Hair Makeover at The Little Hair Boutique

Thursday 13 August 2015

I did it! After several month of Pinterest stalking bob hairstyles and coveting shorter locks, I went for the chop the other day!

I’ve had long hair for years, and it had become a bit of a safety blanket if I’m honest. It really felt time for a change, but of course I was quite nervous about it. But life is changing a lot at the moment and I wanted my hair to keep pace. Plus, my ends were fried, dried out and just felt gross. It was beginning to irritate me having all that dead hair hanging around my face.

The ‘lob’ or long, textured bob has definitely been the standout style over the past few years. Suddenly, short hair looked much cooler than WAG style long, bouncing curls. But still I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Part of being able to do this was finding the right salon. I slipped out of having a regular hairdresser a few years ago when my favourite went to Australia (it’s a bit too far to travel for highlights and a trim), and since then I’ve been a nomad, trying new places but never really finding one to love. Until now.

My cut was done by Amy, who owns The Little Hair Boutique in Lady Bay, right where I live.

After seeing numerous glowing recommendations, and wanting to find somewhere easy to get to from the house with a baby in tow, I gave it a go and found an absolute gem.

I was so pleased with my experience there. First off, the salon is beautiful – a little hidden retreat with beautiful décor. I know what the salon looks like is not the be all and end all, but it does give you an impression of the general taste and aesthetic of the place, and this space is very reflective of Amy’s own style (she told me her house is very similar!), which is lovely.

As a new customer, I was made to feel so welcome. Its clear there are lot of regular customers already loyal to the place, and no wonder. I was met with a huge smile and lots of energy and enthusiasm, even though it was late in the day. There was a really nice atmosphere and I was soon chatting happily with the other ladies in the salon. I felt like I’d been going there for years.

The salon uses Davines products, which are organic and from Italy. My hair was washed and deep conditioned using the ‘NouNou’ line which is for dry and damaged locks.

I’d never tried the range before, but they smelt absolutely heavenly and let me tell you, my hair had never been so shiny and soft at the end. I’m going to be picking some up when I next run out of shampoo, it was that good.

Then it was time for the chop, but I felt very safe with Amy, she immediately knew exactly what to do. I’d expected it to take me a while to ‘adjust’ and that I might feel sad when my long locks started dropping to the floor, but even with my hair still wet I was smiling because it was clear she’d nailed a really nice shape and length.

When I was a young girl, it was long enough to sit on (my mother’s idea, as she had never been allowed long hair as a girl).

It was thick and wavy and used to attract many admiring comments from adults and sticky fingers from other children. Of course, as soon as I got to about 12 and could have my own way, I had it all lopped off into a pageboy boy.

That was an epic mistake! The cut was all wrong (think flat on the crown, heavy around the jawline, like a Lego Man cut), and this was before GHDs, so there were no styling tools to help manage unruly kinks and chronic frizz. It also coincided nicely with my puppy fat stage.

So all in all? Not a great look. Enough to scare me off short hair for decades. I grew it out immediately and never had it shorter than shoulder length again. Until now.

Amy did a perfect blow dry that gave me a smooth, shiny, structured look. In the morning when I woke up, to style it myself I decided to go for a more textured look, so I scrunched some texture spray into the ends, and I loved that look too. I can’t wait to try it out all wavy as well.

I had such a great experience and visiting The Little Hair Boutique put a very big smile on my face. I can tell I’ll be going there for years to come now. There’s also a beauty salon upstairs, which is majorly convenient if you fancy a full day of pampering.


  1. I love it!! Really suits you! Also, that hair salon looks beautiful.

    Charlie x

  2. Love the new look - it really suits you! I haven't had my haircut in about a year (terrible I know) but my mum's treating me just before I have the baby. Part of the reason I haven't been for so long is that I haven't found a hairdresser round here that I like. Hopefully this next one will be a good'n! Don't think I'm going to have too much cut off just want to get rid of the split ends and have some layers put in. New mummy hair! xo