is made by a brand she uses, so that you know it won’t upset her skin.

Perfume can make a great present. Obviously, it can be a hard one to get right, especially if you’re unsure what scents she tends to wear. However, if you know what her fave perfume is, you can ask the store assistant to recommend a similar one.

Buying beauty and style gifts doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s just a case of being selective about what you choose.

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