OOTN: Back in Black

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Life has been pretty hectic lately, with a few major projects at work and lots going on socially.

Usually my nights out are less than once a month, but this will now be the third weekend in a row I’ve been out partying – highly unusual! And so because of that I’ve been publishing loads of Outfit posts at the moment – its gone from something I hardly ever did, to a weekly occurrence. Normal service will soon be resumed.

This weekend, one of my best friends was up for a visit. Its been ages since we’ve had a catch up so I was super-excited to see her.

We decided to hit the town and our destination was a club called Rock City. 

This sticky-floored palace of sin holds a special place in both our hearts. 

We were ‘alternative’ teenagers, into our rock music and we did a lot of growing up in there. I used to go twice a week when I was in sixth-form, on Thursdays and Saturdays,and the place holds so much history for me. 

Friendships, ex-boyfriends, lots of drinking and a whole heap of great live music – its even where I first spotted Seb, although we didn’t meet there. 

 I haven’t been back for some time, so I was almost a little nervous about revisiting – would it have changed beyond recognition? Would it still be the same but for me, much older and out of place now?

Of course, I had to return to my rock roots and give a nod to my former style, but in a much more grown-up way. On the way there we were laughing about the get-ups we used to wear there – baggy skate jeans with corset tops, micro-kilts with ripped fishnets and legwarmers, and as many spiked bracelets and belts as you could pile on! This time I tried to keep it more classic…

Black mesh minidress – Topshop

Black leather camera bag – H&M

Black wedge trainers – Primark

Pewter crystal bracelet – Zara

Purple enamel tiger bangle- Topshop

One of the best things about going to Rock City is getting to wear trainers! My feet were so grateful at the end of the night. The black wedge ones gave a bit of height but were still comfortable and casual.

After a few outfit changes, I ended up wearing a black mesh dress with some really pretty braiding on. This is from Topshop, but I bought it in a blog sale from Helen at the LoveCats Inc. It’s an unusual twist on the LBD and the sheer mesh made it feel more rock and roll – of course I layered a black slip underneath for modesty!

My bag was this simple black camera bag from H&M – a cross body style added to the dressed down vibe and made it easy to dance.

Then I added in just a couple of bracelets for a bit of decoration. This purple tiger number from Topshop is a favourite of mine because its so hideous and tacky it kind of cycles all the way back round! It’s perfect for adding a little ironic flavour and colour. And then this marquisate bracelet just added a slight bit of sparkle to lift the whole thing.

Make-Up Notes

Make-up wise I experimented with a totally new style for me – deep and dark dramatic lips! 

I’m quite comfortable with brights and loud colours, but I’ve always been a bit shy of a gothic dark lip. However, we had gone shopping earlier in the day and I found myself browsing the make-up in Topshop. The make-up artist there offered to try a plum lip on me when she saw me umming and ahhing over the lipsticks, and so I took the plunge.  

Part of the reason I've been so shy is not really knowing what to do for my eye make-up, that would be strong enough to balance out the dark lips and yet not look too much. The MUA in Topshop showed me how to use rich golds and a bit of brown on my eyes, with a pop of champagne in the inner corners. Once I'd gotten used to the new look, I was hooked!

I went and got my nails completely re-done as well - overlays stripped off, back to bare basics and started again. I'd been utting it off for ages as I'm always short on time to spend in the salon, but it feels so good to get it done! I go to Gorgeous Nails and they always laugh because I usually pick a deep red or a taupe, so this time, I told them to pick a colour for me! They chose this gorgeous metallic navy blue- it's OPI 'Russian Navy' if you're interested. I also had my nails reshaped into an almond, which I'm loving paired with the dark colour. 

Here are the products I used to get my night out look:

My skin was prepped using Maybelline's Baby Skin, which is a new purchase. Once smooth, I used Benefit Erase Paste to try and battle my dark circles.

My base was done with the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, which I picked up in my Birmingham blog meet haul. A full review of this is coming soon but for now I'll just say it's amazing! Then I used the Urban Decay Naked Flushed blusher palette to lightly bronze and contour my cheeks. This is great for a lighter sweep of bronzer when you don't want it to look too much,

The marvellous purple lips were courtesy of Topshop Lips in 'Inhibition' - what a gorgeous dark reddish plum shade this is! Once I'd gotten over my inital fears, I really enjoyed wearing this - proof that coming out of your comfort zone can be good.

The MUA also told me that the Topshop make-up is all made in the same factory as the Mac stuff! Can't believe that! So basically, their products are of the same quality....interesting to know...

I used a new favourite, the NYX Wonder Pencil, to provide natural highlights under my brows and on my cupids bow. The inner corners of my eyes were livened up with a touch of Topshop Eye Crayon in Marble. This gorgeous champagne colour is a real favourite of mine, it brings so much light into your eyes and makes them look wide and glowing.

I used the Eyeko Skinny Mini Liner Pen and my lashes were done with Kiko 30 Days Extension mascara and of course, a pair of my favourite Eyelure Naturalites lashes.

The colours on my eyelids all came from this genius palette from hot new brand Makeup Revolution -  its the Awesome Eyeshadow and Brow Palette. This comes in lots of different shade options, this one is called 'Disappear to Tomorrow'. 

I'm absolutely smitten with this palette. Its got 14 popping, highly pigmented shades and two brow powders. The colours are amazing and all really useful and the palette itself is really slimline and perfect for travelling with. Its a great buy. I used a warm, rich gold on my lids with some matte brown in the crease.

Best of all? This baby is only £4.00! Am I dreaming?

Makeup down, pouts out and ready to party the night away!

We had a really great time reliving our teen years, most of the music they played was exactly the same as they were playing back then, so it felt kind of like stepping back in time. 

A good night with a good friend.

Taryn also brought me this as a belated birthday present....squeal! What's inside the bag is utterly gorgeous so I'm going to be cruel and save it for another post all of its own!


  1. I love this look on you! you can really wear dark lips!
    How are you finding the Baby Skin, I hear so much about it?

    1. Thanks hun -I'm not so sure! It does feel very dramatic, which isn't always my style! The Topshop MUA was amazing, I want her to do my face all the time! The Baby Skin....hmmm...not as good as I hoped. Doesn't improve my make-ups staying power much - the Elf Mineral Primer is better in the same price range. But it does work well on hiding my fine lines - I've been using it on top of foundation like Nanoblur! xx