Review: Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes

Monday 25 August 2014

Hands up, I'll freely admit I'm a false flutter junkie. I'm addicted to big, beautiful lashes - so much so that I wear strip lashes almost every day.

I tried permanent lash extensions, but they irritated my eyes badly and I didn't like not being able to get my face wet in the shower, so I had to admit defeat and get them removed.

Since then, I've gotten really good at hunting down and applying natural-looking strip lashes, and its so quick for me to do them, I sort of feel like, why not? Having lovely lashes gives me a little boost, and its harmless.

In between uses, I clean the lashes gently using a cotton pad soaked in micellar water, and use tweezers to remove excess glue build-up from the lash band. 

That way I can make a pair last through a week or a fortnight of daily use, which makes it economical. I store them in a contact lens box in my make-up bag between uses.

Since I have no wish to look like Katie Price or any of the cast of Towie, I try to choose lashes that look natural and not too over the top.

The best styles for this tend to be feathered ones that aren’t too dense. My favourite brand is usually Eyelure – the lashes are great quality, they have a lot of styles and they fit my perfectly without any trimming.

When I went to stock up on lashes recently, I was tempted to try a pair of these Kiss Looks So Natural lashes. The packaging claims that, unlike other lashes, the ends are tapered to give more of a realistic effect. They also claim to be super- lightweight and comfortable to wear.

These are the style 'Vamp', which looked like the most 'wispy' of the styles available.


I found these lashes to be a little harder to work with than my usual choice. They were too long for my eyes, which meant that the inner corners were uncomfortable to wear and kept coming unstuck. 

This is easily solved by trimming a few strands off the inner corner with nail scissors, but the Eyelure ones fit my eyes perfectly straight away with no trimming, which is better.

Once the length issue was resolved, the lashes were comfortable to wear – I couldn’t feel them on at all. They didn’t irritate my eyes and the band is nice and thin.


These are definitely natural and very passable for day time wear. Again, the thinner clear band really helps to make the appearance less obvious. 

If anything I would have preferred them to be a little more dramatic, but only slightly. If you’re not used to wearing falsies, or you’re concerned about looking ‘fake’, these live up to their natural promise. 

They just made my lashes look really pretty, a bit longer and fuller - but nothing that looked cartoonish. 

I would say these really are on the subtle end of the scale, but Eyelure UltraNaturals use a mix of brown and black strands which would look more realistic as real lashes without mascara – the Kiss Looks So Naturals probably do need a slick of mascara to blend them in unless you have very dark eyelashes.

Durability and reuse

Despite their lightweight construction, the Kiss Looks So Natural lashes were quite sturdy, and gave me a week and a half of daily use. 

I probably could have squeezed a couple more days out of them, but a line has to be drawn somewhere!

They weren't too delicate to stand up to cleaning and re-use, which is essential if you're going to be wearing lashes every day and multiple uses from one pair, like I do.


I like these, but they didn’t steal the crown from Eyelure for me. I found them easy to apply and they gave a pretty definition to the eyes - these are great as a ‘beginner’s lash’ or for those who are really concerned about looking natural. 

Kiss Looks So Natural lashes are a pound or so cheaper than my usual Eyelure lashes, so they make a bit more of a budget buy (if you wear lashes all the time, it can quickly add up!) I would re-buy them though, especially if they were on offer. 

If you’re just starting out with falsies, Kiss also do a range with ‘positioning strings’ that you use to guide the lash into place that then come off. 

Definitely worth a try if you’re in the market for a natural but enhanced flutter.


  1. I can never put fake lashes. I'm such a div. BEAUTIFUL POST

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