How To: 3D Ombré Lips

Monday 25 August 2014

Today’s post will be on how to get a popping, 3D ombre pout. 

This lip look is a total stand out, ideal for autumn parties and occaisions when you want all eyes to be on you and what you’re saying. 

The best part is that its really easy to achieve. In fact, you can get there in just 6 short steps…

You’re going to need a few items to get the look:

  • Lip balm
  • A concealer stick or neutral coloured eye pencil
  • A black kohl pencil
  • Red lipstick (or whatever bright colour your heart desires
  • White or pale gold shimmer pigment

Make sure your pout is conditioned and prepped. 

With such an eye-catching, heavy colour look, you don’t want flaky bits and fine lines distracting from the make-up. So start off with a slick of balm. 

I’m using one of the colourless Maybelline Baby Lips sticks.

Concealing the natural colour of your lips will help the colour you put on top to really stand out. 

In this case, its also going to help us create the 3D effect. 

So apply concealer all over your lips - this is easiest if you use on in a stick format. 

Here, I’m using the appropriately named NYX Wonder Pencil which has about a million different uses! 

Give the very centre section of your lips an extra coat. This will cheat a fuller pout and help give that out of this world effect.

This next step is going to feel a little weird, but bear with me, its worth it! 

You’re going to take a black kohl pencil and use it to line around your lips. I know it looks a little drastic, but once blended in properly under the lipstick, it won’t look like you’ve become a goth – trust me.

I like the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in ‘Crave’, because the formula is so creamy and easy to work with.

Apply your lipstick of choice on top. This can be any bright colour you like, but there’s something about this look that lends itself to red. Anything with a moisturising formula will work well. 

Here I’m using my all-time HG red, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in ‘Rebelle’. 

It’s a colour I’m addicted to, and this 3D ombre look gives it a whole new twist. 

Apply the colour carefully, using a lipbrush to blend in the black outline so it becomes soft and diffused.

I used the Sally Hansen La Crosse Retractable Lip Liner Brush, which is very fine and great for detailed work. 

Add a few coats of the lipstick until you get your desired intensity.

To add that final pop, get some white or pale gold shimmer pigment – any eyeshadow will do – on your little finger and pat a little onto the very centre of your lower lip and cupids bow. 

This step really takes the look over the edge, adds wonderful dimension and gives that 3D effect. I used Shimmer Dust from H&M.

And there we have it, you’ve got a show-stopping pout that will really make them stop and stare!


  1. It surely looks amazing in photo! Loved the bit about the black liner, it really looks scary on concealed lips! ;) xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  2. Oh wow they look amazing!!! So good for nights out xx

    Gemma |