Learn To Be More Confident At Work With These Tips

Thursday 15 October 2015

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We all want career success; every one of us wants to be their office’s greatest success story, don't’ we?

However, without confidence, your chances of having a prosperous career are low. Even if you aren’t a confident person outside the workplace, at work, you need to be. Fake it until you make it!

With my job being in marketing and PR, people skills are a definite must. You're also advising clients on communications strategies, and that means having the confidence to sell your ideas. But what if you don't feel sure of yourself?

Boosting your workplace confidence is actually, much easier than you would think. To help you become more assertive in the workplace, here are a few tips to take note of:

 Don’t doubt yourself

 When it comes to confidence, the most important thing is not to doubt yourself. If you doubt yourself and your ideas, you will never gain confidence. Instead, you will start to lose even more self-esteem.

It might be hard, but when you come up with an idea, don’t doubt yourself. Share your thoughts and ideas with your colleagues and see what they say. If the idea isn’t a success, don’t stress about it, there’s always next time.

If, however, the idea is a success, you will get an awesome confidence boost.

Be confident when you’re not at work

When it comes to boosting your workplace confidence, the key is to be confident both when you’re at work and when you’re not. You will find that by working on your self-esteem both in and out of work, you will boost it more quickly.

If there is a particular thing that causes you to lose confidence, such as speaking to your boss, think of ways that you can overcome it. It might be hard, but in time, you will learn to be happier and more confident.

Get some help

If you are struggling with a certain area of your confidence, such as speaking to customers, consider getting some help. Your executive presence is important when it comes to your career, so if it’s not as good as it could be, try to change that.

You may find getting a mentor helpful, as they will be able to help you work on any confidence issues that you have. If you do decide to get a mentor, make sure to choose somewhere who has been where you are now.

You will find someone who has struggled with confidence themselves, much easier to relate to, than someone who hasn’t.

Change your mindset

When it comes to confidence, a lot of it stems from your mindset. This might sound odd, but when it comes to self-esteem, it’s all about your mental mindset. If you feel negative, then you are going to be unconfident.

There are plenty of ways you can go about boosting your mindset, from reading mindset books to attending special training events. The key is to work on your mindset every day, the more you work on it, the more confident you will become.

When you have low confidence, it can be hard to succeed at work. This is especially true if your low self-esteem means that you don’t feel confident sharing ideas or speaking up at board meetings.

However, it is possible to boost your confidence, it just takes times, that’s all. To give your confidence a boost, all you need to do is follow the tips, above.

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