Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama | Review

Monday 25 January 2016

Every time a new mascara launches, I get excited. My dreams of astoundingly long, hyper real Disney Princess lashes will never die. 

Every time I think this new formula could be the one for me. The one that will deliver volume, length and no clumps or splatters. 

One mascara to rule them all.

For a while, I had individual lash extensions, so I didn't have a use for mascara, but I've reverted to bare lashes at the moment, so when I saw this new launch from Maybelline I took the plunge.  

I'm no mascara snob and my head can be turned by drugstore and high end formulas alike. So I had high hopes for The Falsies Push Up Drama. But would it deliver?

The Hype

You may well have seen the TV ads with a smirking Gigi Hadid (who I irrationally want to punch) sporting a very obvious set of fake lashes….Why on earth do beauty companies do that?

They've lost the plot if they think we can't tell. Am I the only one who is more interested to see what the actual mascara looks like on? Go peddle your CGI impossi-lashes elsewhere.

They say: 

‘Lashes so lifted, so dramatic. Pushup cup brush with cup shaped bristles scoops and lifts lashes. New creamy plumping formula delivers instant volume and holds lift in place. Over the top lashes for a glammed up look.’

Okay, sounds good. I like the idea of more drama in my lashes, if not my life. 

But those are some bold claims. Is this mascara really good to make me want to ditch my falsies permanently?

The Brush

The brush features plastic hook bristles and is quite large. The bristles are spaced very far apart which gives a much thicker coating of product to each lash. 

This is a mixed blessing. If you're very careful when applying,  it can give quite a dense, volumised look, but equally it can quickly go south and turn into a clumpy, spiky mess if you aren't careful.

Normally, I'm a fan of plastic brushes because generally they provide more definition to lashes, but that's not the case here.

As for the promised ‘push up’? Well, my lashes are as flat as as pancake when I use this unless I spend some serious time with a lash curler, so that's a bust. 

In terms of lift, this is actually one of the worst formulas I've tried!

The Packaging

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara comes in a split tube that almost looks as if it should be double ended, like one of those mascaras with a primer on one end, but it's not. 

It's a red and pink chrome finish tube that's pretty eye catching, if not the classiest. It's sort of like a bright push up bra- a little obvious but quite attention grabbing.

The Formula

Seriously hate how damp wet this mascara is. It's so thick and gloopy, and the fact it seems to stay wet forever is irritating. 

I've seriously sneezed a good ten minutes after putting this on and it's gone everywhere, ruining my eye makeup. 

I've also never put this on without getting smudges of it all over my lids even when I'm ever so careful. As anyone who has spent time loving blending shadow will know, this is downright heartbreaking. 

This stuff smears everywhere! I'm actually tempted to leave the cap off for a bit to dry it out some!

The Performance 

The Performance 

Although putting this on without coating your eyelids and half your face in the process is practically impossible, once on at least it doesn't flake, but I did experience some smudging under my lower lashes (it was a wet day so the jury is out on that). 

It seems to weigh down my lashes so holding a curl is impossible. Somehow, it seems to stay sort of tacky as well, so curling after application makes your lashes stick to the curler. What a mess.

It does come off easily at night so that's perhaps the only plus point.


Absolutely awful- give this one a miss. I'm a little surprised as it comes on the heels of Lash Sensational, which most agree is one of the best mascaras around (somehow I haven't tried it and oh how I wish I had bought that instead of this…) and it somehow manages to completely suck.

Maybelline mascaras are so hit and miss. They've produced some of my favourites but also the only mascara I've ever thrown in the bin after one use (that was the Colossal Volume one in the yellow tube).

At this rate, The Falsies Push Up Drama will be joining it!

I'm going to stick with it it a few more times to see if the formula drying out helps any, but this has not rocked my world. If clumpy lashes are your thing (no judgement, it worked for Twiggy back in the day) then this may work for you. For everyone else....not so much.

And will it have me dumping my false lashes in the bin? Big fat no. Not unless they can photo shop me in some good ones like Gigi in the advert!

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  1. Glad I read your review before buying it! Definitely one to avoid :/ xx
    Gyudy @ Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty