Entertaining evenings in with bgo

Friday 16 October 2015

by  treehouse1977

A baby in the house means a lot of changes for the whole household, but particularly for a first-time mum and dad.

Before the baby arrived, for the most part, time outside work was yours to do what you pleased, and that probably meant two or three nights out a week – even if you were just going to the gym, not necessarily going out to socialise.

However, all that changes when you’ve got a little one in the house, and once you’ve got them into a decent bathtime and bedtime routine, the prospect of being at home every night can feel a little monotonous.

As the nights draw in and autumn starts, it’s a good idea to have some alternative ways to spend time at home as well as just seeing what’s on the box.

Spin your way to some fun

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Of course, the only downside to that is that a win will not bring you real cash either!

Entertain at home

With a baby comfortably asleep in their bed, you can relax downstairs, but it doesn’t just have to be the two of you.

You may not be ready to leave your child with a babysitter just yet, but that doesn’t preclude inviting friends over for dinner. Don’t make it hard work, though, keep it simple and make a chilli, for example, so it’s all ready when they arrive.

Then you can concentrate on catching up with your friends and not feel like you’re stuck in the kitchen half the night.

Stay fit together

New parents often pile on a few pounds thanks to the amount of time they stay in and spend indulging in too much snacking.

If you want to keep up an exercise routine, you can either take turns to go the gym in the evenings, while the other one stays home with the baby, or there are also plenty of at home exercise routines that you can do; using YouTube videos, exercise DVDs or apps.
Why not try a new type of exercise – such as yoga or Pilates? If you’re going down the DIY approach to exercise, make sure to actually do it rather than just plan to do it. It’s all too easy to put it off if you’re feeling tired, but you’ll reap the rewards in the long run.

Of course, with a long day at work and getting used to looking after a baby, there’ll be plenty of times when you just want to crash on the sofa in the evenings, but having some alternatives means that you’re less likely to get that stir-crazy feeling from spending too much time at home.

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