May Glossybox Review

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Hi Dolls!

The May Glossybox landed on my doorstep on Saturday, but this is the first time I've had to write it up -  my little nephew had his christening on Sunday, and we were busy the day before helping to take care of him and my niece, a couple of house viewings, and before I knew it the weekend has passed by in a blur!

I was so insanely excited about this Glossybox, because they'd been sending teaser emails for weeks saying that it was going to be an exclusive brand collaboration and that there were five full sized products. All hyped up and psyched up, I ripped the box open as soon as I got my hands on it.

And its a special collaboration with Superdrug to mark their 50th anniversary! I knew about the anniversary because when I popped in there last, I picked up a limited edition Sleek Showstoppers palette that had been produced to celebrate it. But although this box cannot be faulted for its generosity - five full-size products and two samples is a really generous box for £10 - I have to say I don't think any of these products will be useful for me at all.

So, what was inside the box of wonder?

Solait Illuminating Facial Bronzing Cream

£2.99 for 100ml

This product and this brand are all completely new to me. I don't use fake tan and I certainly wouldn't want to the skin on my face to be any darker, so I can't see me using this at all. I do use a powder bronzer but only to contour (thought: would fake-tanning contours onto your face look dreadful?). So while I'm sure this is a very nice product its sort of useless to me.

If you're into that kind of thing, the cream is formulated with light-reflective particles, sweet almond oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E to hydrate. With all those skin goodies, it sounds like it would leave a really nice, glowing finish so its almost a shame. I might try and use this on my legs because it does sound lovely, I'm just not into tanning my face!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara


This was a good find in the box and I've used and liked Rimmel mascaras in the past. But I've said before how I'll only use mascaras with a plastic comb or brush - I haven't bought one with a fibre brush in literally years. I just think the finish is far superior with a plastic one -  better definition, better volume. But I could just be missing a trick!

I don't think this mascara is going to be a must have item for me, but you never know, so I'll be giving it a shot as my 'everyday' mascara once my Seventeen Doll'd Up runs out. It claims to have an 'hourglass brush' that 'plumps and curves lashes' for a 'false lash look', which all sounds good to me, so I'll report back on this one!

B.Complete Long Lasting Nail Polish in 'Treasure Chest'


B. is a Superdrug own-brand as far as I know, that does everything from make-up to skincare, but I've never tried the range before. This shade is an unusual bronze-gold and its not a colour I already own so it makes a decent addition to my nail polish collection. I can't say that its neccessarily a colour I would pick up off the shelf, but I have seen some lovely manicures floating around on Pinterest with a nude nail bed and metallic tips, so this would be a good way to try that look.

From what I hear in the blogosphere, B. is a decent brand. Most people worry about chipping and things but I think with a decent top coat most polisheds are passable, so I'm okay with that.

Eyelure Volume 107 Lashes


Firstly, I'm a self confessed false flutter junkie. I love my falsies and wear them every time I go out. Secondly, Eyelure is my absolute favorite brand of false lashes. So you'd think I was over the moon to find these in my Glossybox. But the style of these are all wrong for me.

I might love false lashes but I loathe the really obviously fake look, so I always avoid ones that are too long, too thick, or just otherwise unconvincing. I want my lashes to look improbable, not impossible. So these are a style that I would never pick up. I'm definitely into enhancements but for me, the whole point is that they leave people guessing. I doubt very much I'll use these which is a real shame when I'm going out buying Eyelure every month anyway!

I Love Cosmetics Strawberries and Milkshake Shimmer & Shine Lipgloss


Soooo....not sure what to say about this really. In the tube it just looks far too shimmery and glittery -  like those fake lipglosses that little girls get in their Barbie make-up sets! I'm just not sure I would ever, ever wear this of my own accord. I've actually used a body exfoliator from this brand before, but I wasn't majorly impressed - it smelt sugary and synthetic and the actual exfoliant was pretty damn useless.

However, I am the kind of person that keeps lipglosses in my desk drawer and in the car glovebox, so this might be useful as that kind of quick fix product. But I haven't got high hopes for it at all!

Bonus Items

Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion

£4.99 for 250ml

This is actually one of the more exciting things that came in the box -  I've been intrigued by these body oils since they launched, so I'm looking forward to trying this. Its a blend of argan, macadamia, almond and rose oils, which sounds delicious. Oils help to reinforce the lipid barrier of your skin and keep it healthy, and they're just an all round wonder product. I'm hoping this will feel light and silky on, in which case I'll be tempted to get a full size next time.

Ghost Eclipse

£33 for 50ml

I love getting perfume samples (when they aren't counted as one of your charged for product *ahem* Birchbox*ahem*). So I was pleased to find this. I'm fairly set in my ways with perfumes so its great to try something new, and those little sprayers are so handy for taking around with you, on holiday or popped in your bag. This is descibed as an 'addictive fruity floral' and its not unpleasant, but it smells very '90s' to me somehow.  I'm not sure I'm going to fall in love with it, but I'll certainly use it - more so than some of the other items!


I feel like I can't be disappointed, just because five full size items is a great haul, but I just feel like this box missed the mark totally for me and is actually pretty useless!

Some of the items had potential, like the lashes, but are just completely the wrong style and some of the items I have no use for. And after being so excited in the lead up to this box, I'm pretty disappointed.

But I'm still perservering with my Glossybox subscription and I think its still far better value than Birchbox. I'm a little sad that there was nothing from Sleek in there, as that's the main brand that I shop at Superdrug for! And even some MUA and things would have gone down better with me!

Actually, I'm pretty brand loyal to Boots - it has better brands and I like my Advantage Card points - plus the HQ is in the town where I live and is a massive employer here - so on the strength of this box I'm unlikely to change my opinion.

A bit of a fail but a well intentioned one!


  1. Interesting, I have been thinking about having one of these type of boxes for a while and I suppose this is the risk you take. The oil sounds fab though :)

    1. On the whole, they're generally worth it Ellie! Most of the stuff is great, this just sort of came out all wrong for me, but was a generous box. Its just nice to get something fancy through the post that isn't a bill :) xx

  2. Oh no, what a shame you weren't impressed with the box. I'm a massive Boots fan too, I think Advantage points were the best thing invented. Even better than Nectar points…and that's saying something. This is the whole reason I've been holding off beauty boxes - I'm so picky with my products, 9 times out of 10 I know I wouldn't be happy with what I'd been sent. I do love your 'bracket: thought' bit though, gives us a real insight into how your brain ticks haha. Hm fake tan as contour? Not convinced quite yet, until you do a FOTD at least. Rosemary x

    1. Haha, yes I gave up on the fake-tan-tan as contour thing, sounded like it could go horribly wrong! The boxes are a bit of a risk, but I just so love trying new things. Perhaps I could save the unused items and do a blog giveaway? xx